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    cheap environmental monitoring for IDF's

    I'm looking for a device that has the following features. RJ45 plug in to a PoE enabled switch and it will automatically power up. it will get an IP address via DHCP (and ideally has a little web server built into it but this is optional) can be monitored with SNMP (required) monitors...
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    re-visit network monitoring

    At my previous job we had solarwinds. It was nice, but pricey. And honestly we didn't use it to its full potential. We had the SL500 and only monitored about 100 network devices, about 80 servers, and 20 or so volumes. I'm now at a new organization that is substantially larger and we are...
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    Who's going to Cisco Live 2014?

    Anyone else going?
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    explain blade servers to me

    I have specific questions about blade servers. Mostly related to the Dell M1000e series. So I have a chassis which holds X blades. I buy 3 blades and 6 power supplies. That part I get. What I don't understand are the following. What are the KVM modules for? What are you seeing on a...
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    VMware to Hyper-V lingo

    Long story short I'm going to do a quasi interview and they have asked me a lot of VMware questions (easy enough) but I don't know the answers to because I'm a Hyper-V person. It's mostly lingo. For example, they asked me what VMotion was and I didn't know. But as soon as they said it deals...
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    fellow project managers.. budget help

    My organization is building a new facility. I am the organizations internal project manager for the IT and special systems of the new construction. After getting bids finalized I have all SS ready to go. I have intercom paging, fire evac, A/V, cabling, fiber, switches, UPS's, phones, security...
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    running copper between IDF's

    long story short. new construction, our building on our property 3rd party entity will occupy and have use of facility during weekends, while we have use during weekdays. Because of 2 separate entities occupying the building we are pulling drops to IDF's, and both of our organizations will...
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    multi-year multi-million infrastructure overhaul

    Let me start this log by saying that what you will see here is actually about 20 different projects all rolled up into a single multi-year infrastructure overhaul. When I started at this school district there was no money for anything. Technology infrastructure had been neglected for several...
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    Cisco compatible IP intercom for buzzing in through front doors

    I'm looking for an IP intercom solution that will allow our receptionists to buzz people in through our front doors that we are in the process of electrifying. We are going traditional card access (HID proximity) and using Lenel for our backend. Our vendor in charge of installing the card...
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    has anyone installed SCCM 2012 R2 yet? I need a couple of files

    If anyone has installed the RTM version of SCCM 2012 R2 I am wondering if you wouldn't mind doing me a solid and zipping up the following files. <programfiles>\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386 CmRcViewer.exe RdpCoreSccm.dll <programfiles>\Microsoft Configuration...
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    esx install on a raid 5

    New UCS server from vendor. They INSIST on setting up the server themselves before they deliver onsite. All they ask from me is an IP address for the management and a hostname. I provide said information. They deliver 2 UCS servers. Each UCS server has 8 300GB 15k rpm SAS drives 1 they left...
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    ESX Cluster for free? without HA

    So we are a Hyper-V shop and I already have 50-60 VM's running on a 3 node 2012 Hyper-V cluster connect to an EQ SAN. We have a few appliances that the vendors offer a "virtual appliance" but only for ESX. I'd like to setup an ESX cluster and from what I've read you can do this for free...
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    can anyone tell me what language this is?

    #Right(Replace("%macaddress001%",":",""),15)# The %macaddress001% is a variable that wouldn't be part of the programming language so you can ignore it. But I'm wondering based on the syntax if anyone can tell me what language this is so I can research. Thanks.
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    dedicated iSCSI within VM's

    From speaking with others about good practices for iSCSI I have been told the following. VM's within the cluster will be stored on the SAN and the Host nodes will connect with iSCSI. This network would be called "Host_iSCSI" VM's that host services that also require volumes on the SAN would...
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    cisco switch, PoE, UPS's, and power outages

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a method to have a UPS notify a Cisco switch that the UPS is now running on battery power. I am aware of APC's powerchute software able to do this with agents on windows servers, but is there any way to notify network devices? What I am thinking is the...
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    OU Structure

    Not specifically networking related but not sure where else to put this. Trying to get a guage about how everyones OU structure is setup for AD. Currently our structure looks like this Site A -Staff Users -Student Users -Workstations Site B -Staff Users -Student Users...
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    tired of all the online schools lieing to me

    I have tried to attend ASU Online WGU Capella and I have quit every single one within the first week because I have found that I continue to be lied to at every turn by every single one of these online schools. I have researched and talked to the following about degree programs. Devry ASU...
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    virtual switches

    I have read quite a few articles about virtual networking but I haven't been able to find anything that actually addresses the specific question I have. My question is specific to Hyper-V but I don't think it matters honestly. If I have 2 VM's on the same node/host and they both are on the...
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    quick access-list help

    edit, nevermind. stupid mistake :D
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    replacing blackberries..questions about passwords

    Running BES Express. Currently about 20 BB's Windows environment Exchange 2010 SP1 Looking to try and ditch these blackberries and open ourselves to allow our users to have whatever phone they want. Iphone, Droid, etc. Most phones have an exchange connector now, but the one thing that we've...
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    how do I expose an application in IIS7 to the internet?

    we have IIS7, with a default website. There are 5 "applications" underneath the default website. The vendor said 1 of them needs to be exposed to the internet. We do not want to expose the other applications to the internet. How would we go about distinguishing the applications from each...
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    looking for a particular video

    Original thread : Yes, 7 years later and I am still looking for this video. It is some kind of evolution of history of computer games. It has various techno tracks playing throughout the video and starts off with pong and ends with some modernish...
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    Fax over IP

    What is everyone using for Fax over IP in the enterprise? We've been looking at Xmedius but it's too expensive. We would be using 5-8 simultaneous in/out lines with about 15 fax lines in the company. I'd like integration with AD/Exchange if possible. Must run on Windows.
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    has anyone setup API's to automate CUCM?

    I'm a bit of an intermediate scripter. My language of choice is AutoIt. Currently we have about 90% of our user account maintenance automated with scripts I've written. They will do everything from start to finish when adding users, moving them, etc. It will also run Powershell scripts inside...
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    Can I run ESXi inside a Hyper-V host VM?

    We have a new vendor solution that REQUIRES esxi. We are a Hyper-V shop. I currently have the vendors VM deployed on a test server that isn't beefy just to get the solution up and running. I'm wondering if it is possible to run ESXi inside a Hyper-V VM then load the vendors solution inside that...
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    If ESXi is free, why does it keep bugging me about applying a license?

    I downloaded ESXi and I'm trying to setup a VM and every time I open vSphere it keeps bugging me saying I have 60 days to apply a license? Where do I get the "free" license?
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    using the 10GbE ports on supervisors

    So our environment is not setup for 10GB. We are contemplating getting a Cisco UCS blade center and would like to talk to the chassis via 10GbE. We have some Sup 7-E's coming for our new 4506-E's in a few months. Nothing in the chassis that are coming is 10GbE except some ports on the actual...
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    Any places to speed test large links?

    We just bumped our fiber internet up to 100mbps and I was doing some speed tests to the local sites, but I've noticed I am maxing out everything around us. They seem to only go up to about 30mbps.. past that they all steady off. Are there any servers anyone knows about that I...
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    Cisco UCS blade center, vmware and CUCM

    We are looking into refreshing a lot of our server infrastructure in the next few months and a vendor has suggested the Cisco UCS platform. Currently we are a Hyper-V shop 100% with no plans to change. We were originally looking at 3 HP DL380 G7's with 128GB ram each to replace our 6 DL380 G6's...
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    HP wireless bridges only work with autonomous AP? not lightweight?

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this. We have some mobile devices that we need to communicate with and they are all connected to some HP wireless bridges. Changing out the bridges is not an option since this is a vendor supplied solution. Normally they try and sell an HP access...
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    anyone worked with HP M111 wifi bridges? I have a weird problem

    So a vendor came in and put in all these HP M111 wireless bridges for a project. I gave them all the info they need, IP addresses, SSID, encryption, etc. They are setup as far as I can tell and if I hook up a computer behind the bridge I can ping the rest of the network. I can ping the bridge...
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    structured cabling...serpentine design?

    I'm running through some design documents for an upcoming structured cabling project and it reads as follows. Does anyone know what a serpentine design is? I've tried searching on google but can't find a picture or any documents describing exactly how you go about using this serpentine method.
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    emc VNX build, wondering if I'm getting a good deal.

    Wondering how this looks to the EMC experts. I told them our needs iSCSI block level only (dont need CIFS, NFS) Need about 10TB fast storage Need about 10TB midline storage Not sure why they have 14k in "services" I'm going to ask them about that. So far the current quote seems a...
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    can you get around broadcasting between vlans?

    We have a piece of security software that requires itself to be on the same vlan as the devices in order to communicate with them. After researching it seems that really all they do is send out a UDP broadcast on ports 31500 and 31501. Is there a way to enable UDP broadcasts on these two ports...
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    Are the HP LeftHand P4500 SAN's any good?

    I had a demo today of an HP P4500 Lefthand SAN. Looked pretty good. We are an all HP shop for our servers and I'd like to keep things in the product family. Just wondering if the LeftHands are solid units. We are looking a their 14.4TB 2 node cluster. 24 LFF 600gb 15k rpm SAS. This would...
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    external access point? cisco only please

    We currently have a large deployment of 1131AG LWAP's and are moving to 1142N's here in about 6-8 months. I have been tasked with a project that will require very good signal to our parking lots at each of our sites. I am looking at the 1142's and they dont look like a good solution for...
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    ASA guru's, logging archive for ASA?

    currently run the following config on my switches archive path flash:/backups/config-$t time-period 40000 maximum 6 write-memory was wondering if there is an ASA equivalent. I'd like to keep the config backups on the local device, not send them to tftp or ftp servers. The...
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    systems center operations manager

    So Microsoft is including lots of networking monitoring in the new 2012 version of systems center operations manager. Has any one played with the Beta or RC in depth? I am wondering if the level of reporting and information inside OpsManager is sufficient that it might be a viable replacement...
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    ipv6 pronunciation

    So with ipv6 becoming more adopted (and I'm covering it in my CCNP testing right now) I figured there has to be an easier way to "say" the IP address of ipv6. IPv4 it was easy something "dot" something "dot" something "dot" something However now IPv6 introduces us to colons. And throws...
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    anyone play with fluke networks OptiView tablet? We are investing large sums into our infrastructure over the next 12 months (several million dollars) and I am looking for something that will help me run down problems with our new network. We...