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    Local Disks not detected in ESXi 5

    go to the configuration tab, storage, click add storage and see if it detects any luns. The installer should have formatted any local volumes as vmfs, but see if it appears when going through the add storage wizard.
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    Kodak C330 issue

    Got this camera for my birthday on the 28th of december. I've been using the supplied 'kodak' batteries that came with it. Today the camera keeps shutting off, appears the batteries are dead. So I have some brand new duracell batteries, I put them in, the ready light blinks red about 6-7 times...
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    Visio Flow Chart etc help.

    This is what I need to do.. it's for my intro to programming class.. Now the professor said that since she explained the instructions wrong, that we can actually do "hot dogs sold" rather than "hot dogs left" of each business day. Now we have a 'model' or 'example' that is supossed to...
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    How do i plant the remote detonation bomb? I click the mouse button and he just clicks the button on the detonator without placing anything ..?
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    Fun bomb-defusing game

    oh yeah I like this one
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    Where to buy online, Live in Canada, suggestions please.

    Really? thats fantastic news I use if I'm gonna buy something online Never had any issues
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    Asus P5P800 SATA problem

    Thanks for the tip, This was a brand new drive and mobo, all of the hardware was new. It's a computer for my brother in law, and he was freaking out cause the drive was dead. Told him it was no big deal, that we just go in monday and change it out, but ya know some people..... sigh Thanks...
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    Asus P5P800 SATA problem

    sorry it took so long to get back. Well, I realize the drive is also making clicking noises, so I'm sure it's the drive that is faulty. On my motherboard, which yes is the granite bay E7205 chipset with ICH4 southbridge, i was able to boot into windows when i originally hooked it up. However...
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    Asus P5P800 SATA problem

    Ok so, I plugged the hard drive into my motherboard (Asus P4G8X-dx) and it didnt stall or anything. I went into CMOS, but I couldnt see the drive here. Should I be able to see the drive here? And if so, will it be listed with the other IDE devices? So anyway, I came into windows, and I...
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    Asus P5P800 SATA problem

    Thanks for the input What i'm going to do now is place the hard drive in my computer, it does have SATA ports, so I guess that will tell us whether or not its the drive. God I hope it's the drive, I dont want to have to take the motherboard back. I'll keep the thread updated oh and...
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    Asus P5P800 SATA problem

    The problem happens when I install the SATA HDD. The computer will freeze right before it selects the boot devices. If i unplug the SATA HDD, it goes right on past, but when it's plugged in, it freezed everytime. Now this SATA drive has the standard 4pin molex connector on it so I'm just using...
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    FS: Xbox games, books, ATI AIW remote, etc

    Hi, I have a bunch of stuff for sale. I need the money in order to pay a visit to my parents this year. So even if you dont need something, buy it anyway lol. I have included pictures, but please bear in mind they are taken with a very horrid web cam and they honestly do not give the product...
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    Punk o' Matic

    --------1---1---1---1---2---2---5-5-5-5-2---2---6-6-6-6-888888889---9---1---1---9------------0---0---0---0---4---4-----------4---4---7-7-7-7-8---8---3-3-3-3-0---0--------0---0---1---1---1---1---4-4-4-4-7-7-7-7-4-4-4-4---------8-8-8-8-5-5-5-5-1---1---a---- made this one a few weeks ago
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    Windows Server 2003 various questions

    Changing the DNS information on the XP box made the login instantaneous. I changed the static information to my DC, and boom, worked great. seems I've found a new best friend thanks for all of the help
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    Windows Server 2003 various questions

    Thanks a lot Darth, I did like you suggested and added my ISP's three static DNS addresses to the forwarders list. Picture6 So, on part two of what you suggested, are you saying that I should go into the tcp/ip properties and statically assign the DNS servers to the XP pro boxes? So it...
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    Windows Server 2003 various questions

    Please be gentle, I am learning and by no means do I expect to be spoon fed, but I do need a few questions answered. FIrst off, I have Windows server 2003 installed on my PC, dual booting Xp pro for the moment, mostly this is for learning purposes. Now there are two other computers on the...
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    Who owns a 3.46EE?

    Ohh man, I was waiting for that assholish elite attitude to come out...
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    $400 bucks ! what do i get ?

    and what about the replacement that you received? You left that part out
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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

    bump, still for sale
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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

    ok, one second I have to check something ok edit: I thought at the time of purchase, the salesman mentioned to me that it had wifi capabilities integrated into it, he said it was like behind the screen or something. But after searching the manufacturer site specification list, it doesn't...
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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

    yes, and you could buy a PCMCIA card and slide it in the side and get your wifi..
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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

    yeah sorry bud, you're gonna have to buy a seperate wireless adapter if you want wifi. not much of a big deal though, cause the laptop is pretty loaded, you probably wouldnt use the pcmcia slot for anything else
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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

    battery life is 2-4 hours, depending on what you're doing of course. At the time of purchase, the salesman told me the laptop has the feature to throttle down when battery life gets low so that you won't drain it as fast. It will leave enough resources for surfing, word processing etc.I've very...
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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

    Here are some horrible horrible pictures of the laptop. It's embarassing to show these low quality pictures, but it is unfortunately all I have.
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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

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    FS: Compaq Presario Laptop

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    need help with sharing

    what operating system are on these computers?
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    Network/computer + torrent issues

    I have the DI-604 and i mostly have this issue when on DC++, its like the router automatically resets itself, all computers lose network connectivity for about 20 seconds, then they come back online.. Still havent founda fix for it.. But I do know that it mostly happens when in DC++. not sure...
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    Scanning for Viruses over network

    are there any free AV solutions out there he could try? Are they just too horrible to give a shot?
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    Networking newbie question

    I've never used XP home but i'm sure it has some basic file and print sharing features
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    cant share files

    did you share the printer? right click the printer, properties, sharing... dunno why else you would be able to see it but not be able to print to it.. unless its a driver issue but you said you installed them on your XP box.... hmmm
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    see if there is a computer on your network with a NIC with this MAC address (00-03-6D-1C-E7-2E)
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    Apr/10/2004 00:26:11 Target IP(, Target Port(67) Packet Dropped looks like you're fine.. might have been just someone scanning
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    NAT question...

    could be a DNS issue, see if you can ping an outside IP address
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    motherboard ethernet port

    whoa, never known the MAC address to be seperated and can be disabled, yes enable it