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    Red HOT!!!!!!: Dell P2715Q 4K IPS for $430!!!!!

    Price is ok, definitely not red hot. The Dell P2715Q has HDMI 1.4, not 2.0. HDMI 1.4 will only do 4k@30hz. LG's competing 27" IPS 4k model launched recently for similar price shipped from Frys but it offers HDMI 2.0 w/ HDCP2.2 and AMD Freesync on DP. Also read some of the comments on your...
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    4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 TV Database

    Besides the Crossover and Wasabi recent models what other screen makes and models include Displayport in addition to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 ports? Thanks
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    Vertical & Horizontal Cable wire management for mutli-RU modular chassis switches

    Hi, I've got a greenfield project where new cat6 cabling has been pulled from several floors to a room and I need to direct a tech to dress and terminate cat6 cabling to patch panels. I was planning on installing all the gear in an APC 42u rack but the rack we have available doesn't look like it...
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    Free air cooling technology for data closets

    Looking for recommendations and advice on applying free air cooling to closet sized datacenter. At this stage we are open to all ideas. Some HVAC folks we've contacted suggest mini split airconditioner systems with one condensing unit and an air handler for each closet as a quick and simple...
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    What are best options for Intelligent PDUs 208v w remote ethernet power cycle mgtment

    Let's open this discussion up to higher voltage. Anyone here have recommendations on 208v 1 or 3 phase and 480v 3 phase PDUs for larger distribution that has some intelligence we can communicate with? For example metering, amp load, snmp, alerts, anything? What are commonly used in...
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    Physical security...biometrics... etc.

    OP: there are some standalone ip biometric devices from Fingertec I've seen. No experience with them though. You'd want a device that has an input for a sensor for when the door opens and a relay output for a door lock mechanism. This wouldn't be expensive and would work fine for show. What...
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    What are best options for Intelligent PDUs 208v w remote ethernet power cycle mgtment

    I've seen a lot of companies like APC, Eaton, Avocent/Cyclades make PDUs and have product lines that offer remote power on/off features over networks. I've worked on some units in the past and wasn't too impressed at the implementation of the remote administration features. Probably because they...
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    Do you still avoid using all 0's & all 1's subnets & hosts?

    Just noticed a lot of replies confused by the original post. Last year must have have posted after noticing a problem on some network. Following is an excerpt explaining the problem. Source:
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    Anyone know anyone familiar with RCN's Fiber network or service?

    Anyone able to share any feedback or perspective about RCN's fiber, not copper HFC, network, services, operations? We've been shopping for fiber in metro Chicago and have found so far several different options available at this site. One option is RCN that has fiber at our pole requiring no...
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    Privacy Concerns Over Patient Data Uploaded To Google Servers

    Quoting your falsehood claims Quoting your contradicting yourself and that you does not negate the OP "Privacy Concerns Over Patient Data Uploaded To Google Servers".
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    Privacy Concerns Over Patient Data Uploaded To Google Servers

    How does your unsubstantiated comment align with the following? And this is probably the tip of the iceberg.
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    6u and more wallmount racks w/ vertical or different orientation for shallow closets?

    Please share recommendations and any experiences with vertical wallmount racks with more than 6 rack units. We are looking at and their MiniRaQ CONVERTIBLE models with top 4u normally facing rackunits for patch panels and 8u or 10u vertically oriented for switches and...
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    Need help deciding if I should go fully virtual

    What is native OS caching and how does virtualizing not support the feature?
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    Capturing MiniDV footage

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    New building horizontal & vertical copper & fiber riser structured cabling

    For the vertical fiber that will be connecting switch uplinks to the core it'd be simpler to use preterm fiber but most of the horizontal fiber will be pulled for future proofing for possible active or passive optical network adoption. Since we are not finding any bulk pre-term fiber longer...
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    New building horizontal & vertical copper & fiber riser structured cabling

    We are pressing for more conduit risers. Sorry for confusion as was under impression north/south depending on context was ingress/egress traffic into rack, building, etc so assumed it could also refer to ingress/egress per floor. Any recommended reading for better insight into these planes...
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    New building horizontal & vertical copper & fiber riser structured cabling

    Ground level will have commercial suites and some parking. Floors 2+ are residential.
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    New building horizontal & vertical copper & fiber riser structured cabling

    A friend contacted us about this project they were in the process of developing and given circumstances we are helping pro bono. Hiring it out for any reasonable compensation won't happen. We are guaranteed no pissed off customer and liability was waived in writing so no law suit. What in our...
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    New building horizontal & vertical copper & fiber riser structured cabling

    We're looking at a multi level commercial and residential greenfield project and will be designing and configuring the MDF & IDF closet layouts as well as the vertical and horizontal riser system for the structured cabling and networking solutions. This is not a datacenter and their won't be any...
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    Do you still avoid using all 0's & all 1's subnets & hosts?

    Particularly, do you avoid the all-ones subnets because of the confusion and possible routing loop in having a network and a subnet with identical broadcast addresses?
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    Who enables Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI) unrestricted access?

    Anyone do testing and find in which scenarios enabling and unrestricting VMCI access improves performance? Haven't found much concrete info on the interwebs so here are some info links. Configuring a Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI) on a vSphere ESX host...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    tycoonbob please edit/delete your double post here since you got replies to it in your other thread at Anyway, is the issue from post #1 still in effect with the newest firmware with sata drives?: "HP SAS Expander will only negotiate SATA-III...
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    Site to site connections

    What's the process of transfering the images? What scanners are being used and how? Are the scanners connected by usb to each view client terminal? Or ip networked? If the scanners are accessed over the network do scanned images get stored on local disk in the scanner to be retrieved by the...
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    WTS FS for sale DDRdrive X1 zfs zil accelerator

    We've got an unused spare in original packaging with all accessories like new. For our perfect feedback reference our ebay account with same username. Please no off topic or non sales related posts. Private message us your email with questions or to finalize payment and shipping details...
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    Pass through onboard SATA?

    You need to review the vmware esxi hardware compatibility list aka HCL to confirm that the strorage adapter is supported. I doubt your linked sata card will be visible to esxi. The M1015 should be ok or for even cheaper you can get the br10i. Some non workstation or server motherboards might...
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    Esxi 5.1 update.

    Thanks for the post to the file. Confirmation here that it solved a vt-d passthrough related PSOD. A lab 5.1 esxi box I was testing was getting a purple screen crash when powering on a vm associated with a passed-thru onboard intel ICH10 6 port ahci controller. Lsi 1068 and 2008 external pcie...
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    Preventing ZFS Rot - Long-term Management Best Practices

    I haven't experienced or noticed decreased performance yet but have read concerns of copy on write filesystems like zfs fragmenting and performance decreasing because of lack ability to defrag. Theory goes you need to zfs send all your filesystems to a new pool, then after everything is cleaned...
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    Looking for a system that'll email or sms on a motion alert trigger.

    /usr/home & schnell: Much thanks for the info on mfi- will get some. Sp33dFr33k, have you tested any of the dlink or other products and can recommend any that function reliably? Do the dlink cams send the email notification from the ip cam or does the management pc software perform that...
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    Looking for a system that'll email or sms on a motion alert trigger.

    Thanks for the info on the mfi, never noticed that line of products before. They don't look outdoor ready but I might be able to securely mount it under a roof and keep the elements away. The application will be near some outdoor entrance doors as well as perimeter area.
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    Looking for a system that'll email or sms on a motion alert trigger.

    Any cameras or recording software that will push out realtime notification of events? Anyone have experience with or heard of purpose built motion devices, security cameras or nvr/dvr software or hardware that'll send email or other communication on motion alerts?
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    First Pics of the LSI 12Gb/s SAS Adapter

    Looking forward to more info on HA-DAS for *nix
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    Should 10gbe sfp+ 850nm be able to interface with 1gbe sfp 850nm?

    I've got some dell and hp switches and oem optical transceivers of each that I am unable to get an active link on when connecting as title states. All the firmwares are newest releases. Next step is I will manually set speeds on interfaces. Anyone here have success with connecting 10gbe to 1gbe...
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    The factory installed three heatpipe DirectTouch cooler will most benefit my gaming and hardware enthusiast experience!
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    SuperMicro SuperBlade SBE Chassis and SBI 7426T lga1366 blades

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    Scared that I lost 1TB of irreplacable data

    +1 for GetDataBack NTFS. You will need at least another same or larger sized drive to export the recovered data but you really ought to clone the damaged drive first to yet another drive before doing anything else.
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    Corsair Performance Series™ Pro 256GB SSD Review @ [H]

    I purchased some Performance Pros 128s and 256s after seeing reviews showing off their trim-like garbage collection and 32nm NAND. I intended on using them as esxi datastores (no trim yet) as Plastikman mentioned and assumed Corsair would keep with 32nm NAND which ought to offer more resilience...
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    Ubiquiti AirCam / AirVision

    The aircam domes feature an sd card interface. Anyone solely use this method to locally store the video feed or as a backup in addition to over ether? I have some environments where there is no network and would appreciate these cams if they operated with the least amount of management and...
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    Management software for iPad fleet?

    Bet you know this already and need something more feature rich but .. Exchange 2010 offers an easily accessible 'wipe device' function. I haven't tested it on our androids or ipads. Anyone have issues with this? Possible miss: if a device was lost/stolen the wipe would probably only be performed...