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  1. dasaint

    DaSaints [H] FS Thread (Server/Laptop/Desktop)

    Hey all, Time to do some clean-ups and clean-out! Got some Gear FS/FT Don't know what i want in the FT stuff but msg me what u got! Could be other Gear or Video Games/Consoles whatever... I can take pictures if needed! Long standing [H]-Member with established Heatware under DaSaint...
  2. dasaint

    Gaming Projector for my basement

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone had any good/cheaper Recommendations for a Basement Projector to play video games on (Xbox 360/One, PS3/4, maybe some bluRay action as well) I don't need the best thing since sliced bread but if there is a good middle ground (720P version) that can really pump out...
  3. dasaint

    FS: Server Equipment (Infiniband + More)

    Hey All, Got some server gear that i want to put up for sale (Free Bumps are always Appreciated!) $285 - X8DT6 Motherboard (Non-IPMI Version) - with 2x E5530 Processors, Awesome little setup, has an onboard SAS-2008 Controller (Already flashed to latest with IT Mode, it can be re-flashed...
  4. dasaint

    Cheap HW Raid 5 Controller Choices for Lefthand VSA

    Hey All, Wanted to see the consensus of what others have chosen for HW Raid 5 controllers, grant you i know i need a BBU (BBWC) whatever you want to call it via its brand. I have 3 choices in mind right now (Running on Server grade HW with ECC) What i am looking for is an option for HW Raid...
  5. dasaint

    ASRock C2750D4I @ Newegg (Currently OOS)

    So i ended up buying one of these and its on its way but Newegg finally got them out before Xmas, currently OOS but still finally glad to see it! I plan on placing mine in a U-NAS NSC-800 Chassis i have held on to for a while...
  6. dasaint

    WTB: IBM M1015 Controller (For ZFS IT Mode)

    Hey All, Want to buy one of these controllers, wanted to see if anyone had one up for sale. Heatware is DaSaint Ebay is thereprofsorrows Payments via PP
  7. dasaint

    DaSaint's - [FT] then [FS] Thread!

    Have a bunch of items I would like to get off my hand’s as I have no need for them anymore but maybe you do! Trading Zip Code - 80013 [Pictures can be added at request] (2) 2x L5518 Xeon Processors (SLBFW) [Socket 1366 Xeon] [Trade or 50$ Shipped for the pair (OBO)] Used them in ESXi...
  8. dasaint

    FT: Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (AT&T), 4xWD Velociraptor 150GB and Iconia A100

    Hey all, So looking for some trade items, u never know who's got what to trade, so i am throwing these out there to see if anyone has some items they would like to trade out for the items below I have currently on the trade block. Trading Zip Code - 80013 (1) Samsung S2 Skyrocket (AT&T) - Was...
  9. dasaint

    WTB: S1200KP(R) Mobo + E3-Proc

    Working on a new project and i am looking to see if someone has one of these laying around that they might want to sell or just sell to upgrade! I would prefer the S1200KPR but i would consider the KP if it had a chip that worked. this is going to be apart of a file server so Let me know what...
  10. dasaint

    U-NAS NSC-800 Chasis is now available to purchase!!!

    For all of you junkies who wanted the case to build your own 8-bay NAS they finally got it from that Chinese vendor and are starting to sell on their website. Got mine today took about 5 days to ship from china however i finally have one! These things were near impossible to get for the...
  11. dasaint

    FS/FT: I7 2600s Processor

    Hey all, So I decided to go a different route than what I wanted with this chip, and now I am really looking into an E3 1260L chip instead as I need ECC Memory to continue what I was planning. Selling this Processor $200 Shipped I might have a Spare Stock HSF floating around too! If you...
  12. dasaint

    WTB: I5 or I7 Ultra to Low Power Quad Core Processor

    Hey all, Looking for a Low powered Quad Core I5 or I7 processor for a build that i am working on. It has to have the following Features VT-x, VT-d VT-x w/EPT Most of the time the VT-x and VT-x w/EPT are usually there its the VT-d for directed I/O that a lot of I5's and I7's could...
  13. dasaint

    WTB: Cheap 1155 Sandy/Ivy Bridge Procesor (Celerons Accepted!)

    Hey all, I need to do some Mobo testing and all i need is a cheap Sandy or Ivy proc that will work on most 1155 boards. please PM price and Proc Model and stepping code
  14. dasaint

    Free 48 Hr Xbox Live Codes (2 Free Codes)

    Had these sitting around, don't need em, first redeemed first get.. QM24W-K39YV-3JC2V-Q7T9F-6K9P8 F6R6H-YCPP7-RD3BK-DFBJ7-C6TCT Enjoy.
  15. dasaint

    GoDaddy $5.99 Standard SSL Certificates - 91% Discount saw this as a special offer...
  16. dasaint

    Ideas for a Storage Enclosure Concept

    Hey all, I wanted to share an idea, and was wondering if someone here might be able to help me find the enclosure i am looking for or at least have had experiences with the enclosures i have been considering. the idea is to get rid of my Rackmount System long term and make my ESX(i) hosts...
  17. dasaint

    WTB: Nikon SB-800

    Hey all, I am looking for a Nikon SB-800 for a good and fair price, hit me up with a PM if you got one for sale. Looking for one Soon so message me! Payment would be Paypal! Long standing reputation here @ [H] DaSaint@Heat Thereprofsorrows@ebay
  18. dasaint

    Wireless N AP Suggestion

    Hey all, i am looking for a good suggestion for upgrading my current AP to a newer one. currently running an Aironet 1200 Series with the G Radio inside of it and i have found it quite lacking to my bandwidth needs. i am looking for some good recommendations for a replacement in the N...
  19. dasaint

    FS Raid Cards!

    Selling Raid Controller Cards Doesnt Include any Cables, Bare Cards Full Form Brackets, NO BBUs on these (sorry bout the pics not working Comcast Difficulties) Adaptec ASR-2405 -$150.00 OBO Shipped Promise SuperTrak EX4650 -$60.00 Shipped (Price Lowered) My reputation...
  20. dasaint

    WTB 500GB Seagate Hard Drive

    Hey all, Looking for one of the following 2 models i need 1 of these drives in good working order. ST3500630AS ST3500641AS wanna take my raid 5 and make it raid 10 for IOPS
  21. dasaint

    !DaSaint's FS Thread! - BUY IT!!

    SuperMicro - SYS-5015A-H - Gone to Ebay! Comes with 80GB HD, 2GB Ram, Motherboard (Atom 330)/ 1U Case/200W PSU, READY TO GO! (All Cards Include Shipping) -- BARE CARDS NO CABLES unless otherwise stated Promise SuperTrak EX4650 $165...
  22. dasaint

    FS: Raid Cards (PCI-Express) + SuperMicro SYS-5015A-H

    SuperMicro - SYS-5015A-H - $175 + 1/2 Shipping (Last markdown before it goes to ebay) Comes with 80GB HD, 2GB Ram, Motherboard (Atom 330)/ 1U Case/200W PSU, READY TO GO! (All Cards Include Shipping) -- BARE CARDS NO CABLES...
  23. dasaint

    WTB: C2D Processor

    Hey all, i am looking for a processor for a board that i have... Socket 775 Core 2 Duo Processor, this is going to be used for a SAN so i dont need a quad. let me know what you got at prices Shipped! Free Bumps always appriciated! Refs: DaSaint @ Heat Thereprofsorrows @ Ebay...
  24. dasaint

    FS: Opteron 6128 + HSF

    So i ended up buying this CPU and HSF 1-9-2011 i used them for about 2 weeks, and now i am selling them as a combo. im willing to sell both for $280.00 Shipped! i paid literally $314.00 for this less than a month ago. (and for those that dont know when buying any of these AMD CPUs you...
  25. dasaint

    WTB: 8 Port Gigabit Switches

    So im looking for some 8 Port Gigabit switches, approximatly 3. really interested in the GS108 Netgear series because of size... but im openminded to whatevers out there not really looking for rackmounts tho. PM Me prices shipped or post em i dont care refs: DaSaint @ Heatware...
  26. dasaint

    DaSaint's FS Thread

    Hey ALL its me DaSaint!! Buy My Stuff and as always FREE BUMPS APPRICIATED!! Currently For Sale Motherboards - Socket 775 Asus P5Q Pro - SOLD Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 - 60 Shipped OBO Both come with Backplates and both were pulled from working environments, i have since upgraded my...
  27. dasaint

    Warm - Samsung EcoGreen F2 HD154UI 67.99 Shipped

    grant you these deals have been going on for a while, their last coupon expired they have a new one up Coupon Code == $10.00 off TOUCHDOWN picked up another drive for...
  28. dasaint

    ESX 4.1 and VC 4.1 has been Released

    Just a heads up to all of you 4.1 has been released to the public.
  29. dasaint

    WTT For Iphone 3G or 3GS

    looking to do a straight up trade, i do have lots of things that might interest one of those guys that are looking for other toys to play with. i have some of the following i would be willing to trade 1) PS3 60GB (broken bluray player, i believe its a bad controller board (laser was...
  30. dasaint

    WTB: Mobo + Proc

    Hey Looking for a C2D or C2Q Mobo combo looking for not uber spensive Requirements are Proc needs VT-Enabled Mobo needs EPS12V Building up a Storage Server, that may or may not be Hypervised with VMWare. but either way i want the capability, looking at spending as little as...
  31. dasaint

    WTB: Intel PRO/1000 MT Dual NIC (SFF)

    Im looking for a Small Form Factor Intel Pro/1000 MT Dual NIC card, or something equivelent to a dual nic card that must be apart of the HCL for Vmware ESX
  32. dasaint

    WTB: C2D Processor for Optiplex 745

    Hey all, looking for a C2D Processor for my Optiplex 745, needs to be 1066FSB max (E6000 Series) Post or PM your price. Free Bumps always appriciated Heatware -- DaSaint ebay -- thereprofsorrows
  33. dasaint

    WTB: Wester Digital WD800AAJS

    What im looking for is a hard drive with a specific model number WD800AAJS-00WAA0 what im after is a new power board to try and revive a drive that belonged to a friend to try and get some pictures off of it, any help would be greatly appriciated
  34. dasaint

    DaSaints FS Thread

    ill be posting more in the future but for now all im currently selling (FREE BUMPS ARE ALWAYS APPRICIATED!!!) All Prices are Negotiable with a OBO so if u dont like my price offer me something this stuff has got to go!!! Switches: both switch are rackmountable i dont know if i have the...
  35. dasaint

    WTB: Q6600 and Mobo and More

    Hey all just like the title says, looking for a Mobo/Ram!!! This is to build me a nice new server system to replace what i currently got. This system will NOT be overclocked, Onboard video on mobo is OK!! Looking to spend as little as possible so please dont be a douche and try to...
  36. dasaint

    WTB: Linksys Wireless Router

    Tell me what you got and how much u want for it, plz no BS i got screwed recently on a purchase that didnt ever get shipped to me so i got refunded... but as it stands if you cannot ship it fast dont bother.... cheap is good, so whatever you got as long as the bastard works good im looking...
  37. dasaint

    WTB: PCI Express Vid Card

    Just as the title says, would like to get my hands on a cheap Fully working video card... had a 6600GT Crap out on me (Artifacts durring any type of video and gaming) this system is not going to be used for gaming, its going to be used for a little video editing and majority of its time...
  38. dasaint

    WTB Sodimm Laptop Memory (PC100/133)

    Sooooo heres what im looking for ... i got 2 ibm laptops and i need some SODIMM Memory post prices or PM Me... i would like to buy in at least pairs but is negotiable i need 2x 128 sticks for my a22e (max ammt :( ) i got 2x 256 sticks for my a22m (GOT EM) Got 2 need 2 more...
  39. dasaint

    WTB: Q6600 OR PHENOM 95,9600

    heres the deal guys, TIME FOR AN UPGRADE!!!.... please post price. i need Quad Core so dont try selling me anything else..... THE Idea is to help a [H]Hommie get some cash than buy it new... but i would like a deal... refs: TheReprOfSorrows (Heat and ebay) Please BUMP ME...
  40. dasaint

    WII's InStock @ AMAZON

    just to inform you my sister just bought one for retail price with next day shipping for those that are in need and dont wanna pay egay prices check it out :)