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    FS Topre Keyboard RealForce 87U Black

    Selling my Realforce 87U Black Topre keyboard. Never used. I swapped out the domes to put into a different keyboards so now it has 45g Alphas with 55g Mods. Comes with original box and accessories. Asking $170 shipped HeatWare: 26-0
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    FS: mITX HTPC, Dlink 323 NAS & Northgate Omnikey 101

    SOLD EDIT: Heatware Few things for sale. Making room for my move. Photo Album HTPC: Foxconn H61 mITX, Intel i3 2120, APEX mITX MI-008 case, 32GB SSD, 8GB low profile ram, ATI 5450 GPU, SFF 300w PS. - $120 Shipped (All tested and working) Dlink 323 NAS - $40 Shipped (Could add 2x2TB HD for...
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    FS RealForce 103UB Topre Keyboard

    SOLD ***LOWER PRICE TO 170*** Selling my RealForce 103UB Topre Keyboard. Talk about typing in heaven. I love this thing but I need a TKL for work. Perfect condition and as soon as you try with a Topre keyboard, you can't go back down. Asking 170 shipped. If you ask why so much, well...
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    FS/T Leopold MX Keyboard, MSI 290, Thermalright Silver Arrow

    Hi Guys/Gals, Looking to move out some things I am not using anymore. ****ADDED SOUNDCARD AND COMPUTER CASE**** Heatware Trades: MX or Torpe Keyboard (anything but red switches). Closed back headphones and/or PayPal Photo Album Leopold Tenkeyless Otaku (reds) Pending [strike=]MSI...
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    WTB/TTF 1155 ITX MITX and Low Profile Heatsink

    Looking to buy a LGA 1155 socket ITX motherboard. PM your offers. I'm on a H61 and looking to upgrade Z77 ITX Z68 ITX Any other 1155 ITX chipset that i'm missing. Low Profile CPU heatsink Willing to trade any of my items and/or pay cash...
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    xxxkaliboyxxx's FS/T Bunch of Stuff Thread

    ******************Price Drop on BenQ Monitor******************** ******************last price drop in ITX build**************************** ******************12 DEC 2015 UPDATE******************** *****CLICK ON PIC FOR BIGGER IMAGE****** Heatware xxxkaliboyxxx (19-0)...
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    FS/T 2700k w/ Asus Maximus IV

    Hey guys, Some stuff I have for trade and/or sale. Looking for a ITX build. All offers consider. Heatware xxxkaliboyxxx (19-0) EBAY (50-0) Looking to trade for: 1155 ITX motherboards Any mITX and/or cpu...
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    WTB: Retro Console w/Games

    Hello, Looking to buy a Nintendo 64 (n64) that include all cables and maybe some games. I just got back into my retro gaming kick and looking for a "ready to play" package. I am not a reseller, I am actually going to play these system with my daughter, if she wants to, but most likely by...
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    BenQ XL2420T 269.99 A 120hz monitor with light boost I believe. There is a new model out or coming out FYI so I assume why the price drop.
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    Secret World 24.99$ GameStop PC download

    Not sure if anyone post it yet, but a buddy of mine told me about it. For people that like MMOs. You do have to download their Gamestop APP to download though, sorry
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    TRENDnet TEG-S80G 8Port Gb Switch 19.99+FS

    I've been researching and looking for deals on switches with Jumbo packet support and I just happen to browse over to NCIX US website and saw this, I couldn't pass it up for 20$ with free shipping. Hopefully this will help someone out. Just in case anybody cares, it has 8 ports with a...
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    FS/FT: CM QuickFire blue's, IntelliMouse, G5, Fan Controller, and 750w PS & more...

    WTT/WTS: My Cooler Master QuickFire TKL blue's (OG box and all accessories included) for BLACK or BROWN mechanical switch TKL keyboard. Used for about 1 month. It's a really nice keyboard, it's just a little to clicky for my HTPC room Or just buy my QuickFire for PENDING All prices including...
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    Online games besides BF3

    Just wondering what other online games people are playing besides BF3. As much as I love the game right now, I don't want to get burnt out. I been out of touch for about a year and a half. Not big into MMOs, but people keep on talking about SW:TOR so I might give that a shot. Recommend a...
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    BF 3 @ 120 FPS

    Hi guys, Never really post on this forum even though I have been going to this site for years. Anyways I'm just trying to achieve 120 FPS average with all setting set to low at resolutions 1920x1080. I thought 6870 CF would do the trick (coming from a 4850 cf), but that isn't working...
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    4850CF 512 or 4870 1GB

    Ok, I'm currently considering upgrading my video card for a hold over untill the Ati dx 11 cards come out in July. I currently have one 4850 512mb gaming at 1360x768 32 in. Only games I really am playing right now is L4D, CSS and COD4. I do plan on playing any future games that kick butt in...