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    WTS: XFX R9 295X2, XFX Radeson 6870, Asus R9 270X, AM3 motherboard & Phenom 980 BE

    I have the following for sale, or possibly trade: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula, AMD Motherboard + AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition - $180 OBO XFX Hydra Edition Radeon R9 295x2 R9-295X-8QFA Graphics Card - SOLD ASUS R9 270X DirectCU II R9270X-DC2T-2GD5 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI-E Video Card - SOLD...
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    XFX R9 295X2

    I have a lightly used XFX R9 295X2 graphics card for sale, $750 or best offer. I'm just not gaming as much as I used to anymore, I guess.
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    Dell S520 Interactive Projector, NEW

    I picked up a Dell S520 interactive projector, with two pens, to demo to a client...and then promptly forgot about returning it until after Thanksgiving, so now I own it. It has less than an hour on the bulb, and a 3 year warranty (not sure if that is transferable). The pen tracking on this...
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    New Dell PERC H330, SAS cables, SAS to SATA breakout

    I have 5 Dell PERC H330 mini mono RAID cards (Item # 405-AAEF) that I just pulled out of some brand new Dell R530 servers. The SAS cables that came with each module is included (2x SFF-8087 connectors, for 8 bays). I have no idea what these are worth, and no comparables online, so $100 each or...
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    Public Access Programming software

    I do some "IT" work for a local town of fewer than 4000 people. Today they had me look at their "Public Access Programming" equipment as it had stopped broadcasting. This is the equipment that they use to broadcast town meetings and news over their local cable channel. The setup is pretty...
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    Dell H700 RAID controller configureation

    I just discovered something fun with one of my RAID arrays. I have a 12-drive RAID 10 array using a Dell C2100 and a H700 RAID controller. I just lost a drive in the array, and I can't find a way to figure out which one failed. I have Dell OpenManage installed, which is telling me that the...
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    Multi-site network routing advice

    One of the schools that I work with has an entirely flat network structure (I have mentioned this before). We're looking into options for breaking up this large broadcast domain. The network consists of 3 school buildings and 3 administrative buildings. The high school is the "center" of the...
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    NFS testing and performance

    This thread has two purposes. First, I would like to know if anyone has a good method for stress testing NFS servers. I'm trying to find a way to test a server that only shows problems during periods of high load (a large number of connections and read/write operations), without putting it into...
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    TWC Modem Swap

    I figured i'd ask here before wasting more time with TWC tech support. I bought my own modem (a Zoom 5341) to replace the one that TWC was "leasing" to me. I called them up and they said they added the MAC address of the new modem to my account. When I plug in the new modem, the upstream and...
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    Raritan IP KVM

    I took a chance and picked up an couple Raritan Dominion KX IP KVMs on ebay. The default password thats listed in the manual does not work. Does anyone know of any tricks for resetting these things back to factory default?
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    How do cloud instance domain names work?

    I have been playing around with Microsoft's Azure and starting thinking about how DNS resolution works with all these "cloud" providers. If I start up 10 different virtual servers (that are not web servers), I get 10 different domain names (,
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    Legislation for expanding broadband options/competition

    A while ago I posted here asking for topics to discuss during a "Community Broadband Committee" that I had been asked to sit on. The committee meeting went well, we agreed to cease funding a local monopoly and to explore new options. At that meeting, I met a state senator that seemed very...
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    WTB: As much DDR2 Desktop RAM as possible

    I have a customer (local school) that wants to upgrade 1000 or so LTSP thick clients from 1GB of ram to 2GB or 4GB. We'd prefer 4GB per machine. There are only two RAM slots in each machine. So I am looking for large and medium sized lots of DDR2 desktop RAM. I'll consider some 1GB sticks if the...
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    Help with Barracuda Firewall NAT

    I work for a school that has a Barracuda x600 firewall, and have been trying to set up NAT between one of our spare IPs and an internal server for about 3 days now. The documentation seems to indicate that this is all that is needed: We have a /26...
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    I have a Cisco 3600 Series router

    Yes, the one released in 1996 and EOL'd in 2003. Please stop laughing. This is the gateway to the internet for the school that I work for. It gets 3 class C IP blocks over BGP, and has 5 interfaces. Two are used for 60mbps fiber links, in a failover setup, one goes to a Sonicwall that the...
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    Xenserver, NFS, and link aggregation

    I'm setting up a XenServer cluster with two hosts and one NFS storage array and i'm getting a little lost in the terminology around LACP and bonded NICs. The NFS server has 5x 1Gb ports in it. Both hosts have 2x 1Gb ports in them that i'd like to dedicate to storage. The NFS server will be...
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    WTB: 12TB of WD Red Drives (4x 3TB, 6x 2TB, etc))

    I have a 12 bay NAS that i'd like to populate with WD Red drives. I'd prefer 4x 3TB drives, but i'd accept anything that comes close to 12TB total.
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    Zyxel GS1910-24 not passing traffic

    I have an odd problem here with a brand new Zyxel switch that I purchased. I'm hoping its just something stupid in my configuration/setup that I am not noticing. I can't access the web configuration page on it unless my computer is plugged directly into the switch. If I plug it into the network...
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    Help me design a job, please

    I have been assisting local communities with technology projects involving "cloud" buzzwords (virtualization, SAS, IAAS, hosted applications, terminal services, etc) for a while now. A local entrepreneur has decided to create a start-up that does the same thing, on a much larger scale. He wants...
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    Advice on consulting fees

    So, in business terms "a recent budget shortfall has resulted in a reduction of human capital" at my workplace. My role with the school was a cross between a project manager and server administration. We all work the helpdesk, but my focus was finding new systems (Phone systems, wireless...
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    Upgrading fiber between buildings

    I touched on this a little in my last thread, I work for a school district that has internet access delivered to our high school via Time Warner Cable Fiber, which is then distributed to two other schools and a few offices over our own private fiber. The fiber is currently terminated on each end...
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    Upgrading our primary storage server

    I wasn't really sure if this should go here or in the storage section, so feel free to move it. I work for a school that operates entirely off of LTSP terminals. We have three schools, a school office, town office, fire station, and maintenance building all using terminals. At the center of...
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    Kickstarting a municipal WISP by selling hosting services

    I'm not entirely sure if this is OK to post here, because I am technically advertising a service, but its for a good cause so i'm going to give it a shot. If I can't advertise, i'd still like to see what people think would be good packages to offer, and the prices they consider fair. I work...
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    Cheap Content Filtering?

    We are currently in the process of overhauling a private school's network. I posted some pictures in the network gallery thread a while ago....its bad. They have been surviving on donated consumer Linksys wireless routers and switches. They don't even have a shoestring budget, they have no...
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    linux terminals losing NFS connection, users are ready to hang us

    This is a plea for help, as our users are beginning to turn on us... I work as an intern at a school that uses LTSP terminals throughout a district. Theres 3 schools, a school office, and a town office on the network, connected with fiber. About a month ago we started getting calls that...
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    DHCP over VLAN or something

    We're trying to replace an existing Meraki install with UniFi APs, but our network configuration is making it difficult. We have one large subnet across multiple sites. To prevent students/teachers from pluggin their devices into the LAN, we have a MAC address whitelist on our DHCP server. This...
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    Colocated XenServer with single IP

    I'm looking for guidance on a potential Xenserver setup. I have a fairly beefy webserver that is currently hosted in a colo with a single public IP address. I'd like to install Xenserver on it, virtualize the webserver part, and set up a couple other VMs on it. Is this even possible without...
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    208v UPS on residential split-phase

    Not entirely sure if this is networking related, but I found the device in a network rack so..... A while ago I bought a used APC server rack with everything still in it (UPS, PDU, servers, trays, KVM, etc) from a local company that switched "to the cloud". The problem is, the APC UPS is...
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    FS: APC 5000VA UPS with Transformer, PDU, and Dell Powervault 114T

    I recently purchased a fully loaded APC server rack locally, and I'm trying to offset the cost a bit by parting it out. Not really sure on prices, just went with what I saw on eBay. If i'm completely out of my mind just tell me. APC SURT 5000VA UPS, with a SURT005 110AC step-down transformer...