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  1. Master_Pain

    FS: Sony VPL VW295ES 4k Projector w/ Brand New Lamp

    Full Specs here: I just switched projectors and am selling my 4k. Anyone interested in a badass projector? $2500 OBO Shipped with brand new lamp with 0 hours Brand new lamp that will come with projector:
  2. Master_Pain

    Asus ROG Spatha Replacement

    I need a new wireless mouse. I have only had this one for a couple of years and the left click randomly stops working. So looking for a new mouse for gaming. I would like wireless/wired capability. I was looking at the Corsair Dark Core with QI charging, but it has mixed reviews. So I am open...
  3. Master_Pain

    FS: Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

    Have a new in box set of Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II headphones. They are still shrinkwrapped, and I'm not planning on using them. SOLD Heat is the same as my forum name.
  4. Master_Pain

    Need a New Router and AP

    My Meraki MX64 is about to come up on its licensing, so I don't really feel like renewing for home use. What do you guys recommend for reliability these days? I don't want to have to reboot the bastard every couple of months, so something that is reliable. Currently have 250mbps, so doesn't...
  5. Master_Pain

    WTB: Google Pixel

    Look for a Gen 1 Pixel in black. Going to be using with Sprint, so I believe I need the unlocked Verizon version.
  6. Master_Pain

    Picture by Picture with 4 Sources

    Anyone know of a monitor that can do picture by picture with 4 sources? I got an Asus PA329Q but it seems to only be able to do 3, even though it has 4 HDMI, 1 DP, and 1 mDP. I am trying to consolidate my desk. I am going to use it for football, so I can maximize up to 4 games at a time on it...
  7. Master_Pain

    Asus PA329Q Picture by Picture

    So I bought an Asus PA329Q for the picture by picture capabilities. It is has 4 x HDMI, 1 DP and 1mDP inputs. I connected up some cables, turned on 4 quadrant PbP, then went to select sources. It only allows me to select 1 HDMI source. I can select HDMI 2 or 3 for a source, but not both. DP...
  8. Master_Pain

    WTB: 6 or 8tb HDD

    Looking for a largish HDD for a friend. At least a Red, no Seagates.
  9. Master_Pain

    New Lord of the Rings / Middle-Earth MMO

    LOS ANGELES — Sept. 4, 2018 — Today, Athlon Games, a global publisher of console and PC games, announced it has signed a long-term licensing agreement with Middle-earth Enterprises to develop and publish a video game based on The Lord of the Rings. Athlon Games is working with a partner...
  10. Master_Pain

    2080ti Availability

    Looking for an EVGA. Haven't seen them on Amazon yet. Anyone see any that are in stock?
  11. Master_Pain

    G Sync, HDR, and IPS

    Anything on the horizon? Preferably ultrawide.
  12. Master_Pain

    FS: LG G Flex 2 (Sprint Version)

    Selling my old G Flex 2, phone is in good condition, has always had a case and screen protector. Case corners are broken from doing its job. Just the normal wear and tear on the phone. Pictures upon request, (I am being lazy and don't care if I sell it lol). I will throw in the charging stand I...
  13. Master_Pain

    Ultra-Wide Pros and Cons?

    So I am thinking about upgrading to an ultrawide monitor from my 1440. What are the pros and cons of this? I do play a lot of older games from time to time that don't even support 1440p, so I have had to do a lot of tweaks to get them to run. I have done a bit of research on them, and it looks...
  14. Master_Pain

    1080/4930K Load Drop in Smite

    So I am experiencing a weird issue in Smite. From time to time my fps will drop to almost nothing, and I look over and my GPU load is 0%. I have noticed some skills trigger this happening, but sometimes it seems random. Sometimes it settles down and picks back up to 20%, sometimes it doesn't.I...
  15. Master_Pain

    FS: 2xHomeRun Primes and Meraki MX60

    I have 2 used HomeRun Primes both in good working order. $70 OBO per Prime Meraki MX60 w/ about 2 years of licensing left Runs like a champ $200 OBO Heatware under my name Paypal only Scammers get Goatse'd
  16. Master_Pain

    Asus ROG Spatha

    Anyone have any idea when this is going to come out? They keep teasing my loins with press releases for it.
  17. Master_Pain

    nVidia NVS 510 + 980?

    Just curious if anyone knows, can I toss a NVS 510 in my rig to run 3 accessory monitors and just have my 980 for my gaming monitor? What issues would arise from this, would I be able to have the desktop across all 4 displays, etc.?
  18. Master_Pain

    WTB: 17" Asus ROG Gaming Laptop

    Looking for an Asus ROG Gaming Laptop Needs: 17"+ screen i7 cpu 8gb+ RAM nVidia 800 series or better Don't care about HDD's/SSD's as long as I can put ones in. Paypal only. My Heat.
  19. Master_Pain

    FS: Crucial DDR2 PC2-5300 2x4gb

    Two Registered 4gb sticks $30 shipped for 1 $50 shipped for both Pic OBO Paypal only My Heat
  20. Master_Pain

    FS: NICs, Xeons, Server RAM, Old CPUs, and Cisco Catalyst Switch

    Doing some winter cleaning. CPUs Intel Xeon 5405 - Have 2 SOLD Intel Xeon 5140 $15 shipped Intel Pentium E2180 - Have 2 $10 shipped Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 $10 Shipped AMD K6-2/350AFR 350mhz no bent pins $15 Shipped Intel Pentium 4 3.0ghz 3.00GHZ/1M/800 Has a few bent pins, nothing a steady...
  21. Master_Pain

    FS: Old CPUs, AMD/Intel

    Found these laying around when I was cleaning, figured I would see if anyone wanted them. AMD K6-2/350AFR 350mhz no bent pins $20 Shipped OBO Intel Pentium 4 3.0ghz 3.00GHZ/1M/800 Has a few bent pins, nothing a steady hand can't fix though. $20 Shipped OBO I won't guarantee...
  22. Master_Pain

    FS: EVGA 780 6gb (Needs to Go)

    06G-P4-3785-KR EVGA 780 6gb Edition Less than 5 months of use, awesome card. SOLD $325 Shipped No trades Paypal only My Heatware
  23. Master_Pain

    Think Your 840 Pro is Fast?

    Mine seems to be blazing...
  24. Master_Pain

    Asus Rep

    There an Asus rep on the forums here?
  25. Master_Pain

    Triple Monitor GPU for Work

    Anyone know of a cheap video card that supports 3 monitors? $50 price range. This is for work, no gaming. I was looking at the Sapphire Flex 6450, and it would be perfect, except that it's a dual slot card. TLDR version Need a card that supports 3 monitors (DVI/VGA or compatible with...
  26. Master_Pain

    FS: EVGA 780 6gb

    SOLD 06G-P4-3785-KR EVGA 780 6gb Edition Less than 4 months of use, awesome card. $420 + Shipping or make an offer No trades Paypal only My Heatware
  27. Master_Pain

    FS/T: Fable

    For Sale/Trade: Fable: The Lost Chapters (Will gift on Steam) $5 via Paypal or trade me a game on Steam
  28. Master_Pain

    Recommend a Modem for Cox

    I need to get a modem to use with Cox, any recommendations?
  29. Master_Pain

    Hyper-V: How to "clone" a VM?

    Extremely new to Hyper-V and I have to clone a VM in the morning. Here is what I have (Windows VMs): VM to be cloned (2 VHDs) VM to be overwritten Here's how I understand the cloning process: 1. Shut down both VMs. 2. Export both of the VHDs from the first VM. 3. Go into the second's...
  30. Master_Pain

    Media Server Streaming Software (DLNA)

    So, I am in the market for new software to stream to my Samsung smart TV. I currently use Allshare, but it's becoming unstable, and the server crashes or loses connection a lot. I have heard a lot of noise about Plex, but it looks like it's all hosted online, which, no. The next one that I...
  31. Master_Pain

    FS: 2 x HP ZR2440w IPS Monitors

    These are absolutely beautiful monitors. Ditch your TN and go IPS, you will never go back. I have had one for under two years, and the other for about a year. They are in beautiful shape, no dead pixels. They come with the stands, and they also rotate to portrait mode. They also each come...
  32. Master_Pain

    G-Sync IPS 27"?

    Any news on G-Sync 27" IPS panels?
  33. Master_Pain

    EVGA 780 6gb?

    Any word on the release? I want a third 780, and not sure if I should just go ahead and order now and then Step Up, or wait. I have been trying to find info, but all I can find just says soon...
  34. Master_Pain

    Clone Surround Monitors?

    I am trying to clone my 3 Surround monitors onto 1 monitor to use a capture card for streaming. Windows won't let me do it, and I don't see the option in the nVidia control panel. Anyone know how to do this?
  35. Master_Pain

    Capture Cards + nVidia Surround

    So, I was looking at capture cards to stream to twitch, and it looks like Avermedia makes some decent ones, or at least easy to use. But they use passthrough. Games at 3600x1920 just use way too much juice to use the GPUs for everything and it's a pretty noticeable hit that affects my...
  36. Master_Pain

    Desktop Corruption

    On the latest drivers, I am getting a lot of desktop graphical corruption. I reformatted last night for shits and giggles, and it is still doing it. It does the black bars a lot, as well as completed garbling windows. Hell, this morning, one of my monitors was completed black when I moved...
  37. Master_Pain

    FS: Seasonic x650 Gold Power Supply PSU

    I just stepped up to 780 SLI and it won't quite push them with my OC'ed 4930, so I had to get a larger PSU. Seasonic x650 Gold Used, just over a year old, great shape. No trades $100 including shipping OBO My Heatware Paypal only.
  38. Master_Pain

    Monitor Corner Brackets

    Anyone make a bracket for monitors to keep the edges together? I use Ergotron monitor arms to move between portrait and landscape easily, but since they are flexible arms, every bump of the desk moves the monitors apart. Picture Illustrates Anyone have any ideas? Already visited the local...
  39. Master_Pain

    FS/T: Assasin's Creed Black Flag

    Make an offer, will trade for Steam games or BF4 premium, if someone happens to have one of those codes laying around lol I have 2 copies. $20/OBO Heatware
  40. Master_Pain

    FS: Seasonic x650 Gold

    I just stepped up to 780 SLI and it won't quite push them with my OC'ed 4930, so I had to get a larger PSU. Seasonic x650 Gold Used, just over a year old, great shape. No trades $110 including shipping OBO My Heatware Paypal only.