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    The iPad Pro Can’t Replace The Laptop, Even For Tablet Lovers

    This is a very obvious case where the hardware is way ahead of the software. Either they need to bring OS X to the iPad Pro or make a new hybrid OS of iOS and OS X for the iPad.
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    StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void Sells 1 Million In 24 Hours

    Great game. The single player campaign is worth the price alone.
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    Google Announces The ASUS OnHub

    Yeah cause a SINGLE point of failure for everything is so much better. My set up: SB6183 to ZyXel USG 50, with an Airport Express and TP-Link switch for my PCs and server to connect. Dedicated devices are so much better than an all in one.
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    Low Wages And Long Hours Persist At iPhone Factory

    You mean Foxconn? The company that makes pretty much everything else besides iPhones?
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    Verizon Hiking Unlimited Data Plans By $20

    Their 100GB plan is $750
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    Star Wars Battlefront Official System Requirements

    I hope it does becomes a trend, I want things to advance not stay stagnant. Is this the hardforum? WTF? RAM is so cheap, motherboards can hold over 32 GB and we're all running 64 bit OSes! What's the problem?
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    Microsoft Rewrites Activation Rules For Windows 10

    I hate car analogies and this is the worst one I've seen. Can you take those tires and build another car with them? No. Can you take that motherboard and CPU and easily build another computer, Yes! Now if they can take the ID based on the new motherboard/CPU and bind it to the activation...
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    AMD Accuses NVIDIA's Gameworks Of Being 'Tragic' And 'Damaging'

    I've been gaming since the 80's and now that I'm older I still love them just don't want to dedicate the time to it like I used to. There are a lot of other things in life to spend time and money on and arguably better.
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    Windows 10 Downloads Bend, But Don't Break, The Internet

    When I did it, through the tool, I told it to keep nothing.
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    Windows 10 Downloads Bend, But Don't Break, The Internet

    I can't get my USB 3.0 ports to work on my ASUS Gryphon Z87 board. Worked fine in 8.1.
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    $18,000 Tie Fighter Music Box

    TIE Interceptor.
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    Gmail Now Uses An Artificial Neural Network To Filter Spam

    A few days ago I noticed more spam emails getting through.
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    130K Pages of Declassified Air Force UFO Research Now Available Online

    You'd think with so many people that have cell phones on them at all times the number of these sightings would drastically increase, you'd see near constant postings of videos and pictures on sites like reddit.
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    25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

    Funny how everyone thinks these are just random effeminate men. You don't know at least one of them? Tim Schafer!?
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    The Case For 30fps PC Gaming

    Slow FPS Acceptance.
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    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    Am I the only one on this forum that had a Sierra Screaming 3D card (Rendition V1000)?
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    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    And you guys bitch and moan that you have to upgrade to Windows 10 to get DX12 ... Please.
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    Metallica To Perform At BlizzCon 2014

    They did that with Video Games Live at the 2007 and 2008 Blizzcons. It was pretty awesome actually.
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    Titan Z, $1499 and $1599

    The superclocked is showing $3,339.
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    Windows 8.x Market Share Down

    It really bothers me that there's a 32 bit version of the Windows 10 technical preview.
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    DirectX 12 To Ship With Windows 10

    I fail to see how that is trolling. Just explaining my history with upgrading. And for the other guy's post, I don't recall anyone I know personally bitching about the release frequency of desktop windows versions. For me dealing with workstations still on old operating systems is much...
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    DirectX 12 To Ship With Windows 10

    I do see the bigger picture. My Microsoft history: MS-DOS 3.3 MS-DOS 5 MS-DOS 6.22 Windows 3.11 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 98SE Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8.1 I've been in IT for a long time and worked with many other OSes. Guess I'm one of the few that likes change, for the...
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    DirectX 12 To Ship With Windows 10

    Never thought I'd see the day when technical people bitch and moan this much about upgrading (and pretty much everything else). Forums are getting hard to read.
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    The Reason Behind The Windows 10 Name

    Is this the reason? I'd learn towards not likely. Is there current production software out there coded like this. Most definitely! There's a ton of old proprietary software in use across many industries that is mission critical and is beyond hope of being upgraded. The catch is that it's...
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    Shadow or Mordor To Require 6GB of VRAM @ 1080p for Ultra Textures

    Running a Titan on a 1920x1200 monitor: ultra with the HD pack I hit 5.9 GB used on the video card while playing. Plays smooth.
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    Microsoft Unveils First Look At Windows 10

    Huh? Windows 1 and 2 weren't major releases!? Wouldn't it be 3.0 instead of 3.1?
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    Microsoft Unveils First Look At Windows 10

    Windows XP is a pretty bad name too. The Windows Experince. Lame. Oh wait you like that one so the name is cool, Got it.
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    Windows 8 Users to Get Free Upgrade to Windows 9

    Some people reject change even when it's better. When the mouse and GUI started to become more wide spread in IBM Compatibles (remember that term?) most people I knew rejected it and called it click and drool.
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    Windows 8 Users to Get Free Upgrade to Windows 9

    The standard non-hidden way is still only three clicks. Click on start, click on the icon that looks like a power button, click shutdown.
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    Windows 8 Users to Get Free Upgrade to Windows 9

    All these kiddies jump on the hate wagon. The only real difference between 8.1 and 7 is the start menu. Windows 8 had issues, yes, Windows 8.1 fixed them. There are large public corporations that are going to or are on Windows 8.1 and Office 2013, I know because I work for one. Windows 8.1...
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    NVIDIA Debunks Lunar Landing Conspiracies Using Maxwell

    I just read a whole lot of fail.
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    Is there a way to prevent games from lagging with video (Twitch/TY) fullscreen?

    Do what I've done for over ten years, run two computers side by side. This maybe seem extreme but when you think about the nature of our clique it's a lot easier and cheaper than you think. We all build our own computers and upgrade them. Always spare parts for a second. I watch twitch on my...
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    Windows 7 Will Be The New XP

    I am too. I think people just blindly hate Windows 8 because it's the cool thing to do. Like hating WoW. WoW sucks! I use Windows 7 and 8.1 at home and I use both in a professional environment. The hate is just ignorance. Windows 8 and Server 2012 do have issues and can be pains to...
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    Happy 100th Birthday to the Panama Canal

    I'm an Army brat that was born in the canal zone and went back and lived there a decade later. When I visited the locks as a kid I really wish I fully understood what it took to build what I was seeing.
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    15 New Vulnerabilities Reported During Router Hacking Contest

    Which is why I run a ZyXEL USG 50, and the fact that I have two ISPs.
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    Apple's Work Force Is Mostly White And Male

    The stereotypical NERD is WHITE and MALE. We are oppressing women and minorities from being nerds. Better fight for equal rights!
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    Legendary Sierra Entertainment Rises Mysteriously from the Grave

    Sierra On-Line, Microprose, Spectrum Holobyte, Maxis, Lucas Arts, etc... Those were the days.
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    It's official, Nvidia will not support Mantle

    So much misinformation in this thread.
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    Charge Your Electronics Before Boarding

    Funny, They're about to find out how many people run around with dead batteries.