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    Is it normal that on some cases (F-Define R6 my new case) don't work well with all USB drives ?

    My issue is my Kingston 64GB DataTraveler Elite G2 USB thumb drive and a Mushkin thumb can't be used with this case. They worked with my old Fractal case and works with my friends PC also. Also keep in mind that I'm still using the same motherboard as I was before with my old case. But for some...
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    New Define 6 case is picky with which USB's sticks I use ??

    Okay here goes. My old case is the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 the front 3.0 ports worked fine no problems with both my Kingston 3.1 and my SanDisk 3.1 USB drives. Both USB's by the way aren't even a year old. The front USB 3.0 ports aren't working correctly having disconnecting/connecting...
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    Do the new EVGA 2060 supers still make clicking sounds when the fan starts & stops ?

    I know the EVGA vanilla 2060 ones made that little clicking sound whenever the fan would start and stop, pretty safe to assume the super versions do the same ???
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    Wattage calculators say I'm at 450watts so would a 550 PSU be plenty then ?

    Corsair RMX Series (2018), RM550x is what I'm thinking of getting. I5-9500 RTX 2060 16GB ram SSD 2 for HDD storage 3 120mm case fans No overclocking Also these online calculators seem to overestimate ?
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    I'd like to go 100% PC only but with the online cheating, u have to get console.

    So I love playing BF games online but I've got almost no choice but to buy a console. If you go to the official BF forums you'll see a thread their where people are cheating/hacking in BF5 and in the new Firestorm mode. I haven't bought anything yet but I can't stand cheaters and I don't mind...
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    Only getting 250ish Mbps with 343Mbps Modem why ??

    I have a Arris SB6141 which is rated at 343Mbps. This is happening with and without the router by the way. The ethernet cable is a Cat5e that's 6 foot long. My router is a ASUS RT-N66U Gigabit Router, both of the these items are only 2-3 years old. The only thing that changed was my Spectrum...
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    When I ping Google my average ping is 29ms ? isn't that kinda of a lot ?

    I have spectrum cable and living within 5 miles from Columbus Ohio (kind of a big city) centrally located. Also with further testing using the Speed Test from Ookla with a spectrum server located in Columbus I'm getting about 15 ping in the morning at 9:00 AM and in the evening at around 5:30...
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    So when using a 4K TV for PC gaming, do we still use the TV's Game Mode option ?

    I use my 4K TV for console gaming and PC gaming. So I use the TV's Gaming Mode for whenever I console game. But seeing how I'm using the PC input for source for PC gaming do I still enable Game Mode also ? I'm asking cause the source input is set to PC and by doing that it already grays out some...
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    Should I wait till summer for the GTX 1180 or get a 2070 or 2080 now ?

    See sig for PC specs. I currently got a RTX 2060 but I want a little more fps, I'm returning it to the store this week by the way. Should I get a 2070 for 10-15% more fps but for about $200 more. Or get the 2080 and spend $350 for 30-40% increase in fps. The thing I'm worried about is the resale...
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    Are cheaper cards more prone to coil whine, looking at two diff 2070's.

    I want to buy a new card and I'm looking at these two cards. EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Black GAMING is the cheapest 2070 that EVGA makes it actually only has one 8pin connection for power and the PCB is not even full length of the card only about half. EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC GAMING is third...
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    Is DLSS & Raytracing turned on/off in the NCP or within the game settings ?

    Or are those features turned on/off within the game settings ? Me personally I rather turn them off and have extra fps, that's why I'm asking. I don't own a RTX card yet but I'm thinking of buying one.
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    How do I update motherboard drivers ?

    So I built a new PC a little while back and I've noticed there some new motherboard driver updates on the Asus website these are newer than the ones that I installed from the DVD originally. If I remember correctly some of the updated drivers are for bluetooth, chipsets and audio. Do I just...
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    Why does every so often my PC asked me to reboot to finish installing a Audio software upgrade ?

    So I built a new PC two weeks ago, with Win10 PRO. I already installed the audio drivers. One from Asus from the motherboard drivers it's the Realtek High definition audio driver. The other was a Audio driver that was installed when I installed Nvidia driver for the 1060gtx. These are the only...
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    Do you let Samsung magician software start with windows ?

    I installed windows 10 and I'm going though what really needs to boot up with windows and I'm trying to see if Samsung magician and Intel rapid storage technology need to start with windows or not. I just wanna make sure I still get the benefits even though it don't start up with windows, if...
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    So is overclocking a 9600K as easy just needing to fiddle with two settings ?

    I read on another forum all you have to do is fiddle with two settings in the bios. Set CPU Core Ratio to "Sync All Cores" and basically set a multiplier you're aiming for and adjust voltage within the safe range until its stable. If it doesn't ever become stable, or gets too hot, drop your...
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    Why is CrystalDiskMark showing slower scores with my new build ?

    So I upgraded my rig so now it's got a 9600K + z390 Asus Strix-E. My old system was 2500K + Asus P8P67. Also I'm using the same Samsung SSD EVO 850 1TB. I uploaded screen pics and you can easily see the one on the left is somewhat faster. I'm sure in day to day usage I wouldn't noticed but still...
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    Ever since I updated my Nvidia driver, I longer see my Mobo's logo when I restart ??

    I updated to latest driver the 416.94 and now whenever I boot up or reboot my PC it's like my monitor stays off until I get on the desktop. I also don't see the MS logo either. I think the logo's still show and are still there but it's just my monitor stay off right until the desktop appears...
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    Is it worth getting 3200 ram or is 2666 good enough and what kinda of timings ?

    I'm not going for a extreme build more something like a I5-9600K Intel build. Is it worth spending the extra money and getting the 3200 cause it seems like a popular choice or are most putting 2666 type ram ? I'm trying to save money where I can. Also what about these timings like 14-14-14 or...
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    Would a OC'ed 2500K bottleneck a RTX 2070 ?

    I really need a upgrade and I'm hoping my 2500K would not bottleneck a 2070 ? I'm thinking no, cause I remember many people saying that it wouldn't bottleneck a GTX 1080.
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    How do I stop videos from auto playing in the Chrome browser ?

    Before anybody suggest using chromes setting "chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy" and change the setting from "Default" to "Document user activation" it doesn't work. I need something else to try.
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    Should I get Black OPS 4 on PC or on the console ?

    series due to having a bigger player base. Second thing to consider is the possible cheating/hacking on the PC side of things. But the game being on blizzard's servers does that mean blizzard will take care of these cheaters right away or is that still up to the dev's of the game ?
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    Why does this happen when my monitor goes to sleep on higher refresh rates then 60Hz ?

    So I just got a new monitor a few days ago and something strange is going on whenever I leave a web page up on the screen. So basically when my monitor goes to sleep and when later on I come back I move my mouse to wake up my monitor the web page moves to the upper left corner of the screen and...
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    Just got a new monitor, but I think the "Black equalizer setting" is crushing my blacks ?

    So in the lagom black level test page I can only see the bottom row everything above is all black completely. The monitor is the new Samsung C27JG50 VA panel so was my old monitor was also VA. I left everything at default except brightness which was 100% and it's at set at 40% for now. The only...
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    Can one set the monitor at 144Hz but within the game run it at 60Hz ?

    So lets say I can't run said PC game above 60fps do I keep the monitor still at 144Hz or choose a different refresh rate like 60Hz in the NCP and choose V-sync @60 in the game ? and yes I'm very bothered by screen tearing and must use V-sync and also no the monitor does not have G-sync. Okay to...
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    So in general do the MS PC ports run well on a decent PC ?

    I know everybody wants to hate on everything that's not Seam or GOG but in general do the MS PC ports run well enough on a decent PC ?
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    Dual monitors question, Why won't NCP keep settings only for one of the monitors ?

    So I have hooked up is one PC monitor and on 4K TV. In the Nvidia control panel I have the Digital Vibrancy set at 65% for the TV. I reconnected my old monitor and for the first time I turned both display on I seem to remember that the TV would only be the one with a Digital Vibrancy set at 65%...
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    Do I use RGB or 4.4.4 for 4K TV ?

    I bought the new Samsung nu8000 and the picture just isn't right. Supposedly if you edit the input to PC the TV will output 0-255. So in my video card settings for my 1060 GTX I have the option of RGB full and 4.4.4 Chroma which one am I supposed to use ? Second question do I use HDMI black...
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    Anybody try a 27" 4K monitor is everything too small ?

    I once had briefly a 32" 4K monitor and for it to be comfortable I had to scale to 150% large size for it to look okay to me, no way I could go smaller. Is it a pretty safe bet to say 150% large for a 27" 4K for me won't work ? What about older PC games in 4K, will it be fine 98% of the time...
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    So I got a Predator XB271HU but still running a GTX 1060, bad idea ?

    In two weeks I'd have enough to get a 1070 or a 1080 for about $500. But I kinda wanted to keep that money for a new mobo,ram,intel8600 for about $500 upgrade from my 2500K. I wasn't going to include a gpu upgrade for a couple of more years. When I bought m y 1060 last year I had a standard...
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    My new KB won't keep my brightness setting after a reboot, is that normal ?

    I just recently bought a TKL PURI keyboard made by Cougar and when I set the brightness lower it's fine. But when I reboot my PC it defaults back to full brightness. Is that normal ?
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    I thought a G-sync monitors wasn't suppose to go over 144 fps ??

    So I recently got a Predator XB271HU I have it set at 144Hz with G-sync enabled. I've been playing some newer games like BF4/DOOM (2016) and within the game settings I have v-sync turn off like I'm suppose too right ? In these game I never go over 100fps and it looks dam good. So I start...
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    Should I get the a 49" 4K TV or the 40" as a second monitor ?

    So I want to get a second monitor for non fps shooter games to play with my controller. Both these Samsung's series 7 4K TV's are very close to same price on special right now. The only thing is the 40" has a PPI of 111 which is great but the 49" has the low PPI of 89. Mind you I won't be doing...
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    Just got a 1440p monitor should I upgrade to a 1070 or wait for next gen from Nvidia ?

    I currently got a 1060 by the way. I'd like to get a 1070 but at $500 seems too high. Amazon even got the 1070 TI for only $50 more which maybe worth it. I'm going to wait a bit either way I'm hoping that the prices will continue to fall.
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    Whats the best settings if I can't reach 144Hz and above ?

    So I got a new 1440p 144Hz monitor and it's great no G-SYNC by the way. Anyway for right now until I can afford a upgrade the GTX 1060 will have to suffice for now. So whats the next best thing keep the monitor at 144Hz and don't use any v-sync in game nor in NCP then ? Thanks
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    It's to bad IPS monitors have that glow going for them.

    I bought the new Acer CB271HU 27” IPS 2K/QHD and it's great it's got everything even a 75Hz refresh rate option. Which I've noticed over the standard 60Hz. Contrast is good colors are good, but in dark scenes you notice the glow in the two lower corners, it's not to big of a area, just in the...
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    Just got my first G-SYNC monitor what refresh rate do I choose in the game ?

    So I finally got a G-SYNC 1440p monitor. But what about the in game refresh rate ? So in BF4 the in game settings for refresh has the options for 60,85,100,120,144. Then there are some games like Metro 2033 that don't have any in game refresh options. Also is there any reason to ever disable...
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    VG248QE color/contrast as good as it gets for TN panels ?

    So I just bought the VG248QE a couple of days ago and it's fast and all but the colors/contrast is definitely a step back from my VA panel I was using. Would the newer better Dell S2417DG give me a little bit better color/contrast then the older VG248QE ?
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    I'm thinking of getting a 144Hz monitor but I have a few noob questions.

    So for now (until prices drop) my gpu is a GTX 1060, I know that most new AAA games I won't be able to manage anywhere near 144fps. Okay to the questions: 1. So lets say I can't run said PC game above 60fps do I keep the monitor still at 144Hz or choose a different refresh rate like 60Hz ? 2...
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    Am I crazy, thinking about going back to 22" from my 24" for higher PPI ?

    So I'm currently using a Benq 24" GW2470H (23.8) with a PPI of 92. I'm thinking of getting a Benq 22" GW2270HM (21.5) with a PPI of 102. I'm kinda sensitive to low PPI. From my experience and reading lots of stuff about it 100 PPI is pretty much the lowest you want to go. Of coarse lots of this...
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    Is there a way I can tell if this panel is a VA or IPS ?

    never mind/delete thread