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    WTB 7980XE

    I have 1000 dollars for a 7980xe.
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    WTB GTX 1080 Mini ITX

    Looking for the short PCB GTX 1080 mini ITX
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    I7 7820x delid 5ghz, gigabyte auros x299 ultra gaming

    Selling a delid 7820x with liquid metal tim on a gigabyte x299 gaming ultra motherboard. Ran at 5ghz. Used this board and proc for a short time for benchmarking. Ran under watercooling its entire existence. Board and proc only. $650
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    ATI to save AMD?

    With all the *lack luster* reviews on AMDs phenom processors. I wont say bad simply because the processor still performs, just not as well as a processor that has been at market for a period of time, and already recieved a few revision changes. Not making excuses for AMD because they were 9...
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    Phenom 9900 review
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    Need a zalman for my x850

    Thread says it all. Stock cooler sucks, overheats. Someone has one.
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    Motherboard for little bros chrismas present *advice*

    Hey fellas. Last year for christmas I baught my little brother a CPU and MOBO combo from frys. Good chip... pentium D (I know its not a conroe ok) like 2.4ghz dual core blah blah. More than enough for what hes doing right. Its done well for a year, but the motherboard is starting to lack in...
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    Abit Ix38 in stock in europe? According to this site, Its not "out of stock"
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    What happened to all the bay reservoirs?

    Been looking for a dual bay res for like.... 3 days now. Nobody even sells them anymore. HELP!
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    WTB Bay reservior

    Need to buy a bay reservior
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    WTB Radiator (s)

    Looking for some radiators. 80mm or 120mm. lemme know. If you have multiple small ones, lemme know.
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    X3220 Slact G0 just in stock, Hurry Just changed from notify, to IN stock 5 minutes ago. These wont last long.
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    Hammer down Xeon style Go get em folks.
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    crossfire + overclocking?

    Looking to pickup an other intel board for some overclocking fun. Im reading that all of the p35 chipset motherboards have one Pci-e x16, and one pci-e x4 but supports crossfire. Whats the point of having this second slot, if its only 4x. What is the detriment to crossfire support for this...
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    WTB your watercooling radiator and resiviors and blocks

    Need some radiators for an experiment Im running. With fans is ideal, but not absolutly necessary Need A good resevior need a chipset block that fits a 965p ds3 , and a vga block for an x850 Let me know ASAP I pay imediatly.
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    First 5000+ black overclock reports

    So far we are up to 3.5ghz on watercooling,6870.html Keep em comin fellas when you find em.
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    FS Gigabyte 965p Ds3 2.0 - First 80 bucks takes it.

    upgrading, and I need this thing GONE. Come and get it. Perfect.
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    "THE" Air cooling solution

    Looking to order a new heatsink to cool down my e6600. Whats the heatsink to have right now?
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    Fs e6600, 5600+, Ecs geforce6100sm-m

    Looking to sell my retail e6600 3.4ghz daily stock volts with stock fan $150 + shipping (SOLD) OEM Amd 5600+ $100 Socket AM2 brand new never fired + shipping (SOLD) ADA56001AA6CZ CCB6F 0709upmw 1584023 c70161 Ecs geforce 6100sm-m brand new TESTED PERFECT $50 + shipping Gigabyte...
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    Wtb x850pe

    Im looking for an x850pe to go with my x850 crossfire edition.
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    WTB DDR2

    I need some DDR2 Im looking for something like this Except used, and priced accordingly.
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    F/S Amd 5600+ x2

    I have a brand spankin new OEM Amd A64 x2 5600+ never been fired. $140 shipped. ADA56001aa6cz ccb6f 0709upmw 1584023c70161
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    WTB - your old computer parts

    if you look, please bump Im building a computer for a new user. so I need the following Cheap but working please Motherboard - will take socket A but perfer 754 - 939 or intel equiv Processor - same as above memory - 512 is fine, cheap 1 gig if you got it video card - cheap but not crap PSU -...
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    f/s core 2 due e6600 b2

    Hit 4ghz with extream water cooling. runs 3.6 daily need I say more? 300 obo, comes with stock fan
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    f/s Nf7-s, mobile 2500+, 2200+, Other boards ect ect

    Things for sale All tested and in working order I retest before shipping. Shipping insurance is available to you apon request I have 2 working Abit nf7-s 2.0 motherboards. $40 each 1SOLD 1 LEFT One Has a beta bios and the other has a modified mantaray d27 (I think its this one) bios Both...
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    WTB Geforce SLI cards.

    Looking for a couple of good matching SLI cards for cheaper.
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    Parting out rig

    (SOLD) opteron 170 - 2.7 stable 2.9 max bench speed Currently 33rd on sis soft 3rd place for all opterons 1st place for all opteron 170s All... Air cooled with a...
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    F/S Custom built comp Details inside

    Cooler master ATC-710Sx2 Case (try finding one of these anymore) Pc power and cooling 510 SLI DFI lanparty cfx3200-dr Amd opteron 170, Thermaltake Big typhoon with 120mmx32mm fan upgrade (110cfm) Ocz DDR 4800 Platinum ltd. edition 1 gig (runs perfect at 600 on this board 2.5 4 4 10) saphire...
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    wtb x850 crossfire edition

    Anyone still have one of these laying around? come on all you x1900 fanatics. I know its laying next to your desk in some baren wasteland of cables and other discarded heaps of hardware.
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    f/s opteron 170 dual core OEM

    Im selling a used OEM opteron 170 $370 obo stepping is ccbwe 0543tpmw Daily driver at 2.6ghz stable air cooled at normal ambient temperature, Maybe more with better memory (my ocz 4000 vx died so im using crappy kingston hyper x 3700) Will score you some major points when clocked Find some...
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    Wtb a64 water cooling stuff

    Got a socket 939 opteron, experimenting with water cooling techniques. I need your water blocks, peltiers, tubing, and related. Shoot me a pm or post in the thread. Please bump.
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    f/s opteron 148 socket 939 cabne 0528

    Looking to take my chances with another chip. Looking for 300 + shipping obo Heat Ace123 (not too many yet) ebay profile : shaunfosmark 100% paypal verified Will give any personal information necessary IE phone number, adress, blood type haha. Shipping : Usps priority w/ insurance...
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    Wtb 939 3xxx+, socket 939 mAtx mobo

    Im looking for preferably a venice 3000+ but will consider other chips. Im also looking for a socket 939 mAtx board preferably a geforce 6150 board but also interested in the xpress 200 chipsets. I pay immediatly first to traders with references
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    Fs: AMD Mobile, x800pro, nf7-s

    Im looking to upgrade but first I need to liquidate my current case contents. For sale I have: 1 mobile athlon 2400+ 1.35v 35w ran at a constant 2.34ghz @ 1.65v for 3 months Still being sold online for SOLD 1 Nf7-s 2.0 flashed with merlin's d27_619R2_2T bios. I wont lie, I suspect the...
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    F/s Abit Nf7-s 2.0 and 2500+ / Saphire radeon 9500np

    For sale 1. Abit nf7-s 2.0 and barton 2500+. I received the board from ABIT as an RMS return and never used. I purchased a DFI infinity Ultra nfII out of necessity before Abit even processed my RMS. The board arrived a month later. Included is the sticker that goes on the bottom of the case...
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    WTB radeon 9800np/pro

    Im lookin for some screaming deals on a radeon 9800np with samsung memory or a radeon 9800 pro. SHOW ME THE HARDWARE! (Lightning fast payment as I need the card ASAP)