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    About wet my pants in VR

    WoW. Played Windlands for the first time on Oculus Touch. Had no idea what i was getting into. Played it standing. Had to put it down after 5 minutes, LOL. Have not felt that much RAW fear in a very long time. I was grasping the trigger like I was hanging on for dear life......
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    First Time VR User: Here are my Oculus Rift impressions.

    So a little bit of background. I have never used VR before. I didn't even know the company Oculus existed until a month ago (don't ask me how I procured a Rift). I was just youtubing upcoming games one day and came across a video of Eve Valkyrie. And I thought to myself...Holy Ph@ck. So then I...
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    680 Twin Frozr Fan

    Anyone know where I can get one of these Twin Frozr fans that go on the 680 Lightning cards? I replaced my stock heatsink/fan for an Accelero Twin Turbo which works awesome, but I'm thinking about putting the video card in my new itx SG08 build, which only allows 2 slots for the video card (the...
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    Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid 750GB $75

    Wasn't sure to post this in the Hotdeals section or Ebay section. Anyway, I just noticed this listing posted today. It's not my auction BTW. It's the 2nd gen drives which are faster than the new 3rd gen drives because the new ones are only 5200rpm...
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    Sugo 08 Chassis fan question

    I got a p8z77-i board in a sugo08 case. On the back of the case is a switch that makes the chassis fan run at full speed or reduced speed, respectively 1200 rpm and 800 rpm. I am trying to use the mobo bios to run the fan at 1000 rpm (1200rpm is a little too loud, 800 is a little to weak)...
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    Asus P8z77-I Deluxe questions. Power Phase/T-probe

    First off, I've got to say that this little board is the shit!! Got it in a silverstone SG08 case along with a 2600k off of a fellow member here. Got the stock cooler on it right now, and first thing I did was leave everything on Auto and upped the cpu mulitplier to 50. Booted up to 5.0ghz and...
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    Side Panel Mod Question

    Been running the Lancool K62 case for 3 years now, great case. Anyway my side panel is the one with the clear acrylic window, and I'm thinking about modding it to add (2) 120 or 140mm fans to blow over my video card. I notice when I run games with the side panel off, temps drop almost 10C. I...
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    Nvidia HDMI problem

    I mostly game on my asus 24 inch monitor, but I decided to hook up my tv located in another room via hdmi. Its a cheapo walmart 32 inch vizio. First thing I notice are the colors seem slightly washed out. Games like Dead Space 3, the darkness and what should be black is slightly gray. I...
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    Anyone bump up PCIE Frequency?

    Yeah I've perused the internet and know the bad and the good regarding this. The most my reference GTX 680 has clocked stable is 1228. This was using the KGB bios mod unlocking the card to a max 150% TDP and unlocking GPU voltage to 1.21. Anything above 1228 and the card would lock up during...
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    I Hate Torx!

    yeah, I really hate these tiny little torx screws they use to hold these video cards together. I bought an EVGA backplate to put on my 680. The instructions say that four of the screws you need to remove are torx t6. Well, I have an unbranded reference gtx 680 i got off of Ebay. ALL of my screws...
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    Geforce 680 Wierd Problem

    So I picked up an unbranded Geforce 680 of of Ebay. Been using it for about a week now. It has worked great at 1228 core 7000mem. Games and benchmarks run flawlessly and max load temp is around 73C. Last night I installed Microsoft Security essentials and full scanned my computer. Caught a...
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    Unbranded Geforce 680. Can someone Identify?

    Does anyone know what brand/make this is? The seller says he pulled it from a tri-sli Alienware system. Comparing it to some other pictures I think it might be an EVGA, but I'm not sure. Pretty nice deal though if its legit. Sale was posted 2:00 today and 2 out of 3 already sold. Anyone know...
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    Safe Temps for overclocked notebook

    I've got an Acer 3820tg with an i5 480m and ATI 6550. I've overclocked the CPU to 3.0ghz. Default is 2.66 i think. And I've overclocked the GPU to 840 core 1000mem. Been running games nonstop for a month now and no lockups or artifacts or anything. Only thing I've noticed is the max high temp...
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    What's up with my PS3?

    With the slowdown in PC releases lately, I'd thought I'd dabble again into console gaming. Went out and bought a PS3. I currently have my PC hooked up to a 24inch Asus monitor, native at 1080. It also has an hdmi plug too, so I hooked my PS3 up to the same monitor. Went out and rented a bunch...
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    Hot! Corsair Sandforce F120 @ $235.99

    Great Price on a 120 gig Sandforce SSD. Price is after promo & rebate though... Use Promo Code: EMCYWNT28 ($10 off) Use Rebate ($50 off) Final Price $235.99 Make sure you read the...
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    Hot MSI GD85

    MSI GD85 mobo $149 use promo code: EMCYVNX64
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    Zalman 9700 for i7/i5 OC inadequate???

    Just upgraded from my old core duo system, new stuff is in signature. I didn't want to spend more money on a new heatsink so I bought a $5 clip for my old heatsink, Zalman 9700. For the most part, it works really good. Idle temps are around 38C. Playing games, encoding stuff, and running most...
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    OCZ Reaper 2000mhz 4gigs@$99

    4 gigs OCZ Reaper ddr3 pc316000 2000mhz for $99 after rebate Actually bought this yesterday on July1 at 1:00am when it was $139 :( wonder if Newegg has some sort of price drop policy...:confused:
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    i5/i7 build MSI GD80???

    Not sure if this question is in the right forum, but I'm looking to put together a 1156 build but really dont want to spend much...about $350 for new mobo, ram, and cpu. I already picked up a used working i7 860 on ebay and really like the MSI GD80 board, cept its kind of pricey. Saw this at the...
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    Cheap terabyte external drive

    Just saw this over at my local Walmart for $50 dollars. This thing any good? Anyone have any failure with these drives?
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    5850 clock error

    I've been getting this wierd behavior from my Asus 5850. I'll play a game for about an hour and a half, and then the game will start to stutter excessively. I'll close the game out and then notice that in Afterburner, the clocks are pegged at 400/900 core/mem. It stays that way whether I return...
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    More ATI 5800 Loving to come..Mem Volt Mod

    Now with all the 5970 reviews hitting the net alot has come to light with new crap we can use to push our 5870's and 5850's to the max. Specifically the ATI volt mod tool and new super performance drivers. Memory on the 5800's can now get extra juice, and maybe hitting 1300+ mhz stable is within...
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    The cat is slowly coming out of the bag....
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    New Direct Compute Benchmark

    Anyone know what this benchmark is supposed to tell you or how it relates to gaming?
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    OCZ Reaper HPC PC9200 4G kit

    Anyone use these sticks before? My ballistix ddr800 been acting finicking lately and I need some new sticks. Saw these over at the Tiger. They seem sort of "cheap" compared to the price of other ddr2 sticks at around that speed. I was wondering if anyone used them and had issues. Any input is...
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    5850 coming out of sleep error

    Anyone having trouble with overclocked 5850 or 5870 coming out of sleep mode? I'm using Windows 7 32 bit and when the card comes out of sleep, it will hang and the computer will lock upf or a few seconds. Then I get a message saying that the display driver has recovered and all is good again. I...
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    I'm sure this will inflame many but....

    Awesome!!! Now AMD can devote all resources in just making the 4800's and 5800's drivers faster. *UPDATE* -
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    Msi p55-g80 ram compatibility

    I am currently on the 680i platform and have 2 2gig sticks of ddr2 1066. THinking bout upgrading to the i5 lynnfield platform. Does anyuone know if I will still be able to use my ddr2 sticks on the MSI p55-gd80 mobo? or do I have to go get new ddr3 sticks? Any input is appreciated...
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    Radeon 5850 and NFS Shift

    Just loaded this game up. Seem to be getting low fps. On the initial test lap i get around 50 fps (using fraps). But when the real racing starts, I get like 25 fps average with spikes to like 45. I am using windows 7 32bit, core duo 6850 @3.6 ghz, 2gig ddr 800 @800 on a 680i mobo. Video card is...
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    Asus 5850 and overclocking on a 680i

    Anyone got a 5850 and a 680i mobo? Please post your experiences. I got evga 680i, 2 gigs 800 ddr ram, core duo 6850 @3.83 ghz. Got card running 980 core, 1150 mem, 1.287 volts stable for a few days (constant 3dmarking and Crysis for hours). But installed Batman yesterday ( play with no...