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    Using different cards on an NF-200 motherboard

    Will I be able to use two different video cards outside of Crossfire/SLI on a motherboard with an NF-200 chip? I have been considering buying an entry level workstation card to use alongside my existing consumer card, but my motherboard has an NF-200 (was never really part of the buying...
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    New 650ish watt PSU

    I'm shopping for a new 650W PSU to replace my aging PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610, whose fan sounds like it's on its last legs. The reason I decided to buy a new one rather than replace the fan is because I'd like to have more than one PSU in the house as a backup, and because I'm hesitant to...
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    Is this SSD (Corsair P3-128) brand new?

    I purchased a Corsair P3-128 SSD yesterday, and when it arrived today I noticed that the sticker sealing the box had already been broken. I have not yet installed the drive (I picked it up during my lunch break) but I want to make sure that the broken seal was the result of a packing fluke, and...
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    How are the UEFI and software on Asrock P67 boards?

    The [H] articles on Asus and MSI P67 boards gave glowing reviews of their UEFI and software interfaces, but I can't find many similar details on Asrock boards. Here's where I'm at: I want to pull the trigger on a $140-160 board to complement a 2500K, and am torn between a P8P67, a P67A-GD55...
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    Does such a speaker set exist?

    So I'm in the market for a new 2.1 speaker set. One feature I like is having a headphone jack either on a separate remote or on one of the desktop speakers. However, I haven't been able to find any that include an additional microphone jack, which I would need in order to use my headset. (I've...
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    How well do modern MBs reset their BIOSs?

    The last motherboard I bought, and still use, is an Abit IP-35 Pro, which has a handy CLR_CMOS switch on the back IO panel. Whenever I shop around for motherboards I always try to keep an eye out for similar features, but only a few boards have them (at reasonable prices, that is---notably...