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    WTB Iphone 11 Pro Max works with ATT or unlocked. From trusted seller or local in Socal for cash

    So I bought one from someone on another forum who said I could restore it from a computer, but I couldn't . The price was low and his feedback didn't have many so I should have listened to my instincts. MUST be icloud unlocked, must work with ATT/Tmobile prefer unlocked, 64gb is fine I'm...
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    WTB 1st Gen Apple Pencil

    I'm looking to spend less than $50. Thanks
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    WTB old cheap Iphone 7 plus or 8 plus, cellular doesn't need to work

    I'm looking to buy a cheapo phone with decent camera, I'm going to mount it and use it record bike rides and sports/action stuff so the cellular part can be not working, blacklisted. Please nothing stolen or icloud blocked. Thanks
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    WTB Rooted Android Phone with current Tmobile bands compatible

    Looking for a Tmobile compatible phone with all the tmobile bands and rooted or easy to root. Thanks
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    WTB 400gb Micro SD, Macbook late 2013-2015 SDD, Tmobile Note 4,

    I've bought them here and in the past on slick for around this price. Not in huge rush as mine is expiring in the next month and I've got some free 14 day ones they gave me in my games that will hold me. Thanks
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    Guys let's support AMD gpu, and boycott Nvidia, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI

    Seems like Nvidia unethical business practices have started. If you are buying hardware please consider buying an AMD video card or CPU. If we let Nvidia win with such practices and they dominate more of the GPU market a monopoly will not help us consumers as we will later pay more for...
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    Getting Nimble SANs at 2 different locations, any tips or advice

    They will be replicating, never used them before. Any advice/tips etc. Thanks
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    WTB cryptocurrency, DogeCoin, Cardano, Ripple, Monero

    I have a ton of references on heatware, 15+ years of heatware.
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    Startup has grown way faster than we anticipated need 2 clusters (DL360?) 2 sans (Nimble?) Vmware

    Besides my regular job, on the side I'm part of startup that has grown fast and we need new equipment. What are your opinions on the DL360 as servers going to need 6 (2x 3 host clusters and 2x Nimble? sans connected 10Gb switches) going to be placed geographically across different states with...
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    Macbook coming with 32gb ram soon?

    I'm running a thinkpad at work with 64gb ram, my macbook only has 16gb, before anyone says it yes I need all that ram for my virtual machines. I've heard this rumor on mac forums for sometime, is thing going to happen anytime soon?
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    SOLD delete

    SOLD, that was quick
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    WTB 15" or bigger touchscreen laptop

    My wife is getting into more photo editing and wants a big 15" or bigger touch screen laptop. It being flppable 2 in 1 notebook is better. Thanks I can pay via non cc paypal. Looking to spend around $250 Thanks
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    what Guest VM OS uses the least RAM. What browser uses the least RAM

    What guest OS and browser uses the least amount of ram? I like to dedicate one guest vm for random browsing and for watching instructional youtube videos.
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    NVM wife wants a wacom laptop
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    Moving VMs from workstation 12 to vmware fusion on my macbook asks to reactivate

    Moving my vms win7 from my desktop to my laptop does not ask to reactivate. But if I move it from my desktop to my macbook vmware fusion it does ask to reactivate. Nevermind I accidentally clicked copy instead of moved. Funny is it changing the UID?
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    WTB 480gb, 500gb, 512gb Macbook Retina PCIe SSD for 2013-2015 models

    I'm looking for the one around 500gb to upgrade my wife's Retina. They aren't sloted like the usual m.2 laptop drives. I saw someone selling one from a broken macbook retina but I can't find that thread anymore. Thanks
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    Cloning a win7 AHCI laptop drive to my new drive that uses NVME

    Are there any registry changes I would need to make. Back in the day you had to change some registry if going from bios compatible to ahci or vice versa.
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    Blocking Chrome install via group policy

    Chrome messes with some apps we use and links we use. It's not allowed and we've blocked it via group policy but it completely bypasses admin credentials and still installs. As it now uses different paths and methods. We've blocked numerous path rules and exe in group policy and we've had...
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    Best Samsung Oculus VR games to improve reflexes

    Hi I was wondering if there are any fast paced games that keep ones mind and reflexes sharp? Thanks
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    DC Server and snapshot removal, dc issues

    Veeam has been leaving a few "temporary snapshots" problem is if one doesn't get removed it seems to have a temporary snapshot on top of one or two other temp snapshots. I think the best practice is to take a snapshot and then "delete all" snapshots. Is this true? After doing this I'm running...
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    Veeam temporary snapshot not removed

    Hi guys i have a vm where the backup temp snapshot didn't get removed so it had about 3 temp snapshots. From what I gather the best way is to take a snapshot and then delete all. Problem is it's going to like 99% then to 0% then 1% then 99% then 2% then 99% , then 0% etc The delta is only...
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    SAN with SSD, reliability?

    Running a Scale cluster with a number of spinner drives. Veeam backup snapshot removal is causing so much IO vsphere sometimes shows the vm timesout for a split second. I'm wondering what the pros and cons of an SSD filled SAN are. I think it's the way to go but my collegues are not sold on...
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    Wanted WTB cheap 1tb or bigger 2.5" drive for laptop

    I started editing more videos and I'm running low on space. If anyone upgraded to an SSD I'm looking for preferable 1TB or 1.5TB or if you have one of the seagates 2.5 inch external drives with a removable 2tb drive I'm interested in it. Will pay via non cc paypal Thanks
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    Was the 2012 Macbook Pro the last one with upgradeable ram?

    I keep looking for a used one but they are silly with 4 or 8gb and I need to virtualize my win7 machine in it as I have one work program that will only run on a pc.
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    $15 of $75 ebay new years coupon, good only 1-5-2017

    I hope this is allowed here and it will make your auctions even more enticing to others. Can a mod move this to hot deals? Thanks
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    Win10 Pro $10, Windows 7 Professional keys $10, Win8 8.1 Pro $10,

    I have a few Win7 Pro keys (works for win10 pro install). I will send you the key via PM. If you are just looking for a clean install of Windows 10 I have some Win 8 and Win8.1 and Win10 Professional keys that will work also $10. Please indicate in the PM which one you need. Thanks I've had...
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    WTB Dell Precision m6500 battery and 210w charger.

    I think the battery and charger from an m6400, m6500, m6500, m6600, m6700, m6800 etc are compatible also. Thanks
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    Can the new version of Veeam effectively backup a Physical Exchange server?

    Exchange has a few different requirements and I see the new Veeam is advertising physical backup. Can it effectively backup a physical Exchange server?
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    That's about it or trade for $10 ebay/amazon gift card. Thanks
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    Performance of Encrypted VM vs encrypting the entire host drive

    I'm running win 8.1 Pro as my host on my laptop dell 4800mq cpu, the OS is on my msata drive. I have 2 1TB drives that I keep my vms on (1 SSD and 1 7200rpm) I have to test a bunch of software and settings and I run a mix of win7, 8.1, 2008r2, 2012, esx, ubuntu and OSX vms Most of my work in...
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    VM performance in regards host machine Win 7 vs 8.1 vs 10

    Has anyone compared these 3 as a host. I seem to get the performance out of Win7. 8.1 is giving more lag in my ubuntu and esx vm
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    Is there any future in AMD, cpu, video cards, stocks?

    I'm mostly a laptop user and intel pretty much owns the high end market. I'm interested in this stock as it's very low now. Is there any future in the cpu, video card, mobile? Or is this a dead company?
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    Replacement batteries through Amazon for my Note 4. Is Anker the best non OEM?

    I think my battery might be going out. For the price of 1 OEM samsung (though some say OEM, reviews say they aren't as it's missing NFC) I can get 2 anker batteries with a charger. At 700+ reviews and 4.5...
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    Veeam backup temporary snapshots sometimes not getting removed

    There is no rhyme or reason as to when the "veeam temporary snapshot" is not removed. All the veeam backups show success but on a whim I've been checking the SAN and browsing the datastore and I see these name_of_vm_001 (or similar naming convention, I forget exactly) folders and there are...