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    Let's Build a Box

    One day, back in the ancient days of [H] DC, BillR and I were walking our pet dinosaurs on the rock (back before there was dirt) and discussing how to get these new-fangled, non-cro magnon humans to join the DC team. It dawned on us that ... one: we needed more scotch, and two: most people...
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    BillR is Gone Bill was one of the founding members of our DC team and, although he hasn't been very active lately, he really loved the [H].
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    [H]ard Bard?

    When [H]ard was real, and ruled DC When we strove to end the pain Human frailty was our challenge Compassion our [H]ard game Thence hailed a bard from the land of [H]ard Idealistic, perhaps 'tis true I knew we could, I believed ye would... Do what we all did do. And thus ye did, as...
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    relic's back

    So c'mon guys. Show me what you've got. Having a great time seeing all of the old guard and the new DCers. Let's see if we can bring back some of the old mojo. ;) Currently I started helping out with the pentathlon challenge, in the future who knows... But, I felt the need to get [H]ard...
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    Don't I Know You Guys?

    Hello my old friends, and perhaps some new friends, too. You last visited: 08-24-2011 at 04:11 PM :eek: Guess I've been away for quite a while. (understatement of the year award?) Seems there is still quite a bit of activity on the [H] DC team. What the latest? Any of the (really) old...
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    Hi folks!

    Just stopping in to say "Hi" and wave the [H]flag. So Hi! What's been happening?
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    Forum Upgrade - Pretty nice so far

    After the lates round of updates I've noticed...well...nothing...nothing wrong that is. The page refreshes are quick, the previous pauses and stalls seem to have gone away. I don't see much difference when the number of users is high vs less busy times. I'm sure the folks behind this may...
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    Been there done that...

    Back in the f@H & UD days I had a dual top 10 period in [H]. Now I'm going to have to be satisfied with a dual top 20 in [H], in WCG and f@h. I'll take it. Who else has double bragging rights? (there's a few) :)
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    Heya..I'm back from vacation

    So what's been happening? Give me a two week update. :)
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    Question for you WCGers

    Both of my 32-bit systems run the BOINC client fine along with the F@H GPU client. Both of my 64-bit systems (1 NVidia and 1 Intel chipset) lock up running BOINC requiring a reboot before they will respond. All are Vista. Anyone been able to resolve this issue with x64 + BOINC? No one on...
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    The Saga of The [H]orde

    That day began like every other, chilling tendrils of morning's cold grey mists enveloping as I awoke. The dank air washed a pallor over the bleak landscape, and as well, it seemed, to the haggard faces of the people. Yet with the mist's icy touch also came my destiny, no more inescapable nor...
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    Mojo, scotch, borging and BillR+sheep

    It's [H]ardness It's tradition. Have you hugged your boxen today?
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    HD4850 or 8800GT?

    I have both cards and only 1 slot free (until I can put another box together in about two weeks), which one should it be?
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    Rubber Duckie Trophy pic

    Anyone have a good, large image of the trophy? I'm also looking for some info on the history (Who created the contest, image, history, etc) Thanks.
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    Welcome to [H]ard Ramp-a-palooza

    3,000,000 [H]ard folding points per day. Over 20,000 PpD to make the [H]ard top 20 producers. Nearly 6,000,000 points required to be in the [H]ard top 20 in overall points. :eek: :eek: :eek: Respectable...but you slackers can do better. :p Need more ramp. I just ordered...
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    Top 20 > 20k PpD

    Well it's happened, I've been pushed out of the top 20 [H] production again. If you want to make it into the [H]ard top 20 production club you must produce more than 21,500 PpD. ROC, Tigerbiten and Sunin are all producing over 100k PpD with lelliott731 just under 100k. It's getting scary...
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    Back online

    ...after 4.5 days with no power, phones or Internet (thanks Ike). Whose ever heard of a hurricane in Cincinnati OH? No rain, just 80mph winds. Trees down everywhere. 400 wires down in the county, 100 in my township. Arms are pretty sore after 4 days of running a Stihl 660 to clear the...
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    Just to make sure this remains civil. After reading a bit: ROC is a very dedicated folder who has chosen to fold with [H], at least for the moment. Previously he has folded with another very respectable and very hard working team. Few of us get along with everyone we meet. (7im vs every...
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    What it takes

    Today I hit 5 million points in the f@h2 project...when I started folding that was an unattainable impossible dream. There was a time when an individual 50PPD was a pipe dream and 5000PPD for this team was an impossible goal. There was a time when we were ridiculed as "15 year...
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    Mowed, mulched, bagged, and trashed

    We all get mowed over over occasionally (well most of us mortal folders do, anyway ;) )...but Apollo and Sunin have coordinated their attack so that they both mow me over on the same day, same update, next week. Now I am currently #18 in team total points and #12 in team production so to be...
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    Your Average PPWU?

    Just for fun thread here...try it out. :D for me it's 4,957,023 points/33,415 WU = 148.347 PPWU I bet some are far higher and a few old timers are quite a bit lower since I was away for a few years and my PPWU is skewed a bit toward more new WUs. What's yours? To make it a bit more...
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    "D" for tedkj

    Well since tedkj is taking a beating due to a big client going bankrupt... We, as his team mates need to step up to the plate. So I bought another q6600 system with an 8800GT, in honor of our team mate tedkj. What are the rest of you going to do? :)
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    A poor guy tell's it like it is, the SMP client is hard to set up, and this is the Vijay's helpful response. What a prick. Nothing is ever his fault, there's always a finger to point. You wonder why he has moderators like 7im? He's a clone. Go read the thread yourself. It's called...
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    6.22 SMP - stability still a problem

    So far I have tested the 6.22 client on 4 SMP systems with the -SMP flag set, all have EUEed. Three were running stable on 2x5.91s + 1xGPU2 for weeks. The other was running 1x5.91 and 1xGPU2, again stable for weeks. Last night I continued testing on one box (Vista x64 Q6600 3GHz 1.25vcore...
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    New 6.22 Core crashing...beware.

    All 3 systems, 2 are Vista x86 and 1 is Vista X64, (all MPICH not Deino) are having problems. All were rock stable on dual 5.91 SMPs and then stable with single 5.91 SMP + GPU2, but 6.22 is crap. None will run 1 x SMP 6.22. All are very mild OCs (3GHz) I also tried my t8100 LT with the...
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    BTUs, Watts, Tons...cooling server rooms (or folding closets)

    1 Watt = 3.413 BTU 1 Ton = 12000 BTU = 3516 Watts (or the equivalent of melting 1 ton of ice per hour) There are sensible vs latent heat load calculations to do, but for most locations that don't include anything that adds heat/humidity (windows, air leaks, appliances, people) you can rate...
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    GPU queues just dumped. We're back to folding

    Looks like someone braved the hangover and went in to reboot the servers. ;)
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    Apollo VS relic

    How many GPUs do I need to slow your biatch azz down? :)
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    Drill, tin snips, tedkj and an Optiplex GX620

    So I received a package from a very generous [H] DCer, tedkj. Inside was a nice 8800GT, Gigabyte 256MB. Looking around, I realized I had used up all of my PCIe x16 slots and I needed a home for this card....I knew that my work P4-3.8 had a PCIe X16 RADEON R600 in it, but only a crappy 305W...
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    Back in the NSZ

    [H]ard top 20 again baby. ...and a new 8800GT still in the box just waiting for tomorrow's install. It's good to be back. :D
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    Early F@H project points

    Just as an FYI for some of the newer folks who are used to 10s of thousands of PPD. Here is a link to F@H projects with WU points. Check out the points on some of the early WU. It's easy to see why 6-7 year folding vets have ten's of thousands of WU and far fewer points. With 1 billion...
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    One Billion, the [H]ard way

    As Yamalki noted in his D minus one month thread: On or about Thursday, August 14, 2008 the [H]ardOCP Folding@Home DC team will have achieved a unique accomplishment, one billion points of production. Having crunched approximately 7 million work units by that time, [H]ardFolders will...
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    Stop me from sleeping: Compaq 8710p

    HP/Compaq 8710p Laptop All power saving features turned off in windows XP SP3. BIOS doesn't have any settings (it IS HP after all) The GPU is OCed to the maximum settings the EVGA precision software will allow; 850 core, 1840 shaders for this 8700m GT. But the damn thing still throttles...
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    Real [H]ard DC..You all need to read

    Folks, I admit it's been a few years. I think I should point out a few things. It's a typical weeknight...and I can count on my fingers the number of you who have posted tonight. For those who do, night after night...thank you. We have new members who need help, we have guides that need...
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    Folding memories

    My first permanent in-home farm installation. In the lower left, on the floor, you can see the first "pizza boxen" in all of it's Pappa John's folding glory It's specs: Windows 98 (or maybe 95...don't remember and the drive is long dead)) Slot 1 celeron 333MHz clocked to 450 (IIRC, I...
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    I reject your reality...

    ...and substitute my own. (thank you, Adam Savage) Since I can do nothing about jkellum (outproducing me by 60k/day) and Sunin (+25k/day), I've decided to pretend I don't see them. ;) That leaves devisger(+11k PPD), APPOLLO(+3.5k PPD) and EvilAlchemist(+8K PPD). A couple of additional...
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    Strange PPD

    I am running two nearly identical systems. GPU2 client: One with a 5008 is getting 4750 PPD the other with a 5008 is getting 2575 PPD These systems have been within 100PPD of each other for 3 weeks. WTF?
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    Anatomy of a Serial Folder

    From the casa relic crime labs:
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    Denying the steamroller

    I just broke 20k PPD yesterday. I know that these days that's only ho-hum average...but I'm trying to play with the big dogs. ;) Mow lightly.
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    Torching a new laptop

    So I have this new compaq 8710p with an NVS 320m (8700m GT) for work. those of you who know me well, understand that I OC my toasters.....and my fuzzy pink bunny slippers. ;) So... Here I am with the core at 740 and the shaders at 1480 at 75c with a GPU2 client. (and an SMP...