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    All Time Best Motherboard ?

    DFI Lanparty N4F Ultra-D
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    new build won't boot

    I think you need to upgrade your PSU. Just my 2cents.
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    Possible to transfer OS and files to another HD?

    For me Acronis is the best drive imaging software. I was a one time user of Norton and find Acronis far superior. You can download the free trial version here. With the trial version you can easily clone your entire hard drive or just partitions. .
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    8800GT KO in stock @

    I ordered mine from Newegg at 8AM this morning and shipped 2 hours later. $309 seemed a little steep but I couldn't help myself. Didn't want to wait another day. Just hope the free Quake Wars game will be included.
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    Post your favorite card of all time

    ATI Radeon 9800pro for me.
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    Best Defragmenting Software? (Windows)

    Vopt was recommended by I have been useing it for the last year and I highly recommend it. It comes with additional useful utilities included. Try it for free before you buy it. You can download the software for free 30 trial.
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    What games is everyone playing now?

    Battlestation Midway, BF2, UT04
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    Stock or Zalman cooler for Opteron 185?

    My vote is for the Zalman. The Operon 185 tends to run on the warm side.
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    Operton 185 Denmark Upgrade?

    I replaced an AMD 4000 CPU with this Opteron and am extremely impressed. I had doubts about spending more $xxx on my socket 939 system. I have it running at stock voltage FSB @220x12 at 3GHz. Dual prime 95 stable. Very stable processor with an excellent memory controller. Air cooling on a DFI...
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    Whats pretty much the highest speed through OCing you can get on a 939 cpu?

    My Opty 185 runs at 3 GHz on stock voltage(1.3v) with air cooling.
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    AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour 2007

    Registration has begon..
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    about to order how does it look?

    Sweet! Here's another good option for your PSU.
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    So is my stepping good for an opty 185?

    Excellent stepping. Mine easily overclocks to 3.1GHz on stock voltage. Currently clocked at 3GHz (10X300) 1.3v. Ran Prime95 for 8 hours, completely stable. These chips run warm though even at stock settings. A good aftermarket cooler is needed for extreme overclocking. At 3GHz my Temps...
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    7900GT the sweetspot?

    Here's another alternative.
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    Best way to cut 120mm fan hole

    Use a Dremel rotary tool.
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    Best Basic Nforce4 ultra mobo??

    I agree with Korruption.
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    What's the best fps game U have played?

    Multi player: Unreal Tournament 2003
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    5497 K7N2 Delta2; 2500+ Barton@ 2.2 GHz 1GB (2X512) OCZ DDR400 Platinum WD 74GB. Raptor SATA; Seagate 160GB SATA w/NCQ Leadtec 6800 GT@ 416/1134