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    FS: Dell PowerEdge 2650 Server

    So I bought this have pretty much no use for it. It's a Dell PowerEdge 2650 server. Other than oem spec, it's got 1.5gb of 1600mhz ram and 3 seagate 34gb scsi 160 drives. I'll get some pics up if anyone really wants them. I'm look for 300 +shipping. I've never shipped anything this...
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    WTB: Ultra160 SCSI Card

    I'm trying to hook up an American Megatrends StorTrends ST1312JS2 unit, and I guess I need to add an SCSI controller to my setup. It runs Seagate ST336704LC drives which are Ultra160. Looking for an Ultra160 SCSI card to get started fooling around with it. Lmk what you have with prices...
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    WTB: 32GB SSD mini PCIe & 2GB 533 SoDIMM

    Looking add a little bit to my new Lenovo S10e Title pretty much says it all. Looking for a solid state drive in the mini PCIe form factor as well as a 2GB stick of ram @ 533mhz. LMK what you have, thanks.
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    Best USB DVD Burner for Netbooks

    So I'm picking up the Lenovo S10e off newegg, and I want a burner to go with it. I'm looking for something that supports LightScribe and only requires USB for power. I've looked at a few from Samsung to Lite-On to Sony. I've never really had good experiences with Lite-On myself, always...
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    FS: 16GB iPod Touch w/Silicon Sleeve - 2nd Gen

    Sold to Spoonmaster
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    FS: 16GB iPod Touch NEW

    For sale here is a brand new 16GB iPod Touch. I can't return it to the place I bought it from because of a rather poor return policy. These are $296.99 so I'm looking for $260 shipped. Pics upon request. PM with any questions/comments.
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    FS: Logitech Harmony 890 Remote

    I have no need for this remote. They go for $350 new and this one's been used quite a bit and it shows a tad. Looking for $100 shipped Pics upon request.
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    Possible Trouble with user Furcal15

    The deal was to trade my HP laptop for his PS3. Him, with only slightly higher heatware feedback than myself insisted I ship first and then he would ship the PS3. The laptop was delivered and now I have not heard from him for several days. He is also known on the Anandtech Forums under the...
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    FS/T: HP DV6130US Notebook - Tons of Extras!

    Up for sale here is my HP Pavilion DV6130US Entertainment Notebook PC. This notebook was well taken care of and is in great-perfect shape. I'll start by listing all the specs for the unit as well as all the accessories that will come along with it. At the bottom of the page you'll find what...
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    FS/T: HP Pavilion DV1310US Laptop

    Looking to sell my HP Pavilion DV12310US Entertainment laptop. First up the specs, then the deal. 1.5GHz Intel Celeron M Processor 370 512MB 333MHz DDR System Memory 60GB 4200rpm Hard Drive DVD±R/RW and CD-RW Combo Drive (+R DL) 802.11b/g WLAN with 125HSM / SpeedBooster and BroadRange...
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    WTB: Broken/Damaged HP/Compaq Laptops DV2k-6k-9k

    Hey people, I'm looking to buy your broken or damaged HP/Compaq laptops. HP has recently brought out all the new models so I'm looking for the slightly older DV2000, DV6000, DV9000 series laptops, and Compaq units in the C series like the C700 as well. I'm looking for units with busted LCDs...
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    Mac OS X 10.4 Compatible PCI Video Cards

    I'm trying to upgrade the video card in my PowerPC G4 and I'm having trouble finding some compatible cards. Does anyone know of any PCI cards that work well or have any FS? Any info would be great, thanks.:confused:
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    FS: 3Com SuperStack II 12 Port Hub

    Here's the goods: 3Com SuperStack II 12 Port Hub Hub Info $20 shipped PayPal would be best Pics upon request
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    FS: Mobile PIII 700Mhz

    Mobile P3 out of a panasonic laptop, looking for like 15 shipped for it paypal. pm witth questions, pics upon request. thanx Intel Processor Specs
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    FS: PNY 512MB PC2700 DDR333 SoDimm

    Here's a 512mb stick of laptop memory I'd like to get rid of. Basically just looking to get around what i paid for it from compusa. $40 shipped & insured OBO. paypal would be best, pics pon request. thanx
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    WTB: Looking for 64bit CPU/Mobo/Mem Combo

    Hey guess, I'm lookingto upgrade my system and thought I might as well get with the times and go 64bit. Basically I'm looking to get a package deal on all the major components [CPU,Mobo,Memory]. I've been out of the game for a while but I guess AMD is the way to go. So LMK what you guys have...
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    WiFi Detection & Tracking Questions

    A friend of mine who lives down the street from me and I are going to have a little contest. We both setup small independent wireless LANs in our homes and the goal is to see who can cracks who's wifi first and muck up the connected computer. basically wifi leeching and such. i recently read in...
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    HELP: Installing XP Pro with no CD/Floppy Drives

    Here's the situation: I have this: Fujitsu Stylistic LT C-500 - It's a tablet pc running w2k Problem: How to install WinXP when the pc doesn't have any built in CD or floppy drive I need to install windows xp on it basically for the new network stuff, mainly wifi. All it has is one usb...
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    FS: Deskop & Laptop Hard Drives | 16 HDDs!! | 40GB, 30GB, 20GB, 10GB

    Here are all the hard drives I need to get rid of since the're just sitting around. All prices include shipping via USPS to USA only. All hard drives will be tested before they are shipped to ensure they will not be DOA. If you have any questions please PM or IM me. Thanx. .:Internal Hard...
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    Laptop LCD to Desktop ?

    I have like 3 perfectly working laptop LCDs around and was wodering if there is anyway I can hook them up to desktops using some kind of crazy adapter or mod or something. Does anyone know is can be done?
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    FS: 40GB Laptop HDDs | 512MB PC2100 | 256MB & 128MB Compact Flash Cards

    I have three Seagate Laptop hard drives for sale and a stick of Kingston PC2100, as well as 2 compact flash cards. Prices include shipping, pics upon request. Here are the specs for the drives and memory: The Seagate hard drives are 40GB in size and run at 5400rpms [ST94811A] - $50 each...