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    ASUS Z170 Premium VCCSA voltage too high?

    A few weeks ago, I finally enabled XMP on my old Z10 Premium board from ASUS. Looking at the voltages, though, I'm a bit concerned about the value of VCCSA. It's supposed to be at 0.92v stock, with a 1.3v max, and preferably not above 1.15, if I understood things correctly. Mine is at 1.216v...
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    Intel Xeon Scalable Processors worth it?!

    After seeing a wicked dual-Xeon system here, I began to wonder, are Intel Xeon Scalable Processors really worth it? I mean, as opposed to, say, a dual 2066 socket system? (Provided I can find one, that is). Surprisingly, if you google for 'Scalable Processors'. most of what you're getting is...
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    Can i9 9980XE be cooled with Be-Quiet Silent Loop 360?

    I intend to buy a new system, based on the i9 9980XE. I want to have at least all cores running at 4.0 Ghz. As it is, I heard you can't even get all cores to run at 3.8 Ghz (as Intel prettty much 'cheated' on the TDP, as it needs far more than 165W for that). So, tl;dr, can it be done with this...
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    Alternative Sil 3132 on ESXi 6

    I'm running ESXi 6.0 u2, with a simple 2-port Silicon 3132 chipset, which I strongly suspect of PSOD-ing my machine ever so often. Does anyone know a good, *officially supported* alternative for the deprecated 3132 chipset?! Their HCL doesn't seem to contain any controllers at all. And most...
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    Asus Z170-PREMIUM audio?!

    I was looking at the MAXIMUS VIII FORMULA before, until today I saw the Z170-PREMIUM. The latter is even a bit more expensive, but I suspect if to have to have inferior audio: Z170-PREMIUM = Realtek® ALC1150 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC featuring Crystal Sound 3 MAXIMUS VIII FORMULA =...
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    No hexa cores for S1151?!

    So yeah, I was looking into buying brand new Z170-based motherboard (1151 socket). To my great surprise/shock, however, i see there NO hexa/octa cores for the 1151 socket! Wut?! No, seriously, what's up with that?! I saw Intel has some new CPU's planned, for the end of April, but atill only...