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    Looking for advice on comperable replacement for Dell U3011s

    U3219Q certainly is not "very years old" tech. UP3017 is no worse in gaming performance than U3011. But if gaming performance is the main criteria then neither would fit the bill. IdiotInCharge is right then, you should be looking at 27" maximum. Gamer crowd are much more into wide and ultra...
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    Looking for advice on comperable replacement for Dell U3011s

    Your best bets are: Dell UP3017, last in line of Dell's 30" monitors. Same size and resolution as U3011 you have. Dell U3219Q, 32" 4K and closer to your price range
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    Feedback or review for the Dell UP3216Q

    Yes I have USB connected. Logitech web camera and Yeti microphone are plugged in. I don't know if USB is powered when Windows shuts down. I'd have to guess not, since Yeti has red LED and it blinks (mute) when Windows sleeps, but it's off when Windows shuts down. It's not just hardware...
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    Feedback or review for the Dell UP3216Q

    Well, Dell's delivery ETA sucks. Monitor came in yesterday. It's revision A12, manufactured in October 2019, firmware M2T104. When Windows puts monitor in standby mode, according to Kill-a-Watt, monitor draws 5W (fluctuates between 4.9W and 5W). If I cycle monitor power while in Windows induced...
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    Feedback or review for the Dell UP3216Q

    According to Dell ETA is Dec 12, so I should have preliminary results that weekend.
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    Feedback or review for the Dell UP3216Q

    "Made in Aug 2017". Seems like they are not moving them very fast.
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    Feedback or review for the Dell UP3216Q

    That's pretty weak of Dell that they ship monitor with older firmware. I mean, it's not like that firmware was released yesterday (Feb 2019).
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    Feedback or review for the Dell UP3216Q

    I have both kill-a watt and Zooz ZEN20 power strip with energy monitoring. We'll see how it compares when i get it.
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    Feedback or review for the Dell UP3216Q

    Mine is on the way. What are you using to measure power draw? Kill-a-watt?
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    ZEN2 users with 64gb mem, please come in....

    I have F4-3600C16Q-32GTZNC (4 x 16GB) in ASRock x570 Taichi with 3900X. They are Hynix DJR (D-die). I run it with their built-in XMP profile at 3600 CL16 at stock voltage for a month now. No issues. Passed all stress tests too.
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    KVM Recommendation

    I use 2-port version of on daily basis. Works fine once I got proper DP cables (
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    Germany Gets 85% of Its Electricity from Renewables in Record-Breaking Weekend

    It's interesting how they say: "wind, solar, biomass, and hydroelectric power". I'm willing to bet that energy produced from each source is exactly inverse. Most by hydro, and far, far, FAR less by wind/solar. But then, there wouldn't be any news.
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    Airbnb, New York City Settle Rental Law Lawsuit

    Residents renting out their own place should report income and appropriately pay income tax, no? Same goes for foreign investors. If they run places as business appropriate rules and regulations apply to them. Otherwise, they should pay personal income tax. In any case failing to comply should...
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    OpenOffice, After Years Of Neglect, Could Shut Down

    And that is the problem. It installs everything. You can't choose just Word and Excel. It installs all other apps in the suite, want them or not.
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    OpenOffice, After Years Of Neglect, Could Shut Down

    How do you install individual applications in Office 2016 without playing with XML and command line parameters? Unless you can just click on checkbox in UI during install, everything else is outside of capability of normal Windows user.
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    Microsoft Will Bet You A New Laptop That It Can Upgrade Your PC To W10

    Aww, why didn't I wait a month! Damn it! Get yourself one of Asus ET2701I All-in-ones and watch them sweat. According to Asus that system is capable and supported for Windows 10 upgrade (from original 8/8.1). Windows 10 readiness tool will tell you same. I dare you try it. It will go through the...
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    Quad Channel RAM Disk Benchmark with Crstal Diskmark

    I lowered mine from 15 to 14, and gain was about 3%.
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    Quad Channel RAM Disk Benchmark with Crstal Diskmark

    Looks like it. Hard to find DDR4 under CAS 15, and that's what I have.
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    Quad Channel RAM Disk Benchmark with Crstal Diskmark

    I mentioned in previous post that not all RAM disk drivers are same. Since I'm in the process of building new PC and doing all sorts of testing I decided to compare, again, DataRam and WinRamTech RAM disks. i7-5820K @ 4GHz, G.Skill 2133 DDR4 First DataRam...
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    Quad Channel RAM Disk Benchmark with Crstal Diskmark

    About 2 years ago, when dataram RAM disk software was still free I did some comparison testing and RAM disk from WinRamTech (formerly QSoft) was seriously trumping dataram's implementation. To the tune of some 30%. Granted, time has passed and things may be reversed now, but at least, it's...
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    Quad Channel RAM Disk Benchmark with Crstal Diskmark

    What RAM drive software is that?
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    YouTube Buying Twitch For $1B?

    Makes two of us. Don't know if I should feel ashamed or proud.
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    Blackstone Withdraws $25B Takeover Bid for Dell

    Company is not "his own". By going public he "sold" it.
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    The PC Has No Future

    Here's my suggestion to all people claiming PC (a.k.a desktop) is dead. Get rid of your desktop(s). All of them. PCs, Macs, Linuxes. All of them. Give them to charity, throw them into garbage, whatever. Then, use just your smart phone and tablet. See how that works for you in a 5-6 months.
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    FCC Urges FAA: Let Passengers Run Gadgets During Takeoff

    This. And if people can't live without their gadgets for 15 minutes, maybe they should stay at home, and let others travel.
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    The Facebook Insiders Who Dumped Stock

    Hey, Russian mob needs to launder their underwear too. :D
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    Panasonic Forecasts Staggering $10B Annual Loss

    I'm not business major but I'd say "V" stands for "one year you are in black, next one in deep red, then next one in black again". Makes sense?
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Every single thing I have from Corsair (RAM, SSD, PSU) "just works". Gotta love that.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    My 260 GTX is acting up and I wouldn't mind something with more CUDA cores for faster video encoding.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Upgrade never hurts.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    It would be nice. I'm about to upgrade video card anyways.
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    Kingston HyperX 24GB Question...

    Incidentally, I just installed both of Kingston and G-Skill 24GB kits last week. Kingston went into Asus P6T SE motherboard, and G-Skill into Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R (rev 1.0) motherboard. Each of them had previously Patriot 12GB kit. No issues in either case. Old DIMMs out, new DIMMs in. No BIOS...
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    The Batman Equation

    Coworker and I tried it in Mathematica 7 and 8 with same result (blank plot). Then we dumped results into table and ended up with bunch of imaginary numbers. Looks like fake.
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    Spyder3 Profile question

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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    I don't think opinion about this problem changed recently. Dell has publicly stated that they will not allow field upgrade of firmware. Revision A01 is notoriously plagued with this problem. The only remedy is to keep sending monitor back to Dell for replacement until you get one that is to your...
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    Best colorimeter for S2433W monitor.

    Gamutvision at
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    Best colorimeter for S2433W monitor.

    I would like to know if there is a definite source for this "Spyder3 unit variation" statement? I've seen it now enough times, but every time it comes with "I've read it somewhere". Who did the testing and how many Spyder units are tested? Is it supported in significant facts or is it self...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Another U3011 Rev A00 owner that has nothing but praise. I have no issues with custom color mode. Monitor is calibrated with often hated Spyder3 Elite. Result = excellent! I guess two wrongs make it right.
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    120hz IPS Panels on the way from LG

    Heh, what else is there to do? :D Seriously now, I'm with you. Some people need to get some cheese with that whine.