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    The Secret World Public Beta Weekend

    Just thought I'd give a heads up to anyone interested, TSW is making the final beta weekend open to anyone who is registered by this Friday. Early access starts June 29, full release July 3. I'm really curious...
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    Olympus AF problem

    So I've had the Olympus E-510 for quite a while, always loved it and has served me great. Lately though, I'm getting AF problems. It seems to hunt for focus a long time. I know it's normal for AF to hunt in low light, but it is doing it now in situations where it never would have before. Well...
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    WoW sale - $20 for WoW and first 2 xpacs

    Blizz having a 1 week sale on wow and the 2 pre-cata expansions. Classic wow and BC: $5 each Wrath of the Lich King: $10
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    Stolen XFX 5970 4 GB Limited edition

    Got this newsletter from XFX: I guess that means these bust be releasing soon(ish)?
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    Bioshock 2 Eyefinity

    I'm just gonna go ahead and guess it doesn't work (anyone want to sign my FUCK UE3 petition?), but I haven't heard for sure. Anyone know?
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    Eyefinity Monitor Selection Question

    Hey guys, I am posting this here instead of the display section because more people here will likely have Eyefinity experience. I am trying to set up Eyefinity without breaking the bank. I've got a line on a couple of Samsung 2343BWX (TN panels, 2048x1152 native res) monitors for cheap (I used...
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    5870 (and crossfire) win7 WEI graphics scores?

    First of all, I know this number doesn't matter, but I'm just curious what scores people are getting, especially anyone with 5870's in crossfire. I am getting a 6.0 in graphics and gaming graphics (my single gtx 285 got a 5.9 in vista, didn't run 7 until release so I can't compare). I...
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    New drivers on AMD site Says these are new today, but the link isn't working.