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    Chopped up a 2 post to make a short 4 post for servers and networking

    We recently chopped up a 2 post telecom rack to turn it into a sorta ghetto 4 post rack for my rackmount servers, ups and switch / cable internet gear. I was going to buy a skeletek rack, but didn't feel like spending $260 There has been an addition in progress on the house for some time now...
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    Replacing a 4k drive in FreeBSD raidz

    Hey guys, I setup a raidz vdev with 5x2tb drives on FreeBSD 8.2 a while back, and all has been working well except that I noticed a bunch of bad sectors in smartctl on one drive. I am rma'ing the "bad" drive before it actualy dies on me, but in the mean time, I bought a new one to replace it...
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    Win7 slowed by Linux FW, Other OS's fine??

    Hey guys, I have an odd problem with a relatively new Win7 machine and my firewall at the house. I have a Linux fw setup on an older pc, and I have been using it for a while now. We upgraded to 60Mbit internet from 25, and we noticed an issue with the Win7 machine: OSX to Linux fw to cable...
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    WTB: 8gb DDR2 (4x2gb) 1.8v reasonably priced

    Ok got what I was after! thanks for the offers
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    Need some help finding 2x dual mon cards for work computers

    Hey guys.. i have a tough request here. Im trying to setup 3 or 4 monitors on some machines at work which are low profile machines. The issue is that they have 1 pci-e slot, and 1 pci slot. I dont need / want anything heavy duty for 3d graphics, its just for excel & word type of stuff. Can...
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    Raid array freaks out if I remove the limit to sata1/(150) jumpers?

    I setup a raid array on my server with 8 seagate sata2 drives, but I didnt realize they came with jumpers that limit them to sata150 speeds. I removed them, and it causes my raid controller to freak out and drop drives and stuff. I put them back on and I get 0 errors now, but what would cause that?
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    Anyone using ZFS on their fileserver?

    I have a system with 8x500gb drives that I'm thinking of using with freeBSD and ZFS in a raid-z setup.. does anyone have any concerns that I should look into before I do this? I've messed around with it with a couple drives to test, but I'm waiting for a 4x sata -> sas bridge board to come in...
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    SATA cable length.. need some opinions here

    Ok here's the deal.. I bought a pci express sata / sas raid card for my server. It has an external sas (4x sata path), and an internal (4x sas / sata). I want to run my drives in a 2nd old pc case that i have since I am watercooling the server itself. I found some sas to sata converters that...
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    jumped in feet first. my stuff, and a quick question

    I recently upgraded to a gigabyte ga-n680sli-dq6 board with a q6600, and I wasnt too happy with the temps. I said screw it and ordered some watercooling stuff from jab-tech. mcr320 w/ 3x scythe fdb 120mm fans 655 pump apogee gt cpu block vga block micro res 7/16's tube and I'm gonna use...
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    Just got my Insprion XPS Gen2...

    and it fucking pwns.. that is all :eek: