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    Seeking photo editing software

    My ma needs an easy to use photo editor for her eBay business as well as to crop out extra stuff from the pics my sis takes whenever she is at a dog show. Price in this case is definitely a sticking point. Could someone recommend a cheap (or relatively so) photo editing program? Just needs...
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    Free game codes available for Steam

    I entered and won a number of drawings for a bunch of random Steam games, and ended up with several duplicates between the various drawings. I am giving these codes away to anyone who wants them. The list of games I have available is as follows. pirates of black cove x2 earth 2160 x2 planets...
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    HP Laserjet 4000 TN help

    I have a 4000TN that I have to use at work and want to find out how to force it to print just straight B&W. Right now, anything I print, such as emails, that contain blue and possibly other colors of text will print out very light and hard to read. I've followed the manual's instructions...
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    Help with Excel 2010

    A spreadsheet updated by several people where I work needs to have the claim # field validated while data is being entered since it is critical to being able to look up those claims later. There are 3 possible valid ways to enter a claim #: First is 11 digits long, starting with an R, such...