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    opinion check : clueless newbie or scam?

    I posted a thread in FS/T today to see if anyone had a video card for sale that met my needs. I also replied to a handful of threads with offers to sell, from the past few days. Amongst various PM conversations I was hold, I got one from a guy named ' jthriller '; I asked him some...
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    WTB : Any NVIDIA PCIe Video Card (6600gt or better

    I need a second card, so figured I'd see if anyone had an older 6600GT or better they're looking to clear out. I live in Canada, but I promise it won't be more than $3-5 extra to ship to me, it always is. Paypal payment, liquid funds in the account. I'll even consider sale offers of...
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    WTB DDR2-533 (MICRO-DIMM? SO-DIMM?) Laptop Memory. Any size.

    I need to bump up a cheap laptop I just purchased (Acer 3623NWXMI Cel-M 1.5 w/ 256mb PC2-4200 DDR2-533mhz). If anyone's done an upgrade and has their older sticks kicking around, PM or email me. It would be paypal - non credit card. Does need to be shipped to canada but I'd pay the...
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    Bought a Celeron M 1.5ghz Notebook - Ram speed shows 100mhz 1:1

    nvm - bought something locally.
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    SP2004 vs Prime95 v24.14

    I just don't get it. As per the specs in my sig, I've currently got my Opty 165 at 289x9 and have tried anything from 1.275-1.350v for vcore - and always the same results. Running SP2004 at any priority (1 through 10) will make it a full 12hrs stable without erroring out. But running...
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    Opteron 165 CCBWE 0550 UPMW - Ongoing Results.

    So after having the new Opteron 165 and my new ram (also listed in sig) for just about two weeks now, and having run them at stock (with a few quick checks at 250 HTT and 275 HTT just for kicks) I figured it was time to start throwing curve-balls at the hardware. The CPU and ram were both...
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    3000+ Venice LBBLE0516CPBW, 2x512mb Corsair Value 2.5-3-3-8, Lian-Li PC-61 Alum. Case

    I've recently upgraded my processor and ram, so these are sitting on my desk ready to find a new home. I'll pre-face this by stating that I may not actually be able to ship the items out until mid to late this week (ie; Feb 9th or 10th). I may get lucky and have a break my otherwise hectic...
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    PWM IC - What's a dangerous temperature?

    Finally got my Opteron 165 and PC4000 ram as shown in my sig, so I threw them into my current machine (without needing to reinstall windows I might add, and so far so good) and gave a quick test run. PWM IC was wavering between 36C after a semi-cold boot according to the bios, up to about 44C...
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    Replacing 3000+ Venice w/ Opteron 165 (dfi ultra-d)

    My Opteron 165 arrived today (well, failed delivery with a timestamp according to Purolator exactly SIX MINUTES after I left for work) so tomorrow will be upgrade time. I've read a few reports of instability or screwyness when replacing a single core chip with a dual-core. Is this...
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    PWM IC Cooling.

    I've got a DFI Ultra-D that I know is prone to PWM heat issues. I've been thinking of a few options to try to cool it, but am hoping to find an effective passive solution. First and foremost - does the PWM IC have a temperature register? Is it in the bios and I've just been glazing over it...
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    Any reason I should look at upgrading my DFI Lanparty Ultra-D?

    No current need for SLI - and I do have a bookmark for unlocking the SLI capabilities if the need arises. I'm grabbing an Opteron 165 or 170 - depending on what info I get over the next couple of days, but I know that I had some hassles trying to overclock my current A64 3000+ Venice...
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    Scythe Ninja or SI-120?

    I've been doing some digging and am trying to decide what to replace my Artic Cooling Freezer 64 with (the fan is a bit gummed and noisy now, and I figure it's time for a change). Everyone and their dog recommends the SI-120 and the Scythe Ninja - but I've not seen a lot of comparison between...
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    Am I silly to buy PC4000 for an Opteron 165 with OC in mind?

    I posted a thread a while back for some suggestions / info on PC4000 - and the day of reckoning (Feb 1st when my fiscal situation is ready for my purchase) is fast approaching. I've been looking at a variety of ~$300 CDN PC4000 3-4-4-8 / 3-4-3-8 ranged 2x1024mb kits. OCZ, Crucial, Corsair -...
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    Help me decide on what ram to buy (for the specific purpose of overclocking).

    As you can see in my sig, all of my current hardware is running @ stock values. I had a thread going in the OC forum last spring/summer with my trials and tribulations of overclocking the very same hardware in question, and after many months of semi-stable performance I finally got fed up and...
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    OTTC? Where can I find it?

    I keep hearing / reading reference to "OTTC" in regards to burn-in / stability tests yet I've not been able to find it. I've been googling all day and have come up with nothing but a few forum postings in another language (german, spanish, russian).
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    "1000mhz HTT Maximum" Fact or Fiction?

    I've been digging around DFI's forums and found this stickied thread. In there, AngryGames & RGone (both DFI employees) seem to state that 1200-1800 HTT is perfectly fine if not recommended. Yet I've been hearing a lot of indication both here and on other forums that you should not under any...
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    A64 Memory / Motherboard / Voltage / Speed Questions.

    I know this thread really could be placed in the AMD or Motherboard specific forums - but as this pertains directly to overclocking but generalizes the way the parts operate - I figured I'd stick it in here (the Overclocking forum). I've got a variety of questions that have been plaguing me...
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    Raid 5 vs 0+1 Comparison?

    My employer is currently working on a billing system transition and with the software came a new provisioning system. We've been having latency and I/O issues for the past 6 weeks or so, and they've been plugging away at the software core trying to solve those issues. I discovered today...
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    DFI NF4-D / Ultra-D SLI/SATAII Chipset "Mod"

    I've read about it on DFI's forums, I've heard about it here and on various other forums - but there seems to be a lot of debate (and a lot of input from unproven voices who, although they may sound knowledgable, can't give more than "a friend of a friend told me") as to whether or not the...
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    MSI NX6600-GT - Overclockable? Flashable? Moddable?

    I'm at work and antsy to get home to try out my new ram. I've been digging around looking for possible modifications, flashes, specific tuning or overclocks, etc for the PCI-E video card I purchased found here. I know with my previous card, a Radeon 9800pro, I was lucky enough to have the...
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    Venice core revisions (CBBLE vs LBBLE)?

    I know I could probably tack this on to the end of my current thread in this forum, or perhaps should put this in the AMD forums instead of the OC forums - but it seems relevant enough to remain here as well as to warrant it's own thread. What if any differences are there between the two...
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    Unlocking Multiplier on Venice Cores?

    Is it possible? Is it a bad idea? Should I forget about it already and just keep living with the x9 on my 3000+? I had just thought of it, in reference to past attempts to overclock but wasn't entirely sure if it was even possible anymore.
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    A64 3000+ Venice Overclocking Help? (DFI Ultra-D)

    I'm pretty much a begginer when it comes to overclocking my cpu, and although I've made the attempt before with previous machines - I usually get frustrated and give up leaving it at stock. So I've now got my 3000+ Venice purchase specifically for it's overclockability, and the DFI LanParty...