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    Samsung 206BW or 226BW?

    From Samsung's website, the only difference seems to be that the 206BW has a smaller pixel pitch which means better image quality. Are the extra 2 inches worth the extra ~$80?
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    Are the rumors about the 2x4 pin connectors on the R600 true?

    If so, should I wait for a PSU with dual 2x4 pin connector for CF R600 or get something decent for now and then upgrade later? The only PSU I see with dual 2x4 pin is the Silverstone Olympia, which isn't even out yet.
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    PC P@C Silencer 750 or Silverstone Zeus 750?

    My plan for the future: E6600 - will OC like mad DFI RD600 CF R600 (dreaming) some other stuff that doesn't need to be listed Would a single or quad rail work better for me in a single R600 configuration? What about CF R600?
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    Going to get the Z5500 for a future build but don't know which sound card to pick

    My current choices are the Creative X-fi Xtremegamer (one with Xram but no front control panel) and the soon-to-come-out Auzen X-Meridian. Yes, I know that the X-Meridian will kick Creative's butt in sound quality because it's digital. However, based on the reviews of the X-mystique and...
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    I want to do a RAID 5 setup for my future build. What drives should I pick?

    Budget is $300. Needs to be 400gb(total) or more. Any recommendations?
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    Can the Thermaltake Icage fan be switched with some other fan?

    Read the title Since I can't find the Coolermaster 4 in 3 thing on newegg, I hope this fits in the Stacker t01.
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    Which widescreen monitor to get for $400?

    I play lots of games, watch movies, and browse the internet. What monitor would be good for me? Sorry if this topic is kind of vague.
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    Push-pull on Infinity or Ultra 120?

    I plan on using 80cfm fans(probably don't need that much) for pushing and pulling. Which heatsink do you think will perform better?