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    Samsung LC32HG70QQUXEN broken

    By "change PC" you mean tested with also different GPU (in that PC)? If GPU/cables OS and drivers were ruled out its probably monitor itself. The second picture looks pretty bad... btw did you buy at physical store or online? If online even if you lost your invoice they must have it in their...
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    27"+ 1440p 120Hz+ HDR G-Sync/FreeSync

    Hey I'm in same boat. I kind of ruled out 27GL850 because it seems to be worse than newer 27GL83a while being more expensive. 850 has lower contrast, lower DCI P3 (for HDR) 78 vs 82% and slightly less HDR brightness, according to rtings FI27Q better contrast, higher P3 (86%) but BFI doesnt have...
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    VA better than IPS for eye comfort and reading?

    I'm curious what do you mean by noise in eyes? Do you mean 4K also at 27"? Isnt it too small font and hence more eye strain less comfort? Not that my 1070Ti would be much good for 4k. Its interesting thread as last winter I had really weird experience with Samsung C27HG70 (1440 144hz curved...
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    Ryzen 5 1600 & GTX 1080 or i7 7700k & GTX 1070

    why does ppl recommend i7 + worse gpu for gaming rig and cite "gaming" in same sentence?? logic much? Sure depending on title 7700k may give you +5-10fps but 1070 will loose 20fps to the point ? Also brining ram instability in posts in mid-end july when agesa updates pretty much...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    You are awesome guys :) Just wish you would ship to EU too, but no worries with my luck I wouldn't win anyways :)
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    AM4 B350 / X370 VRM table

    Well I'm a bit confused, he states that only ASUS Prime B350-Plus has 4 phases but from table it looks like all boards have 4 as minimum , few has 6 and some Asrock 3x2 (though not sure whats difference between 6 and 3x2) So looking at that table I would assume that VRMs are not that big of...
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    Anyone know the default password for equallogic sans?

    that's why you have two fabrics right? when one switch goes down [due to upgrade or well something unplanned :) ] you have second fabric still serving all needs, though ofc performance will suffer as you have only 50% available now. Bad thing is if some server doesn't have properly present luns...
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    Goodbye Catalyst Control Center – Hello Radeon Software Crimson Edition!

    Did you raise power limit after installing crimson drivers? Would guess that could be issue. For me OC works as before though.
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    I don't think they updated chipset drivers, I think they just repacked them with new name. Tried to install on 990fxa-ud3 and installer said (I mean that point where you can click/select components) that all drivers are already up to date. So I assume same drivers as 15.7.1 At least SATA...
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    AMD Launches New Graphics Software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    good that they keep putting effort into driver. Though I dont like that "modern" ui , not that it is much important, if it will help to convince more ppl and improve amd reputation fine with me. At least it is damn fast. sadly they didn't fix my overclocking bug :( @collegeboy69us: kind of...
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    AMD Catalyst 15.10 Beta Driver for Windows

    If 15.7.1 works good why bother with beta and whine when got issues? At least issue bug report to be productive and wait for nonbeta release. btw 15.10 still has the issue I mentioned in 15.9.1 with core clocks and accelerated video playback.
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    AMD Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Driver for Windows

    what? I need my gpu to keep clocks even if I have yt vid playing in background or second monitor. Like there is any point it is throttling down because of this...
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    AMD Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Driver for Windows

    Just to let you know, it looks there is a bug in the driver (tbh not sure if it was in previous version, probably not), it appears that if you have gpu render enabled in IE browser (didn't bother to test other browsers) and you have video playback running your GPU downclocks to default settings...
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    Best monitor for reducing eye strain?

    well ok didnt realize that, maybe non-pwm is prerequisite for ULMB rather then gsync (as they are two different things but bundled together ofc)? Its probably a bit easier to time strobes with non-pwm backlight. (speculation) So probably I can see what he meant but it was still a bit misleading...
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    Best monitor for reducing eye strain?

    Where do you get that info from?? What does Freesync/Gsync/adaptive sync have to do with PWM (which is backlight thing)? Adaptive sync is supposed to sync frames from GPU to monitor and I cant see where PWM cames into play. PWM is about backlight. And also your reply is wrong, cause he asked...
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    Best monitor for reducing eye strain?

    eyestrain is tricky thing. Personally after long years I did finally picked up new IPS LCD with LED backlight HP Z24i which is PWM free but I still experience eyestrain. I didnt notice it right from start but overtime i see it is getting worse. I got Z24i 5months ago. I'm not sure what could be...
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    upgrade now or wait?

    Its not dumb at all. Imho it is pretty smart & neat. I mean for ppl that hate windows and like linux, today they cant game that well. Either games are not native ported to linux or wine not working that great for many games. With XEN and vga passthrough they could run WIN in VM and play their...
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    upgrade now or wait?

    I would be totally careful to recomend -K CPUs especially when OP said he doesnt care for overclock. K usually tends not to have VT-d support. Sure for pure gamer it doesnt matter (unless one wants to experiment and play on linux for example) but it should be mentioned as there is "price" for...
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    New HP Z24i IPS Gen 2

    Received my z24i yesterday. Date of manufacture: August 2014 Product number: D7P53A4 RMN (Regulatory Model Number): HSTND-3771-W Rev: LIT151 *Panel: LG LM240WU8 *Scaler: RTD2486RD *FW ver: LITM05 *(info from service menu) no dead pixel, no other obvious dmg on the screen. I think I...
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    Eizo EV2455

    How do you like EV2455 in gaming, smoothness and responsiveness? Notice any blurring in fast scenes or the like? What coating does it have? Is it semi-glossy? I hope it doesn't have heavy grainy/matte coating and it is not glossy like mirror either.
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    How many Flat screen monitors do you own?

    1st single display brag here! :D 1x 20" LG L204WT 7y old
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    New HP Z24i IPS Gen 2

    Guys I'm considering to buy this monitor, tbh it was never on my shortlist (actually only HP monitors I've checked were zr24/2440w) but I just realized that I can get like 200eur "discount" on z24i from retail price of ~300eur [or rather off any current HP monitor, like z27i etc]. So I'm just...
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    It looks that this thread (and on did calm down a bit in last months. Does it mean that QC issues was mostly solved (ppl not complaining) or that ppl did stop buying this monitor? Its like 1year since release so I would hope that all minor flaws and QC should be taken care off...
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    IPS Gaming monitor

    eizo fg2421 is gaming 120hz , though not IPS (if that's your strict requirement) It is on my list but I'm not decided yet. but that monitor seems to suffer lottery problems, check big thread here on the forums.
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    Should I give up on 1200p?

    That looks to be great point there! I was in 24" 16:10 nonTN market for ~3-4years to replace my 7years old LG L204wt 1680x1050TN, but couldn't find any monitor worth my money. Now I was about to give up myself to 16:9 (yeah I feel ashamed) but actually I may go for 27" instead , I've never...
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    NEC P242W Review: 1920x1200 Semi-Glossy Professional IPS

    Ah didn't know Art is from NEC. I guess it helps to read peoples profiles... But tbh now I'm a bit disappointed :( Why doing new model with "worse" panel than previous one. At some point I was mad at eizo putting only 6bit panel into ~600e range screen, now nec doing the same. I see this...
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    NEC P242W Review: 1920x1200 Semi-Glossy Professional IPS

    Where you got this information? I've contacted NEC CZ/SK some weeks ago with two questions: 1. what/if PWM is used 2. what panel is used, if it is native 8bit (like p241w model was) Their answer was: 1. PWM used in 8-20khz range 2. panel used is 8bit (while PA242w should be 10bit) but I...