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    r290 X58 BSOD

    When I installed the card in the rig in my signature I started getting random BSOD, Then one day it blue screened and I couldn't boot into windows and had to reformat. It was fine for a few days after the fresh format of win 7 64bit, but then I started getting the same blue screen error...
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    Need Help

    Seem's Comcast is telling me I have a faulty ground in the house and that's why my net is down all the time. Telling me to call out an electrician to get things sorted and that's their final deal. Unplugged my tele and left me for dead, then came back and unplugged the kids room and put a...
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    Need Help Choosing A 680

    I run a single monitor at 1920x1200 This is what is available from newegg at the moment from EVGA. I'm leaning twards the Superclocked, Signature 2 dual fan jobbie. I've had it in my cart for a very long time now, but need help pulling the trigger on something. HELP :(...
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    Artifacting with 5870 BF3

    So since the game released I have been getting artifacting in areas where there is smoke and also on the minimap. It looks like little flashing snowflakes. The card has been fine in all other games including BC2. The only other game I experienced this in was UT and that was only in the HUD at...
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    p2p & Win 7

    I recently built a new machine and I am running Win 7 Ultimate. Now my download speeds on bittorrent and any other p2p program are really slow. Would anyone have any suggestions on how I might fix this problem? :confused:
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    p6x58d & i7930

    My concern is will the mobo recognize the 930 without a bios update? I am hoping it will because I don't have another chip to boot with and flash bios. Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks for any input.