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    Hardware acceleration, or lack thereof

    I recently got a new laptop with newish hardware. It runs damn good out of the box with vanilla Fedora. I can't think of anything that doesn't work after using it for a few weeks. Pretty happy with it overall. Except that I noticed playing videos in any web browser increases my CPU usage...
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    Deploy to production

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    FREE game - A Story About My Uncle - Humble Bundle Edit: maro is saying also available free on Steam store until the 14th. Thanks!
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    Grenade! Run!

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    FS/FT: Discount $100 Dell egift card

    Selling a $100 Dell egift card. Asking $90. Interested in possible partial trades for a newer GPU with at least 8GB of RAM. Specifically interested in AMD RX series cards. Code expires on: 28 Feb 2019
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    China installing spy chips on hardware

    Not to duplicate threads across the forum. I'm not sure how many watch the front page news here. A really disturbing article was posted yesterday. Wanted to share it here in the security section just in case anyone missed it, or wasn't aware of the front page news articles already...
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    B&H Onkyo SKS-HT870 7.1 speaker system for $329.00 + free shipping

    Authorized dealer selling at an extremely good price. Add in free shipping without needing any membership, and this becomes an even better deal.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator X $9.99 at humble bundle

    Typically $24.99.
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    Anybody have cheap power, or access to a datacenter?

    I have a beast of a machine that I'd like to put towards BOINC for the [H] team. The trouble is that I have nowhere to power it right now. I've only managed to find out that there are inexpensive datacenters in Europe. I'd like to avoid shipping a fully loaded 4U server with 8 blades across the...
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    [Discussion] best "bang for your buck"

    There seems to be debate on whether the prosumer stuff, enterprise, or consumer stuff is the best value. From my experience, something like the ubiquiti edgerouter x and the AC-lite AP, coming in right around $130 shipped, is the best value (on the low end). If you want a lot of features for a...
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    [GUIDE] What router should I get?

    Purpose: I am hoping this will serve as a reference to all members as to what you should be purchasing based on how comfortable you are with technology, and where you are needing to get your network. The biggest reason for this thread is to help everyone understand that reliable, secure, and...
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    WTB: LGA 2011 2p (dual socket) motherboard

    Looking for an inexpensive option to avoid having to purchase a whole workstation and disassemble. I have 2 E5 -2670 V2s and RAM already planned to install. Need a compatible dual socket motherboard that will accept regular ATX power supply, and fit in a workstation style case. Ideally an Asus...
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    Need input on possible monitor upgrade

    I currently have a nice dual IPS LED setup that I am very pleased with. However, these high resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio monitors are beautiful. I'm considering forgoing the two I have now for one large monitor. I'm currently at 1080p resolution. I would be in the 300-500 price range. I'm...
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    72 hours only (no date posted) SAMSUNG 850 EVO MZ-75E500B/AM 2.5" 500GB $154.99

    Best price I could find. Free shipping too. From a Facebook ad: 72 HOURS ONLY! Limit 3 per customer. Reg $199.99, Now $179.99. Free Shipping. Extra $25 off with Code EMCAWNV22 This is the link that brings me there. Feel free to fix it if it's broken mods...
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    Onkyo Home receiver $179.99. Down from $299.99. 19 hours left!

    I don't know if anyone is looking for a receiver in this price range, but it's the best deal I've seen on it. Beats Amazon's pricing. Free shipping (4-7 business days). Be patient. Save money.
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    Quality modmic 4.0 add-on microphone for (possibly) 34.99 + 5 s/h

    Not an incredible deal, but the best deal I have come across on this. $40 out the door once there's 90 purchasers. And its well on the way to 90 as of 5pm EST. Click here to go to massdrop page and purchase.
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    BOINC stats in sig

    I can't find anything on how to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction? Until then, its staying like it is...
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    Ends April 3rd. "Best" budget headphones. $32.99 @ massdrop

    I have been looking to try out a budget pair of headphones for comparison. These were $65 on Amazon when I was looking and they just recently dropped to around $50 on Amazon. Figured I'd sign up for massdrop and see if they came around again. Well, here they are. $32.99 + shipping. Mine came to...
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    Warm? Farcry 4 digital download showing $31.37 US

    Found this from a friend. Never used the site personally, but it appears you're purchasing a code directly from this site that works through Uplay.
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    Up to 50% off Razer products

    UPDATE Jan 19: Literally cross-posted from GenMay. Enjoy. Thanks DRJ1014!
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    Warm? 4790k for 279.99 pickup at micro center

    Best deal I've seen. Even better than some used prices...
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    Custom waterloop 4770k eVGA 770 SC ASUS Maximus VI extreme overclockers dream!

    UPDATE 4: Price reduced to 2200 cash/trade. There is now a 4770k installed (PM for details). UPDATE 3: Price reduced to 2400. Accepting reasonable offers/trades! UPDATE 2: [strike=]Free 4790k upgrade! For any active member of this forum that purchases this, I will be including a...
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    FS/FT: PS4 like new w/ box and receipt. COD ghosts and BF4 included

    Sold locally. Removed so that I don't come up in search.
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    Dell U2212HM

    I found a couple of these for sale "locally". Brand new in box. They are still factory sealed. I'm thinking of picking two of them up. Anyone know if they are a good monitor for everyday use? Probably some light gaming, etc. I've read online reviews, but was wondering if anyone has personal...
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    WTB 4P E5 board/box/turnkey

    I'm starting to look around for a 4P Intel E5 or 4P Opteron 62xx/63xx setup. Ideally, it would be a full setup. It's not necessary for me to have the CPUs with the purchase. I have some CPUs in mind already. I would like for it to have at least 10+ hot swappable hdd bays (if box is part of the...