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    Supermicro Quad G34 VRM temperatures

    Readings taken using a Fluke IR thermometer while running sustained folding@home load @ 2.7ghz. No fan pointed at VRMs during readings. With a (loud) panaflo 120mm fan pointed at the VRMs, temperatures are 15-20C lower. These readings were from CPU4. Other CPUs have similiar readings...
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    [FS] SR-2 system

    I've been consolidating and updating hardware, and have and SR-2 system for sale. Great working condition, typically clocked at 4.255ghz. EVGA SR-2 motherboard. I'm original buyer. Includes box, all accessories and original air cooling supplies. (2) Intel Xeon x5680 retail chips. (2)...
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    [FS] (4) Opteron 6180 12 core magny cores chips

    [SOLD] I've been consolidating and updating hardware, and have (4) Opteron 6180 2.5ghz 12-core "magny cores" chips for sale. These work in single, dual, and quad socket G34 motherboards. Recommendation is running (4) in a quad socket motherboard for 48 cores total. These are about...
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    Operation Black Quad G34 "Workstation"

    This is a "retrofit" around an existing workstation system. Danger Den Double Wide 21 tower. Supermicro Quad G34 Motherboard. Silverstone ST-1500 power supply. Koolance CPU-370 waterblocks. Dual water loops, (3) 3x120mm radiators. Radeon 6990 with EK 6990 water block. LSI 9265-8i...
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    AMD quad socket motherboard sensor information

    Given the surge in popularity of quad socket AMD systems, sensor information is below. I estimated the resistor values for +5V, +12V, will confirm later. Tested with a Supermicro H8QGi-F system. assumes w83795 module is built and loaded. For supermicro H8QGi-F (and like variants), add...