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    looking for budget motherboard/cpu combo, preferably 1155,

    So, the motherboard in my aunt's computer died. I decided it would be better to try and upgrade it than just replace the motherboard, so I'm on the hunt. It looks like I can get something like a celeron G530 and an entry level H61 motherboard for the 100 ish range between sites like newegg and...
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    Still hunting for a motherboard... polling for mATX 775 or AM2+

    So, my motherboard died on me and I'm looking for another one. I could go AMD or intel, but I need it to be cheap... so 40 shipped to 31721 is the cap right now. I'm looking for mATX and something better than a 945 chipset in intel, and something that will support AM2+(I know some boards support...
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    Super need: AM2+ motherboard, nothing fancy

    I need an AM2+ motherboard on a budget price. Just needs to support an athlon 640 X4 (95W) Motherboard died :(
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    WTB: decent PS2/VGA KVM

    I just need to switch between 2 computers, but its not like I'm going to turn it down if it has more :P I can get one for 20$ + ship from monoprice as a reference, and similar from newegg.
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    WTB: cheap video card and cheap core 2 CPU

    Would like to keep the core 2 CPU 40$ and under shipped. located Would like to keep the GPU 40$ and under as well. I don't need a heatsink for either of them. GPU needs to be PCI-E CPU needs to be good enough to play TF2 at decent frames. acceptable GPUs: minimum would be somewhere around a...
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    Accelero S1 compatibility 9800GT

    I know that the 9800GT is basically a rebadged 8800GT. Does this mean that an accelero S1 rev1 will fit a 9800GT? It doesn't list it on the website, but the S1 r1 predates the 9800GT so I wouldn't exactly expect it to be listed anyway. Any ideas? How about a 9800GTX? edit: I think I'm just...
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    WTB: accelero S1 for 9800GT or similar

    I want an accelero S1 (or similar) that will fit a 9800GT. I think that limits it to the rev2 but not sure... LMK what you have. I'd like to beat the current ewiz deal that has one for 21 shipped after coupon.
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    Wanted: mATX socket 775 motherboard

    Needs to support an E6600. I know this sounds a bit backwards, but I'd also like it to be a bit roomy. Had an open box biostar that was just... too tiny and hard to work with(didn't power on either) This time I want to go with something that has a few PCI slots( biostar had one), actually has...
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    WTB: ST3500320AS(seagate 500gb 7200.11) controller board or maybe drive if I have to

    Controller board: PCB 100466725 REV A DLAJ-4 drive: P/N 9BX154-303 firmware SD15 Friend's 500gb seagate has seen some unfortunate events and we're trying to get the info back off of it. LMK if you can help me out Ebay wants 40-50 bucks for the controller, which is almost the price of...
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    Looking for AM2+ CPU (not really looking for K8)

    I need an AM2+ cpu. I'd prefer a triple core, however I'd take a low-end quad if the price is really good (read: PHII 810/805) Again, I've changed my mind on phenom I cpus and I don't really want to go that way unless it's just an unbeatable deal.
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    wanted: help me build a combo

    OK, so I've got a motherboard and RAM secured, now all I need is a CPU. Anything AM2+/AM3 qualifies(IOW K10/K10.5) however, the preference is for phenom II based CPUs. Actually, the preference is for 45nm triple cores. All of the 6mb quads are going to be outside of my price range for sure...
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    WTB: cooler for a 9800GT

    A friend of mine has a 9800GT and his cooler/fan is acting up. If anyone has a fan they can sell me, that would be great. I don't care if it is stock or whatever, as long as it does the job. Shipping to 31721.
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    FS: T-mobile dash, new WII nunchuk, socket A combo + DDR ram, 200gb IDE, plus more

    Made a new thread, as I couldn't change the title. seagate drive SOLD NOTE: Shipping - First class for the small things that are able to ship via this method Fedex Home for the really big things(or if it's cheaper than priority mail) Priority mail for everything else - Samsonite bag for...
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    WTB: Mini-PCI wireless G card

    Looking for a decent mini-PCI card. LMK your price shipped to 31721. Thanks!
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    FS: T-mobile dash, IP35-E + E4300 etc. WII nunchuks socket A combo

    DEAD - made new thread.
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    WTB: Intel pro wireless 2915 or similar caliber card

    The mini-PCI wireless card in my mom's laptop is crapping out, so I thought I would get another one for her. LMK w/price. Thanks!
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    WTB: WTB: Thin & light notebook for around or less than 400$

    Look at the inspiron 1318 on This link to get an idea of what I'm looking for. I've seen 15.4 laptops and I think they are just too big and bulky to lug around campus or anything like that. I've also seen netbooks and think they'd be a pain in the butt to type on or do anything useful...
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    Buy/Trade - Have: IP35-E + E4300 - Want: ANY AM2 motherboard + CPU + cash

    Note: I copied this from anandtech... you know, in case some of it doesn't make sense at first. I want to trade, but if someone has a combo for sale, then I'll buy it and sell my combo. Investigating the possibility of trading my Abit IP35-E + E4300 for AM2 combo + cash Throwing 775 775...
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    Wanted: E2XXX Series CPU W or W/O heatsink

    I'd rather get one with the heatsink, but if you have a good deal but no heatsink, I will definitely consider. Stock heatsink is fine, too. Looking for the best price I can get. Doesn't matter if it is M0, etc. or whatnot. edit: Might be persuaded to go with a 2mb cache CPU if the price is...
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    Benches with the L3 off?

    Someone think they could bench their phenom with the L3 turned off? I'm just curious about how much it really adds.
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    Ok, let me get this straight on Vista retail

    I can reinstall this on as many "computers" as I want, as long as it is only activated on one computer at a time, right? edit: trying to make upgrade decisions.
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    "Power Together" Promotional DVD - Which version?

    Is it the retail version or OEM version... or does it have its own license?
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    wanted: most hard drive(storage) I can get for 25$ shipped

    I don't care if it is 5400rpm w/2mb cache, that is fine. It's just going in a DVR.
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    continued driver support for XP x64

    will we continue to see new drivers for new devices for x64 XP? With the new underpinnings for the vista video subsystem, I do not see a lot of video card cross compatibility there. I don't want to be stuck without an upgrade path.
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    Wanted: Vista

    Looking for the cheapest copy of unactivated OEM or any retail copy of vista I can get. Basic is A-OK. I just want it to run a few windows-only games. If you can bum me 64 bit media, that would also be a plus. edit: I do need the COA. It doesn't matter if it is 32 bit or 64 bit, because they...
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    Wanted: Megaman Anniversary collection and X collection for PS2

    I want em like Bill Gates wants to smack your hard drive... ;)
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    So... when do you think the price of phenoms will start to drop?

    We know they're overpriced... so when's the right price going to come around? Next stepping?
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    How to identify a G2 brisbane?(Other than the black ed.)

    I see a lot of Brisbanes available on different sites, and on ebay, but I was wondering if there's something in the markings on the CPU that might identify it (beyond doubt) as a G2 revision brisbane? Obviously for the extra overclocking headroom :)
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    warm: Egg: Free Ship: Earthwatts 430 30$ AR, 500 60$ AR

    Not worth going for a super cheapo that might fry your system. Do it right and spend the 30 bucks for this PSU 500w Free shipping on both.
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    Wanted: good northbridge(or whatever A64's have) heatsink & thermal compound

    Preferrably passive, and don't need a lot of compound, just enough for a couple applications.
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    How much do you think AMD is getting for every 2900 pro sold?

    If I knew, I wouldn't ask. Seems like it's almost a "freebie" for them, as they would have to chunk them otherwise.
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    Was GDDR2 ever considered a "performance" option?

    I mean seriously, usually the next iteration is hailed as the performance part for a while. It doesn't seem that this happened with GDDR2. Am I missing something?
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    Do you think we'll see barcelonas with 2 cores disabled?

    If the cache is good but all 4 cores don't pass stability, you should still be able to utilize the 2mb of shared cache, right? Although, I don't really see much point in pushing a performance dual core processor seeing that the quad core is supposed to be the "performance" part and they'll...
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    FS: 2x PC133 128mb "Micro Dimms" for Sony Viao SRX series

    I bought an SR series ultra portable a while ago and never had the push to get rid of these. Now it's convenient so here we go. These were included with the laptop, but I think the SR series notebook won't take this density(they're 4 chip sticks, the SR needs 8 chip sticks) as I've tried them...
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    Wanted: We <3 katamari

    Just finished katamari damacy and loved it(though short) now looking for the sequel. if you've got PS2 component cables that would be nice too, though not necessary(gotta get some stuff from monoprice anyways)
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    WTT: Downgrade PCI-E X850XT -> something quieter + cash

    Preferrably something fanless, I don't care about gaming performance. I'd prefer a nvidia card because I will be running linux(XGL and whatnot) It's a sapphire X850XT, has component/composite/s-video out cables. Has DVI -> VGA adapter. One DVI+ One VGA port. It also has the dual slot platinum...
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    Is the 4th difficulty on elite beat agents too easy?

    So I've been playing elite beat agents here on a "casual" basis(every once in a while, you know... when I feel like it... actually most games are like that for me) and I breezed right through the first two difficulty levels, but the third took me quite a bit of effort to clear. In comparison...
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    So now that there are linux drivers for the wiimote...

    I wonder if we'll see a wii emulator for the PS3??? seems plausible. Don't know if the PS3 has enough horsepower to do it, though.
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    WTB: docsis 1.1 / mediacom cable modem

    I'm pretty sure that any docsis 1.1 modem will do, but just in case, we're going to be using mediacom. :D So throw what you have at me!
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    My unexpected reaction to the wii

    Despite what is being hyped about the wii, what I like the most about the controller is having one in each hand instead of having to hold one controller with both hands. To me, it is just LOADS more comfortable.