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    clients conflicting on dual cores?

    For some reason the second copy of my folding client will stop and print: Process 460 is currently running and may also be a client with Mach. ID 2. Program will now exit. Upon restart, this check will not be done -- you may wish to check that no client is currently running in C:\Program...
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    Smartsound quicktracks plugin causing programs not to run

    This is very strange, whenever i try to run the FLAC frontend or Omnipad i get this: I have no ideal what Smartsound quicktracks plugin is and i searched all my HDs for that file and its nowhere on my system. I did a google search and found ou that it has something to do with...
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    F@H directory is 1.1GB?

    My folding at home directory is 1.1GB, and has over 200 .pdb files, Is this normal? I don't think the client needs to have all those files so can i delete them?
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    what memory timings should a 6800 have?

    I'm looking to buy a gf 6800 and saw that the eVGA is a lot cheaper then any other brand. The memory is 2.8ns, but i thought that a 6800 should have 2.2ns memory? then the GT has 2.0ns and the ultra 1.6ns? is the evga cheap because it using slower then normal ram?
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    what memory timings should a 6800 have?

    I'm looking to buy a gf 6800 and saw that the eVGA is a lot cheaper then any other brand. The memory is 2.8ns, but i thought that a 6800 should have 2.2ns memory? then the GT has 2.0ns and the ultra 1.6ns? is the evga cheap because it using slower then normal ram?
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    FAH server down?

    I noticed my computer has been sitting at idle for about 12 hours, i checked my log and the client is unable to connect to the server. Is anyone else having problems or is it something at my end?
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    erasing unrecognizable dvd-rws?

    My computer froze while i was in the middle of erasing a dvd-rw, so after i rebooted i tried to finish erasing the disk, however windows says there is no disk in the drive. I've tried using nero, alcohol 120%, and burn at once, but they all will not start erasing the disk because they think...
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    cam of epic's unreal 3 demo at gdc

    I found a shity cam of unreal 3 on running on the nv 40. Its the first i've seen, bad quality, but its better than nothing. If you have any others post them! My mirror 4.9MB and its only about a minute long Original mirror
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    radeon 9600 with dual dvi might interest some of you...
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    making quickpar re-verify files?

    i ran quickpar on some files a few days ago an it was able to verify each file, but now when i try to decode one of the flac files, flac says the file is corrupt. How can i get quickpar to re-verify the files after it says repair is not needed?
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    PhthaloCyanine DVD+/-Rs?

    does anyone know why dvdrs use metal Azo dye over PhthaloCyanine? PhthaloCyanine is what most cdrs use now, and has been shown to be the best dye. Is Metal azo used because its the only dye that can store such small bits?
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    r423 and rv380 pics
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    burning an iso 9660 dvd iso?

    i need an app that can burn an iso 9660 .iso file on a dvd, i've tried nero and alcohol 120%, but they only burn it as DAO ISO, and there is no option to burn it as DAO ISO 9660. Is this even possible?
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    bin-cues and dvdrs?

    can you use bin-cues to make an image of an un-encrypted DVDr? Or does it have to be an ISO or .IMG?
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    lite-on 411s and nero?

    Do any 411-s owners burn DVDs with nero 5.5 or 6? My burner has been giving me a ton of trouble with burning dvds. It will burn CDs pefectly with nero, but when i try to burn a DVD it either can't calibrate the laser, freezes before it writes anything, or sometime it can't write the Lead out...
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    why do dual layer dvds only hold 8.5GB?

    i was looking at the press release pictures from philips' dual layer dvd burner and i found this pic showing a disk with large spaces in-between the tracks. Then i realized that they only hold 8.5GB, when a single layer dvd hold 4.7GB, so why can't they hold 9.4GB?
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    Valve software hardware survey its not surprising that most CS players are only running GF 2/4 MXs. as well as GF 4 TIs.
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    best ASPI drivers?

    I've been having trouble lately with burning DVDs, sometimes when i first start a new burn in nero i will get a calibration error. If i exit nero and try again it usually works, but some times after the burn is finished it won't be able to write the Lead out track, resulting in a coaster...
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    building ifos from vob files?

    does anyong know of an app that can read dvd vob files and create ifo files? I need something similar to IfoEdit, ifoedit would do what i need, but it crashes everytime i use it.
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    Unreal Tournament 2004 Goes Gold! its also appears its shipping a couples days earlier, march 15th!
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    mp3 might be getting DRM this probably doesn't mean anything, but what if the RIAA starts mandating that software or hardware players require mp3s with DRM.
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    i have two 120GB HDs, which one should i keep?

    i have a seagate:,1081,580,00.html ST3120026A and a Western Digital: WD1200JB they both are 7200rpm with an 8MB buffer, and a 1 year warrently, the WD is $5...
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    best cross-platform compression?

    I have some apps on working on and some source code to release, but i don't want to have 3 or more copies of the compressed source on my site. What compression format can the big three (Windows, Mac, "nix") all read, or is their any? I don't want to have a .zip, .sit, and .tar.gz.
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    encoding movies with xvid 1.0 rc2?

    I want to try out the new Xvid 1.0 rc2 but i was wondering if after xvid was an officail 1.0 version will the movies encoded with rc2 still be able to play with official version?
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    any NDAs ending tonight?

    Has anyone heard of any rumors about new hardware's NDAs ending tonight? Is it too soon for a r420 or nv40 preview?
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    ut2k4 DVD SE: limited quantities apparently they are only releasing 40,000 copies in america, and 20,000 in europe. So if you haven't by now, you should claim your copy.
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    killing processes in w2k's console

    Is their a command or add-on app that i can use to kill processes through the windows 2000 command console? It has to be able to kill an .exe process without using the processID (PID) number.
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    corrupted XviD?

    i have a video where the first part plays fine, but the second part causes WMP to freeze then crash. Is their a program like divfix only for Xvids?
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    WinRAR 3.30 is out Fixes: Version 3.30 1. New "Scan archive for viruses" command unpacks an archive to temporary folder and checks its contents with antivirus software installed on a user's computer. 2. New "Generate report" command creates a report containing...
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    winamp 5.02 is out

    strangely its not at winamp's site yet...It is at fileshack: it has a TON of fixes: Winamp 5.02: * added a couple of gen_ml APIs * fixed gen_ml radio/tv cache clearing after viewing prefs bug * made gen_ml radio/tv keep old data when updating...
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    div positioning in CSS?

    I'm trying to find a way to postition 3 divs within one div, but i keep running into problems. I can get the divs to fit within the area i want, but when the browser window is re-sized small enough they over lap each other. Right now the way i'm positioning the divs with position: absolute; or...
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    NDA on prescott ends sunday?

    I was watching tech tv today and is saw an ad for the screen savers, they said next week they'll have a prescott vs an athlon 64. So since the month is almost over, and NDAs usually end at the end of a month we could see benchmarks Sunday or is it still too soon even for engineering samples to...
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    2.8ghz prescott benchmarks not a very good review, since they didn't have another p4 or amd system to compare to, but the cache and sandra benchmarks are interesting. They also have somekind of pci-express radeon videocard...
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    mp3s and oggs sound like crap in winamp

    I was comparing mp3s with oggs and one thing i noticed is when i set the equalizer to full base and treble the mp3 sounds muggy and the ogg has a hiss and on the highs. i ripped the mp3 at 320kbs with LAME and the ogg at 192kbs (160 sounds really bad, at 192 its near perfect). With out the...
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    software to limit my upstream speed?

    My cable is capped and 128kbits/sec up (16KB/sec) so when i download stuff from irc it uploads over 25KB/sec of overhead and that hits the router and completely kills the internet. Is their any free software that can easily and temporarily limit the upstream on my computer?