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  1. neural0

    WTB: i7-8700K for Folding@Home

    Looking for an i7-8700K to upgrade my son's i5-8400 rig now that we are using it for F@H. We lost a close member of the family to COVID two weeks ago and this is our tribute to do what we can to help. Shipping can be whatever the cheapest way is to 60073. Thanks in advance.
  2. neural0

    The cheapskate watercooling Vega thread of chaos...

    I love deals. Every one of my tech purchases is waiting for a particular piece of hardware to go on sale and I'm frequently buying last gen's hardware when the new stuff gets released because it's price dropped or stock floods eBay. Sometimes this doesn't work out. I get into a deal but then...
  3. neural0

    What android email client do you use for work?

    Need a replacement for NitroDesk TouchDown, the most full featured Android email client I have ever used... RIP, and screw you Symantec for buying and killing it. Biggest three things I can't find : - calendar appointment category sync (colors of meetings) - format font in email (not just bold...
  4. neural0

    WTB: PS4 Pro for Son's Xmas present

    Title says it all... LMK what you have!
  5. neural0

    I built it, am I dumb?

    If you're looking for the bottom line question : Win10 free upgrade/Server 2016/Essentials 2012? What OS should I install on the newly built home server if it's primarily used for media file storage? If you want the whole story: I started my journey into putting together a Home Server years...
  6. neural0

    [WTB] Wireless N Router

    My wireless router crapped out yesterday and I'm about to buy a $49 refurbished one off of Egg. I figured I would see if anyone on here had ones they wanted to get rid of (maybe an impulse-bought ASUS RT-N65R when it was on sale for $20?). Let me know what you have, otherwise I'll probably...
  7. neural0

    WTT: iPad Air 32GB Cellular for 2x 290's

    iPad AIR Black 32GB RETINA Display 4G CELLULAR (AT&T) Wi-Fi MF300LL/A A1475 This iPad was given to me by my work and it was kept in the hard case for about 5 times for a presentation. I took another job and have no use for it anymore. It was in a Targus hard case with a front screen cover (I...
  8. neural0

    iPad AIR Black 32GB RETINA Display 4G CELLULAR (AT&T) Wi-Fi MF300LL/A A1475

    iPad AIR Black 32GB RETINA Display 4G CELLULAR (AT&T) Wi-Fi MF300LL/A A1475 This iPad was given to me by my work and it was kept in the hard case for about 5 times for a presentation. I took another job and have no use for it anymore. It was in a Targus hard case with a front screen cover (I...
  9. neural0

    WTB: 120GB Intel 320 SSD, Northbridge heatsink/fan, AGP Card, USB Flash, SFF Bracket

    Intel 320 120GB SSD Looking to RAID 0 my current rig... Currently have Intel 320 120GB SSD so looking for the same (anyone upgraded their Intel Retail Purchase from last year?) USB Flash Drive, size doesn't matter Also looking for a USB Flash Drive, size doesn't matter (That's what she said)...
  10. neural0

    [WTB/WTT] SFF/Low Profile fanless AGP card 256MB+ (6200/4350/etc.)

    Just like the title says, looking for an AGP card that is fanless (or super quiet fan) for my HTPC. Games/3D graphics power does NOT matter, just want to upgrade the current 9800 Pro that is in there to something that can handle HD streams better. Looking on newegg I can get what I want for...
  11. neural0

    AMD EPP Pricing Announced: [Phenom II 955 BE & Radeon 6950 2GB] for $199 w/FREE S/H

    Nice, finally released the pricing... And we're not getting dicked over on tax/shipping like Intel's bundle... I think I will make friends with some of the other employees quickly and stock up my FS/FT/WTB/WTT Post if I can get their deals.
  12. neural0

    [WTB/WTT] Old USB Flash Drive, Size Doesn't Matter (that's what she said)

    Just need a USB drive to use for booting and installing BIOS updates on motherboards or running Prime95, etc. Looking to pay for shipping (throw it in an envelope, I don't care) or see if we can include it with anything else we are trading. Check out my thread here. Do you have an old...
  13. neural0

    [WTT/WTB] What I'm Looking For... Coolers, Cases, Mobos, Monitors, etc...

    Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Mine leans to the left (thatswhatshesaid) OR another good joystick you're looking to get rid of Microsoft XBOX Wireless Controller for PC I would REALLY prefer wireless & black but I guess if the deal's right I will be interested in a wired as well Good overclocking...
  14. neural0

    [FS/FT] Cleanin' Out The Closet: Processors, RAM, Mobos, Coolers, Cases, you name it!

    Man it's been too long Hardforum! More stuff coming after I get pics up: (2) Athlon 64 939 Proc's (ADA3500DAA4BW & ADA4000DAA5BN) (1) Apevia X-QPACK2 mATX HTPC case (1) ASUS M4A785-M AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard (1) EVGA Motherboard LGA775 (3) Hard...
  15. neural0

    [WTT/WTB] Accelero or other Non-Reference cooler for Radeon HD 6970

    Just like the title says, looking for one of these coolers. Either the regular or the turbo. Also interested in other aftermarket coolers. You can check out my list here and make offers for a trade. I JUST ADDED A BUNCH OF STUFF!!
  16. neural0

    WTB: NON-SATA notebook hard drive (7200rpm) or SSD

    I am looking to upgrade my father-in-law's notebook and unfortunately it is EIDE or PATA. The notebook is an HP with a huge widescreen. It's a tank that is never used without the AC adapter but it is extremely slow when booting up and opening programs. So I'm thinking its time to plop a faster...
  17. neural0

    WTT/WTB: Looking for (2) Sceptre x270w-1080p or other 27" monitors

    As title says, I am looking for two 27" monitors to upgrade my EyeFinity setup. I currently have the Sceptre x270w-1080p and would prefer the same monitors on both sides but I am also open to other types about 27" in size. May be open to 23" if they are a good deal... heat is Neural0 You can...
  18. neural0

    945, rams, am2 775 mobos, q6600,

    BUNCH OF NEW ITEMS!!!! WTT/WTB: Looking for Sceptre x270w-1080p monitor or other 27" WTT/WTB: Looking for Non-SATA notebook drive, either SSD or 7200RPM WTT/WTB: Looking for Accelero or other Non-Reference Cooler for Radeon 6970 Rosewill R363-M-BK MicroATX High-Gloss Finish Black Case $50/$40...
  19. neural0

    WTB: AM2 or AM2+ Motherboard

    To make a long story short, I was recently given a computer with an Athlon x2 AM2 processor in it. The motherboard was fried and I am looking to replace it. It has a Foxconn C51XEM2AA-8EKRS2H mobo now. Basically I am looking for a good deal on a higher end AM2 or AM2+ motherboard instead of...
  20. neural0

    FS: Intel core i7 970 New In Box!

    I have a brand new in the box, seals are still on and everything, Intel Core i7 970. Listed on eBay for $475, I would drop the price to $450 for the [H] members. My Heatware is same as my name here, neural0, and I have no transactions through it although I do have a 100% positive rating through...
  21. neural0

    Bitcoin for kids who have to ride the shortbus

    Am I just completely missing something here, and I am honestly asking this question, what is the actual point of Bitcoin mining? I understand what the idea of bitcoins are, I have read the whitepaper on how the idea is structured, I understand the technology, but the question I am asking I...
  22. neural0

    1.2kW PCP&C Supply is louder than my graphics cards

    I have the 1.2kW Turbo PC Power & Cooling Power Supply and except for the lack of modular cables, I love it. Oh except for the fact that it is the loudest part of my whole computer. It literally masks the noise my crossfire'd 6850's make until they are at 80% or higher fan speed. Are the...
  23. neural0

    AHCI HD reinstalled as IDE after BIOS reset

    So I have a VelociRaptor 300gb that I installed as AHCI in Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. I used the rig for several months and the drive ran wonderfully. Then one day I was tweaking my overclocked CPU and the computer reset the BIOS to defaults because the overclock failed. BEing retarded and not...
  24. neural0

    Eyefinity requirements?

    Ok am I reading this wrong or do I HAVE to have a monitor that supports Display Port in order to have 3 monitors hooked up to my two crossfire 6850's?