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    ssd setup/tweaks question

    i just got a 120gb ssd (patriot inferno), and was wondering what kind of things there are to consider (if any) when setting it up, or any tweaks to make? it's going to be replacing my current 7200rpm hard drive as my os/programs drive. currently running 64 bit windows 7 ultimate. also, would...
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    Recommend a good SSD for a beginner..

    he's just saying this is in the wrong subforum, memory refers to ram so an ssd question should probably be in the storage forum, not here.
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    ati overdrive causing tearing with dual monitors

    this worked! thanks! i was trying the ccc profile one, i'd changed all three memory speed settings to the same (100000 for 5850), but it was still changing it even though as far as i could tell i'd activated the profile *confused* but simply disabling hardware acceleration in flash makes it so...
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    ati overdrive causing tearing with dual monitors

    i haven't disabled overdrive since i leave my computer on all the time so i figure the throttling down of the core speed would be good for saving power / less heat when it's not being used for gaming. i'll try editing the ccc profile first, i'll look into the msi ab if that doesnt work. it's...
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    ati overdrive causing tearing with dual monitors

    i have a 5850. i just set up my second monitor, and now whenever i load a page that has a flash video or close the page (youtube videos etc) the screen tears. after some searching i found out it has to do with ati overdrive, and it happens whenever the video card's memory clock speed gets...
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    Counter-Strike Source on-line tournament and hacks

    ya, find scrims at sourcescrim, advertise for cal-bad. if you're consistently winning, start looking for better teams (cal-o / cal-o+) etc. if not, then stay there. dont just play dust2, enter cal, theres plenty of horrible teams in cal-o, and it's more satisfying winning a match in a more...
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    Headphone Amp mini-roundup

    is there a link for where i could purchase the pcb for mister x's xp amp and/or a parts list? i'm looking at building an amp this summer, and this looks promising.
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    just received my foxconn 6150k8md from ewiz :)

    hi, and welcome to the forum. mine also beeps whenever i power on or reboot. as for the freezing on post, mine also did that when i had vista rc2 installed, and only when the computer would reboot. if i turned it off and back on then it would boot up fine. before installing vista, i never ran...
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    what does cpu/10 mean for fsb:dram?

    wow, my value ram's pretty good then lol. 2 1 gig corsair value ram sticks at 3-3-3-8 running at 230? woot.
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    what does cpu/10 mean for fsb:dram?

    i used ntune to auto oc my system cuz i was lazy, and i was looking at cpuz in the memory tab. the fsb:dram says cpu/10; i thought it was supposed to be some kind of divider like 2:3? what does the cpu/10 mean? currently running at 230fsb x10 for cpu. is it 1:1 or like 4:5 or what? thanks.
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    Thoughts on build?

    GET THE NT06 i can't stress this enough. get it. it runs passive, yet is still the best cooler available for the silverstone. just make sure your psu has a bottom draw 120mm fan.
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    yeah, you can set it to load a profile when it gets to a certain temperature, too.
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    Finally - A Fragbox for my collection!

    what's the size of this case like? same as the sg01 (not including handle)?
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    i used the coarse tune with ntune, my computer's still fine, nothing wrong, it put the fsb at 230 and i'm assuming is running a divider on the ram (otherwise i have some pretty hardcore value ram), i forgot what it set the video card to, but it gave a noticeable difference (around 70fps average...
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    i'm at CES - is new gpu coolers from arctic cooling old news?

    sorry bout the crappy lighting. the fins are aluminum, the heatpipes are copper, i think the base was copper too, i forgot.
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    im at CES and stopped by patriot's booth

    yeah i'm stupid.
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    i'm at CES - is new gpu coolers from arctic cooling old news?

    i happened to cross paths with the arctic cooling booth and talked a bit with their rep. they have a new gpu cooler coming out in a couple weeks: the accelero s1/s2. they're passive. i'll post a pic of them tomorrow, i don't have my usb cable on me right now.
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    im at CES and stopped by patriot's booth

    looks like they've already got ddr3 chips in production. ill upload the pics tomorrow, don't have a usb cable on me at the moment. not sure if this is old news or not. talked to the rep a bit, he said they'll be running at 1.5v and follow the same trend of ddr -> ddr2 of faster speeds higher...
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    is there anything for $50 better than a x800 vanilla?

    that's what i thought, just wanted to confirm. thanks.
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    is there anything for $50 better than a x800 vanilla?

    i'm looking for a budget video card, i'm coming from the integrated 6150 graphics, so basically anything's an upgrade. what's the best card i can get for $50? i could get a x800 vanilla off of my friend for that much; is there a better option? thanks.
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    CPU Heatsink for SFF with E6400

    if your sff is a sg01-e with a bottom-draw 120mm fan psu, then the silverstone nt06 is the way to go.
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    Microsoft Habu out!

    have you tried the g7? i have one and haven't noticed any lag at all.
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    Microsoft Habu out!

    too bad it's not wireless, otherwise i'd consider getting one. once you go wireless, you never go back :(
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    wow, that's awesome how the top half can fold outwards for easier access to the motherboard.
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    Is the upgrade worth it?

    get the ram / cpu / mobo upgrade first if you really must upgrade something now.
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    R600 = WET DREAM

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    just received my foxconn 6150k8md from ewiz :)

    mine was failing more than that; i couldn't even hit esc to see my boot options or [del? i forgot] to get into the bios. it started hanging before it recognized the cpu at all.
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    just received my foxconn 6150k8md from ewiz :)

    on topic of things causing the bios to hang: when i installed vista rc2 on my second hard drive, whenever i restarted my computer it wouldn't post. if i turned it off and back on then it'd be fine though. scared the shit out of me when it was doing the last couple restarts for installing it...
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    **WARM** Crucial 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Dual Channel Kit CAS 3

    how does this compare w/ ocz gold? $200 AR
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    "Will it fit?" FAQ

    anyone know what the rumor is for the r600 card length? if it's too long to fit into my sg-01, i will be one sad panda :(
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    So nVidia is completely unchallenged this generation?

    ati should just glue two x1950xtx's together, call it a x1950xtx2 and call it a day until r600 is released.
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    Razer Tarantula gaming keyboard

    wow, i cant believe all the ppl that took the gaming skillz seriously at all. the only reason to get one keyboard over another is cuz of its layout and features. i think razer made a huge flop with this keyboard. design-wise, it looks like shit. seriously, who wants the del insert setup like...
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    where can i purchase a foxconn 6150k8md?

    what are you, retarded? you dug up a three month old thread, in which i've already said where i found the motherboard available for purchase and try to crap on it? :rolleyes:
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    G8800 Series 3DMark06 Score

    damn, i think it's about time for an upgrade. i score like 370 on 3dm05 :( 06 probably wont even start the test, it'll just pop up a window saying "you lose"
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    Which card can handle 2x Dell 3007WFP?

    iirc, the 7950gx2 acts like sli. so no dual monitors for you.
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    Which card can handle 2x Dell 3007WFP?

    wtf xb's are the ugliest cars ever. best response so far :D and as for the OP: with dual 3007's, you're not going to be able to game with both.
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    just received my foxconn 6150k8md from ewiz :)

    wait, so u can get urs to 250?
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    proposed SG-01 setup

    that extra fan there is probably restricting airflow.
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    **HOT** Lenovo Core 2 Duo Notebook $799.99AR

    so word processing and surfing the net is the only thing to do on a computer other than gaming? :rolleyes: