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    FS: pair of Hanns G 28" monitors

    More PM's sent
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    FS: pair of Hanns G 28" monitors

    Replied to PMs.
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    FS: pair of Hanns G 28" monitors

    Monitors sold. Thanks for your interest everyone. Changing my setup a bit. Time to make things more portable. Nothing wrong with them, I'm looking for a 120hz 24-27" panel to drag to LANs. $SOLD each shipped in their original packaging, Fedex with tracking.
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    FS: Sapphire 5870 with EK waterblock and reference cooler

    Changed my build around and sad to see this fantastic card collecting dust. No issues with the card, I've had it for 6 months or so and am the original owner. $325 shipped continental US.
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    2 video cards non-sli?

    you can run SLI with 3 displays by picking the surround option.
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    Brand new EYEFINITy triple 27" monitor arm

    wonder if it would work with my 28" hanns.G monitors.
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    HAF 932 v. New Lian Li PC-9F

    the 8 card slots on the Lian Li is fantastic. I had to get rid of my HAF because it wouldn't fit 3 way SLI.
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    *SUPER HOT* ASUS GTX 470 $220 AR($20) on through antonline

    In for one to finish off my 3 way SLI.
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    Your CPU progression

    PI 133 PIII 700 Athlon 2200+ Q6600 i7 920
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    Easiest way to power 3 displays

    Cheap secondary card.
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    How About some 8043x1600 Goodness

    Interested to see the rad mounting process.
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    Anyone regretting their 980x purchase?

    I wish I had seen that deal.
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    Any news on the 95W 1055t?

    All power used becomes heat eventually. Something to always keep in mind.
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    upgrade to gtx 460 1gb?? i have a 5830

    lot of trouble for a little gain.
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    GTX 480 SLI on water

    Very nice overclocks.
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    GTX 465 vs 9800GTX+

    GTX 465 is only good if it unlocks to a 470.
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    GTX 460 on AMD mobo?

    Mix and match as you please.
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    GTX 480 SLI PCIe Bandwidth Perf. - x16/x16 vs. x8/x8 @ [H]

    Thanks for making me feel better about my 16/8x
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    Unlocked my GTX 465 Golden Editions

    I almost went i7 860. Was a very hard decision to make. I haven't setup surround yet. But after the issues I was having with my Display port adapter turning off my center monitor mid CEVO match with Eyefinity I'm very excited. Also using a Logitech G13 and G9x.
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    The Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard

    May have to wait to see some reviews vs. the Steel Series keyboards.
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    Very tempted by the new Razer keyboard. Got a chance to try out a friends das and rather liked it.
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    Microsoft Sidewinder x6

    I like mine, holding up quite well.
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    GTX 460 as an upgrade

    I would expect a jump. My TF2 fps went way up going from a 4850 to 5870.
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    WTB: 5870 or another good video card!

    I have a 5870 with waterblock and Reference cooler I would let go for $375 shipped CONUS. Ran at stock voltage at stock clocks.
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    Unlocked my GTX 465 Golden Editions

    Moved over from a 5870 and couldn't be happier.
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    Holy moley, why is FFIV so demanding?

    Seems too demanding for how good it looks. I'll reserve final judgment until release.
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    Need a vid card upgrade...

    An open box 5770 could be had for $120 if you watch newegg like a hawk.
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    5850 -> 460GTX SLI or wait for 6xxx release?

    Odd, Starcraft II never gave me any issues with my 5870.
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    prcessor volage i5-750

    What exactly are you looking for? Are you looking for the stock voltage or the max safe voltage.
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    Help with Eyefinity Set-up!

    When I tired a passive adapter it only worked up to 1680x1050. YMMV.
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    Q8200 can i overclock?

    Not sure about that G31 board. The easiest way to find out is to try though. Even if you could get it up to 2.5ghz like in the article that would be worth something. Edit: here is someone who got theirs up past 3Ghz.
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    Possible? Nvida and ATI Video Card installed on same PC

    I had no problems doing this on windows 7. ATI 5870 as the main and 9500GT as secondary.
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    Auzentech Forte/Prelude/Bravura , which one to buy?

    My real problem with the Bravura was that its software X-Fi and is only 4.0 while the prelude and Forte are 5.0.
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    Eyefinity and Triple DVI working.

    Has anyone else been looking at the list of eyefinity validated dongles. some are passive and can be had for $30 like...
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    Auzentech Forte/Prelude/Bravura , which one to buy?

    I've been fighting back in forth about this for the last few weeks also. I ended up going with the Forte because of the PCIe, X-FI, Headphone amp. refurbished is cheap right now at 90+shipping.
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    Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse $25 @ Amazon (really an OEM SideWinder)

    Ordered last night around 9pm. Showed up today at 2:30pm. I got the X5 as listed, but instead of 2 day prime they sent it next day. it was fully packaged not OEM.
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 earphones - $99

    This is single blind, this is how we do single bind placebo. In a double blind, A would not know product 1 vs. 2. Person 1 not knowing is what makes it a DOUBLE blind. In a double blind A would be given product 1 and 2, both labeled as X. (I do medical research for a living) ;)
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    HIS Radeon 4890 $135 AR/EBM

    pass on HIS. I just returned a HIS card, never going to buy another. ran hot, and crossfire didn't work.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    A tray would be useless for me, because of my watercooling. to pull out a tray I have to unhook all my lines. so I can see why the feature is not included in a case marketed towards watercooling.