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    Watercooled Radeon R9 290x Rig Pics

    Just thought I'd share a build I recently pieced together. I'm thinking of going Dual R9 295x2 and bump up the power supply but am not sure if the dual rad config I am using can support the heat load. Anyhow.. cards both run at 1,200MHz without any throttling whatsoever. System is nearly...
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    What overclocks were you able to achieve with a Corei5 750?

    So the question I want to post today is towards those with Corei5 CPUs. What Overclock were you able to achieve? What settings did you use: CPU Ratio Setting - ? BCLK Frequency - ? PCIE Frequency - ? DRAM Frequency - ? QPI Frequency - ? DRAM Timing Control CPU Clock...
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    You all don't exist.. HardOCP doesn't exist... According to AMDZone members (all this based on one biased member's failed attempts at overclocking a Core i5 750) and I quote: "there is no way for a Core i5/i7 to get undocumented high frequency with any good cooling."...
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    nVIDIA and Core i7 Scaling Issue?

    I know this is an old posting but the results seem to be replicated throughout the web at different sources. I was wondering if HardOCP would cover this rather odd behavior:,2156-2.html What...
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    So Long CPU Wars

    AMD have opted to drop the emphasis on obtaining and retaining the CPU performance crown. AMD will now be selling their CPUs under a "Vision" Marketing brand. They are now concentrating on their Graphics Division.
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    ATi CrossfireX Profile App

    It's called ATI CrossFire Xtension. You can get the latest version (1.4) here: It has options to create profiles.. it's really quite awesome. I've tested it in a few titles and it does work.
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    Dual Opteron 2380 vs Corei7 920

    I was curious, I wanted to see how well a Dual AMD Opteron 2380 2.5GHz would fare against my overclocked Core i7 rig. I challenged my buddy to a duel (he is an AMD fan and particularly an Opteron fan) to see if he could beat my Core i7 rig with Dual Opterons (he was certain that he could). The...
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    CSI vs. Hypertransport: The Facts

    I've seen previous posts by some members indicating that CSI is inferior to Hypertransport. This could not be further from the truth. CSI offers less bottlenecks and lower latencies with nearly identical bandwidth in it's current form. CSI is a Point to Point interconnect and not a Point to...
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    Q8200 Boxed Retail for $99 USD Wow.. very good price.
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    Phenom II Gaming Server Build Questions

    Hello AMD fans I have a few questions... I am looking into buying a Phenom II Tri-Core CPU (I believe it's called the 720 Black Edition) and would like to know what motherboard you guys would recommend for a dedicated gaming server that will also double as a file server. I want it to be a...
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    Coolermaster V8

    I want to start off by saying that I'm not big on air cooling. I have been building my own water and phase cooling systems for some time now and I rarely dabble back into Air Cooling. That having been said I've been looking for a decent cooler for a Q9550 I had laying around and noticed that the...
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    Quick HD YouTube video of my build It's just a little bit of g33k love :)
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    RV790 40nm March release timeframe

    It would appear that AMD are readying a response to the GT200b. The response will be the RV790 with 960SPs and 48 TMUs. It should be released around the March time frame. The odd thing is that I made this very claim about 2 months ago on forums...
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    A Word to the Wise: Regarding [H]ardOCP Phenom II Review

    I usually visit this website as a ghost and simply read the posts. But quite frankly I'm quite annoyed at what I'm seeing. The response to the Phenom II article is just childish. I keep hearing folks accuse Kyle of being some Intel shill. I'm sorry but I remember Kyle being the type of guy...
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    New Watercooling Setup

    I'm curious and want to know if I have enough radiator space. I've got the following specs (some here already, other stuff on the way): Gigabyte EX58-Extreme Intel Core i7 920 (currently doing 4GHz) Visiontek Radeon HD 4870X2 (currently two of them but moving down to a single one) 3x2GB...
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    Micro Stuttering - Figment of the Imagination

    Well folks, I had a clear mind and open mind and I have tested several game out there and have not found any proof of this "Micro Stuttering". I first heard about this affecting the 4870 X2 cards from this site...
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    ATi + nVIDIA under Vista x64

    Is it possible to run both an ATi 4870X2 and an nVIDIA 9600GT in the same system with each respective driver under Vista x64? The reason I ask is because I'd like to use an Asus 9600GT 512MB silent as a Physx accelerator (come next year) and also to fold while using the 4870X2 as the graphics...
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    CPU Block Shootout!

    Just found a great review pitting the FuZion v2 against the EK Supreme and the Swiftech GTZ. Should help some folks choose the right block:
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    Gaming at 1400x900 on a widescreen 19" LCD Comments?

    I'm looking into moving away from my 4:3 LCD screen (Hyundai L90D+) and moving towards a widescreen setup. Mainly because I preffer the widescreen look over teh 4:3 ratio. Now I have a few questions. And oddly enough they're not Video Card manufacture biased. I own both an x1900XTX and a...
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    Have you been affected by a defective 7900 series card?

    Are you a 7900 series owner affected by a defective Geforce 7900 series card?
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    High End Deals (Best Prices I could find)

    I opted to have a look at the lowest Prices I could find for todays High End cards. Seems ATi boards are a little easier to find at lower prices. But here are the absolute best deals I could find. nVIDIA 7900GTX: EVGA GeForce 7900 GTX EGS 512MB DDR3/PCI-E/HDTV-Out/Dual-DVI-DL (Retail Box)...