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  1. dgingeri

    64GB on Ryzen 1700X issues

    I'm trying to bump up my memory on my self training VM rig. It is running a Ryzen 1700X, Asus Prime X370-Pro, and a single 32GB Gskill 3000 kit (F4-3000C15D-32GVR) that is on the Prime X370-Pro compatibility list. I tried adding a second memory kit of the same brand and model number, and of...
  2. dgingeri

    FS: External SAS/SATA storage with RAID controller

    For sale: Dell H830 RAID controller with 2GB NV cache and BBU, 8 bay SAS/SATA tower, the cables to go between them, plastic container with all the screws needed for either size drive, and extra long high power power cord. It works well with many types of SSDs, enterprise grade 2.5" HDs, and...
  3. dgingeri

    FS: Core i7 4790k + GSkill F3-2400C10D-16GTX kit (DDR3-2400 C10 16GB) + MORE

    Core i7 4790k with box and cooler - $200 shipped GSkill DDR3-2400 C10 16GB (2X8GB) kit - $90 shipped 2X Intel dual port CX-4 10Gb NICs and a 3ft cable between them. $100 Lightly used Intel Pentium G3258, in box and including cooler. $70 shipped Dell H830 external RAID controller (2GB cache...
  4. dgingeri

    Storage oriented case?

    I'm looking for an old fashioned storage oriented case, but I can't seem to find a decent one. I need a minimum of 6 3.5" drive bays, preferably 8, with direct cooling, plus at least 1 5.25" bay. I do need to keep the budget within reason, too, so nothing beyond $200. Anyone know of a case...
  5. dgingeri

    Linux gaming GPU?

    What's a decent Linux gaming GPU? I've been playing with the idea of building a separate Linux gaming machine, so I can get more overall exposure to Linux and perhaps be more comfortable with it for work, but I don't have any ideas about which vendor and/or model works better with Linux. Any...
  6. dgingeri

    VPNFilter still major threat

    The FBI were wrong to just tell people to reboot their routers.
  7. dgingeri

    Any advances in 2.5" drive technology coming up?

    Has anyone heard of any new (enterprise or laptop) 2.5" hard drive technology coming up? We've seen 3.5" drives go up to 12TB, but 2.5" NAS drives seem to have stuck at 1TB for anyone except Seagate and 2TB for Seagate (which I wouldn't touch with a 10 ft pole.) I have been anxiously awaiting...
  8. dgingeri

    Gaming in Windows under Virtualbox on Linux?

    I'm curious if anyone has tried playing Windows exclusive games in a Virtualbox VM with the main OS being Linux, Ubuntu in particular. I know it's going to lose some performance, but how much? Could it feasably be a way to run Linux for the main OS and still allow decent games?
  9. dgingeri

    Optane for non-Optane purposes?

    OK, so the little Optane drives aren't really good for accelerating higher end NVMe boot and OS drives like a Samsung 960 Pro, however, do you guys think it would still be good for other related purposes? I've long used the tactic for extending the life and increasing the effective performance...
  10. dgingeri

    Have crappy loser 1700X, options for a change?

    OK, so I have a crappy loser of a 1700X. (Running on a Asus Prime X370-Pro motherboard, if that matters.) For starters, I can't get the memory above the setting for 2933, with an actual running speed of 2888. (Motherboard runs slow as well, main clock fluctuates between 98.1 and 98.8.) This...
  11. dgingeri

    Ryzen USB 3.1 stopped working?

    Anyone else have a case where their USB 3.1 stopped working after a recent Windows 10 update? Mine suddenly quit working after I rebooted from a Windows 10 update. (Asus Prime X370-Pro) I believe it is software, as the devices for the USB 3.1 controller and root hub show up, but devices...
  12. dgingeri

    Corsair HX series power supply cables

    Does anyone here know if the Corsair HX and HXi series of power supplies use the same cables? I have a HX750 power supply in my main system and need a second CPU 12V cable. I found a set by Cablemod for the HXi series, but I don't know if it will work on my HX750. I'd hate to fry my...
  13. dgingeri

    Ryzen 2700U performance in World of Warcraft?

    I'm looking to replace my old Broadwell (5200U using integrated graphics) laptop for something that I can run WoW on again. I bought my current laptop specifically for playing WoW on the go, and then the next expansion broke that ability. Now I want to see if getting an Acer Ryzen 2700U laptop...
  14. dgingeri

    Single core machines and VMs use 100% processor while searching for updates

    For many years, I have run into an issue, dating back to single core laptops in Windows XP SP2 and going through today working with Windows 2008r2 and 2012r2 VMs in both Vsphere and Hyper-V, where running Windows Updates, I will get processor activity at 100%, rendering the machine useless until...
  15. dgingeri

    You might want to see this If you have heard of "Spritecoin", don't pursue it. It's a scam.
  16. dgingeri

    Thinking about getting into mining on a small scale

    I have a bit of hardware I have laying around not being used, and I've been thinking about getting it set up to do some crypto mining on a small scale. Only one has a halfway decent GPU, but they have decent processing power. I was using them for VM hosts for self training, but I think I've...
  17. dgingeri

    40-43" 4k Monitor?

    Anyone know of a 40-43" 4K monitor that doesn't cost and arm and a leg? I keep seeing Samsung 40" 4K TVs at only $299, and I'm seriously considering switching, but I'd rather have an actual monitor so I can get DisplayPort inputs instead of HDMI. I would think computer monitors would be...
  18. dgingeri

    PCI (Not PCIe) video card supported by Windows 2012r2?

    Apparently, the Rage XL and Radeon 7000 are no longer supported in Windows 2012r2, and I have a machine I'd like to get running for a storage server. I have an AMD Athlon II 450 (triple core 3.2GHz) that I'd like to use for my storage server. It doesn't need a ton of CPU horsepower, but it...
  19. dgingeri

    Good, USB flash drive, self booting stability test

    Anyone know of a good stability test software that can be put on a flash drive and boot by itself, not needing a host OS? I have a motherboard I'd like to test without having to install an OS, or even a hard drive. I can get it to stably boot to he bios, and even a flash drive with Ubuntu...
  20. dgingeri

    X299 board exclusively for 7640/7740?

    Since Intel did such a horrible job on the socket 2066 product line, I thought maybe someone would have gotten the idea to put out an X299 board that is just for the KabyLake-X chips, that just has access to the 16 PCIe lanes and dual channel memory instead of engineering around all the extras...
  21. dgingeri

    Could this be the HT bug?

    I just had an incident with a Xeon E3 v5 system that I think could be the HT bug we've heard about. The system: basic Windows 2012r2 standard install on a 250GB SSD, drivers for Intel i350 networking, and nothing else. The roles installed were IIS and .Net 4.0 Framework, with the .Net 1.1...
  22. dgingeri

    Remotely configuring iptables

    I have two Ubuntu haproxy servers that I need to configure remotely to block all traffic except http/https from anyone and SSH traffic from our HQ. I'm working on formulating the commands, but I need one vital piece of information before I run them: If I run a script to configure iptables that...
  23. dgingeri

    Changing raid controller in Ubuntu 14.04?

    I have a server at work that is acting up. The raid controller, a LSI 9261-8i, is frequently dropping all the logical drives offline. (Actually, this has been happening every since it was put in place, and we'd just reboot the thing, but only recently my boss wants to resolve it.) Looking up...
  24. dgingeri

    Is it possible to game on a remote machine?

    OK, here's what I want to do. I have a good gaming desktop (Core i7 4790k, GTX980Ti) and a slow (Core i5 5200U, integrated graphics) laptop, both Windows 10 Pro. I would like to be able to game (World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online) using my laptop to remote control my main desktop when I'm...
  25. dgingeri

    Recommended motherboard?

    I currently have a Z97 WS motherboard populated by video PCIe 3.0 x16 card, a 10Gbe PCIe 2.0 x8 card, and a PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD. I also have a PCIe 2.0 x2 m.2 SSD (Plextor M6e) I use for the temp folder and virtual memory. I also run 2 monitors, one off my onboard graphics for monitoring system...
  26. dgingeri

    Can't delete a file

    I've run into a strange issue. I'm hoping someone has seen it before. I was doing a test restore from Backup Exec 2014 onto my backup server's secondary drive, into a directory directly intended for such things. The test restore was far larger than I expected. (BUE tends to state a restore...
  27. dgingeri

    FS: Home Server core - Ci7 4390k, P9X79-E WS, 32GB, $900

    I have here a great core set for a home server and/or virtualization host First, the CPU is a Core i7 4930k, 6 cores with HT and quad channel DDR3 memory controllers for up to 64GB of memory. Pretty well known. Supports VT-x and VT-d for virtualization. It was briefly overclocked to 4.3GHz...
  28. dgingeri

    Plan to upgrade?

    I currently have a main machine with a Core i7 4790k on an Asus Z97-WS board with 16GB of DDR3-2400 memory. It works well, but it is getting a bit long in the tooth for a gaming machine for my taste. So I was looking to upgrade to a Core i7 7700k, but I'm short on cash to do so. I also have a...
  29. dgingeri

    Force flash QLE3242 into QLE8242?

    My last company was a major partner with Qlogic, and we got a lot of Qlogic hardware for free (testing samples) when it first came out, even hardware that we didn't use in our products. However, many of these devices we didn't use in our products were basically the same card as things we did...
  30. dgingeri

    Good 120mm fans?

    I had two of my intake fans get damaged during a recent move. They were Corsair AF120 performance fans, and now I've discovered they aren't very easy or cheap to replace. I think I paid $12 each for them, and now the only ones I can find are $31 for a 2 pack. So, I'm looking for a...
  31. dgingeri

    File share attributes +rhs??

    OK, so I'm moving a file share from one server to another to update to new hardware (actually P2V migration, but pretty much same thing) and came across a weird situation. The folder for the file share was set with the attributes Read Only, Hidden, and System on. This caused all sorts of issues...
  32. dgingeri

    WTS: 2X $25 iTunes gift cards, $18 each or $35 for both

    WTS: 2X $25 iTunes gift cards, $18 each or $35 for both
  33. dgingeri

    WTS $25 iTunes gift card, $20 (not a relist, a new card)

    While packing up to move, I found another unused iTunes gift card. Since I don't use iTunes anymore, and I need the cash, I'd like to sell it for $20.
  34. dgingeri

    WTS: $25 iTunes gift card, $20

    WTS: $25 iTunes gift card, $20. I get these from my credit card every so often, but I no longer use iTunes.
  35. dgingeri

    FS Geforce GTX680 X2, many storage items

    I've been unemployed for 3 months now, and have run to the end of my savings. So, I need to sell some things to keep going. I accept payment through Paypal only and have no pictures of the items at the moment. I will include links for informational purposes. All prices listed are INCLUDING...
  36. dgingeri

    WTS: 5X $25 iTunes gift cards, 2X GTX 680s, AMD Athlon II X3 450, Asus M5A97 r2.0, CX4 10Gbe cards

    Hello all, I have these items to list for sale. I request payment to paypal. I don't sell too often, so I don't have much of a rep for it. Heatware name is dgingeri. 5X (now 3X) $25 iTunes gift cards (I get them from my credit card as rewards, but I don't use iTunes any more.) I can either...
  37. dgingeri

    FS: processors and motherboards

    [/COLOR]Will not separate CPUs and boards. They come in these combos only: 1. MSI A75MA-E35 FM2 A75 mATC motherboard and A4-5300 processor. Used for about 6 months as a HTPC and then stashed in storage. Retail box CPU fan. $50 2. Asus M5A97 R2.0 and Athlon II X3 450 (triple core...
  38. dgingeri

    FS: Core i7 3930k, used, overclocked to 4.2 at stock voltage, 4.5 at 1.25V $350

    [/COLOR] For Sale: Core i7 3930k, used, overclocked to 4.2 at stock voltage, 4.5 at 1.25V. I pushed it as far as I dared only once, up to 4.7GHz at 1.3V, but it only ran at that for half an hour or so. The configuration I used allowed it to downclock to 1.2 and .8V while idle, so the total...
  39. dgingeri

    Asus M5A97 R2.0 and Athlon II X3 450 (triple core, 3.2GHz) barely used $125

    I have a barely used Asus M5A97 r2.0 (AMD 970 chipset) motherboard and Athlon II X3 450 (triple core, 3.2GHz, no L3 cache) retail boxed processor with heatsink for sale. It was used briefly, but never pushed. I got it for a storage server, but a debacle with a Haswell upgrade on my main...
  40. dgingeri

    Enterprise SATA 2 RAID controller, 3ware 9650SE-8LPML, $150

    I have one enterprise server level 3ware 9650SE-8LPML 8 drive RAID controller available. Recently tested good. Has BBU interface, 2 year old battery, and extra cable and mount for remote battery connection. (It's a board connected to a slot cover plate that allows the battery to sit in a...