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    ::The Longest Journey:: Kickstarter!

    I'm honestly surprised no one has posted this yet. (unless there's a rule now against posting kick starters) The Longest Journey is finally continuing... well, the journey lol I'm personally very excited to see this happen, I didn't pick up on the series until dreamfall had already been...
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    Star Wars: 1313 New Bounty Hunter Game not a whole lot of info yet The mature rating has me hopeful though
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    How to Fly in Skyrim didn't think it would be this easy
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    ::Unlock BATTLEFIELD 3 (PC) Early::

    Hey guys just made this tutorial, ive tested it and it works this basically unlocks the game didnt want this to get buried in the official thread
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    Newegg day after Christmas sales?

    i hope this is in the right section ,if not im sorry anyway does anyone know if newegg is going to be having any deals the day after Christmas they usually send me an email if they're going to but im not sure so anyone heard anything?
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    First ,Star Wars:The Old Republic video very early video honestly i have to say i hope it looks a lot lot better before it comes out im still disappointed that its going to be an mmo though
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    i want to capture straight from my pc

    ok ive been all around the internet ,and i still havent found what im looking for ,so maybe you guys can help me i want to record game videos off my comp (halo 2 vista ,hl2 ,css ,etc...) but fraps just ruins my fps ,and so does gamecam ,game recorder etc... so i want something like they have...
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    is there any way to play games on one computer ,and record on another?

    well fraps just doesnt cut it ,its just to choppy when i record games ,so im looking for alternatives ,ive tried many programs ,but most have been just as bad as fraps ,so i was wondering if it would be possible to somehow play the games on one computer ,and use another computer to record at the...
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    xbox 360 hd dvd player on pc/monitor hdcp/resolution/proccesor speed ?

    ok well ive really been wanting an hd dvd player but there all so expensive ,but then i heard you could take the 360's hd dvd player and hook it up to your computer and it would work is this true? and i also heard that you had to have an hdcp compliant monitor/graphics card ,how would i...
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    dvd drive slow down on my e1705

    well ive finally become frustrated enough to ask for help lol the dvd drive on my e1705 seems to have some weird problem, it seems to happen more with burnt cds like of custom files i have ,but it also happens with regular cds too like for instance if i want to copy some files off a cd...
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    new halo 2 maps for pc

    here is a new interview with the porters of halo 2;title;1 the map looks pretty neat and i cant wait to see what the other new one is the graphics also look better than i thought they would :D
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    cheapest place to buy an mx 518 ?

    well i just looked on the egg and its 40$ there and its 50$ at best buy so i might just get it from there but does anyone know where to get one for less [also i want a new one, not used ]
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    two amazing new crysis videos they have added two new videos, one is an HD version of the GDC video [nuke] but is still nott a direct feed so expect that sometime later this week or next , the other is a new gameplay video the article is on the front page this game is going to blow...
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    is an external hardrive fast enough for gaming?

    ok well my 80 gig hard drive is running out of space quickly so i was planning on getting an external one but i need to know if i hook it up through usb will it be fast enough for playing games? p.s i also have a firewire and express card slot
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    Is system requirements lab really accurate?

    ok well i have an e1705 core duo @ 1.73 ghz and system requirements says my cpu speed is rated at 3.11 ghz is this really true or is it like adding the speed of both cores together? and if it isn't thats like really fast right?
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    supreme commander demo today/tuesaday

    what weve been waiting for;subtitle;0 or at least those of us that stink at multiplayer:) EDIT: it is now up on
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    Dell Gaming Laptop [e1705]

    ok so im probally going to be ordering the dell e1705 in the morning but i have a few quick questions #1 if i buy the laptop and get a core duo will i be able to upgrade it to a core 2 duo or only a higher speed core duo? and if i buy a lower level core 2 duo will i be able to upgrade it to a...
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    intel core 2 duo processor speed ?

    ok guys i have a question soon im going to be getting a new laptop with a core 2 duo but what i need to know is since its dual core will it be slow if i get the 1.6 ghz processor or will i need to get the 2 ghz processor if i want it to not lag in games like oblivion and fear thanks for...
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    ok my question is when will direct x 10 graphics cards be available in laptops ? right now im waiting till they come out so my laptop won't be obsolete for gaming when i get it and my second question is ,what is the the best gaming laptop brand for the price? and could you tell me from...