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  1. DrLobotomy

    Only Mullvad Ads Showing

    Just an FYI in case this isn't correct but for the last day or two there have only been the Mullvad banner ad displaying when before it would be all sorts of different things each time you loaded a page. I'm on Win 7 IE11 all patched up with NO form of adblocker.
  2. DrLobotomy

    Square Grey Boxes In Comments

    I was wondering if anyone else is getting a random single grey box in the comments sections for the past day. It is not in every post but it is in various threads. I am using IE 11 in Win 7.
  3. DrLobotomy

    Front page is empty

    No news is showing, just the 4 main heading at top.
  4. DrLobotomy

    HomeFront: The Revolution Free For 3 Days

    On Steam.
  5. DrLobotomy

    Cases & Cooling Page is Empty

    Link on main page. Sorry if someone else reported it or I am just having an issue. Using IE 11 and Firefox 48 on Win 7. Just an FYI All worky now.
  6. DrLobotomy

    Awesome Forums

    Just wanted to express my admiration for the forums here and how they function. I'm not really a super user but have/had accounts with various techy sites and this one is by far the most thought out and functional forum I have ever used. I feel like I have been cheated and made to work now...