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  1. wolfofone


    The wife's older Macbook could seriously use an SSD upgrade from the 5400 rpm hard drive. I'd like to find something cheap, it doesn't have to be super fast or new, just better than spinning rust :-). Unfortunately it needs to be 1TB+ as she has a lot of crap on there haha. Thanks, stay [H}ard...
  2. wolfofone

    WTF/WTB: cheap FM2 motherboard

    Sigh, trying to recover from the failed AIO has been a disaster. Video card survived but PSU died so I bought a new PSU along with a new cooler. Put the system back to together and no power--PSU tested fine but my motherboard would not turn on the PSU and no power to it or any devices, no beeps...
  3. wolfofone

    FS: Tidal Hi-Fi 3 Month Trial Code

    How about $5 in BTC? hehe. Will take PayPal as well. heatware under wolfofone.
  4. wolfofone

    WTB Cheap PSU

    EDIT: Found a cooler, thanks! Unfortunately, the coolant got into my power supply (didn't look like it got near it before but I noticed it's all over the psu dust filter on the bottom of the case so that's probably why the PSU died. I'm assuming EVGA won't RMA it now since it has liquid/coolant...
  5. wolfofone

    Anyone Into Storj?

    I've been testing it out for going on two months now with a 500GB share that has only bee used up to ~34GB of data actually stored. I think after this month's payout (I don't keep my PC on 24/7), I'll have about $6 worth of USD in SJCX. What are your thoughts on all this token sale and moving...
  6. wolfofone

    Sigh, can't get PCs to connect to switch in Packet Tracer!

    What the heck am I doing wrong? I've spent about two hours now trying to get a PC to connect to a dang switch in Packet Tracer. no shutdown doesn't work. Status and Line Protocol remain down when I run show ip interface brief What's is frustrating me is that I can connect two switches together...
  7. wolfofone

    FS: NVIDIA Shield Portable (Barely Used / Like New)

    Unfortunately, I do not have much time for gaming and when I do it's on my desktop. As such I have barely used this. It will come in the original box with all of the original accessories. It has only been used a few hours to play a bit of Pokemon, a zombie themed Android game (I can't recall...
  8. wolfofone

    WTB: 45-degree G1/4 with 1/2" barb watercooling fiting

    I got a new case and had to rearrange my loop. I need a 45-degree fitting with 1/2" barb preferrably one that can swivel once screwed in. Looking for something like these but open to others. This XSPC...
  9. wolfofone

    FS: NVIDIA Shield Portable

    For Sale: Payment: Paypal or Facebook Shipping Method: USPS Priority Flat Rate or FedEx Price: Prices are OBO, so make me an offer. Reference: Heatware is wolfofone Other: Continental US Only. Currently For Sale: NVIDIA Shield Portable Like new, still has most of the plastic on it, never...
  10. wolfofone

    WTB: Swiftech MCP655 or MCP655B Water Pumps

    My Swiftech MCP655 pump died on me and I need a replacement. Anyone looking to sell theirs? (Heatware under WolfOfOne)
  11. wolfofone

    WTB: USB Multimeter

    I'm not sure exactly what it would be called but... Does anyone have hardware to test the amperage draw of USB devices, e.g. for testing AC and battery chargers to make sure they can output what the specifications claim? I'd be interested in buying it off of you! Could be homemade so long as it...
  12. wolfofone

    FS: Wireless N D-Link Router DIR-655

    For Sale: Payment: Paypal. Alternative Payments: I will also take Facebook debit payments (no fees heh) or USPS money orders. Shipping Method: USPS Priority or FedEx Home Delivery Price: Prices are OBO, so make me an offer. Reference: Heatware is wolfofone. Other: Continental US Only...
  13. wolfofone

    FS: Samsung Galaxy S4 White 16GB (Verizon) $180

    For Sale: Payment: Paypal Shipping Method: USPS Priority or FedEx Home Delivery Price: Prices are OBO, so make me an offer. Reference: Heatware is wolfofone Other: Continental US Only. Currently For Sale: Samsung Galaxy S4 White 16GB (Verizon Wireless runs on Verizon's LTE network Price...
  14. wolfofone

    WTB: 1TB IDE hard drive

    Hi, I am hoping to buy a 1TB IDE (desktop/3.5") hard drive in order to upgrade my Uverse DVR. I have heatware under wolfofone and would prefer FedEx or USPS shipping as UPS loves to drop the packages in front of my apartment building and drive off without even trying to deliver it to me :/ heh...
  15. wolfofone

    Please help: How can I use LTE for Internet while connected to Wi-Fi for storage?

    HI everyone, I have a bit of a conundrum on my hands, and my Google-Fu is failing me.. I am a PC/Windows and Android user, but my girlfriend uses a Mac and iPhone. Because Apple cannot simply include a micro SD card slot, I needed to find a way to add more storage to her iPhone so that she...
  16. wolfofone

    Help with Xbox 360 Slim - Update and Disc Read Errors

    Hi, for several months now my Xbox 360 Slim has refused to update. I'm currently trying to update via DVD or USB but neither method seems to be working either ;(. When I try to update via the XBL download from the Xbox itself, I get this error code. I could not find any info on the MS site for...
  17. wolfofone

    SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime CableCard Tuner - $117.99 - Ends 10/12 @ 1:33 PDT

    We've moved to Dish and their Hopper/Joey setup, so my CableCARD TV tuner needs a good home. It has only been use a couple of months and is in good condition. It comes in the original packaging with all the original accessories (install guide, CD, ethernet cable, AC adapter, tuner, and coax...
  18. wolfofone

    FS: $10 Starbucks Gift Card

    I won a gift card to Starbucks recently, but I would rather have cash as I don't care for their coffee. I can send you a scan of the printout with the barcode so you can have it (semi) instantly and I can also send you it via snail mail if you prefer that. Starbucks eGift Card worth $10 USD...
  19. wolfofone


    So I'm working on an article and the topic of Field Programmable Gate Arrays came up in discussion, and although intrigued I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around exactly what the heck they are :P. From my searching around the internet I've gathered that they are made up of logic blocks...
  20. wolfofone

    Need help finding a switch

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help in finding a switch. I recently moved to a new house that has been wired with Cat5e Ethernet but it terminates in RJ11 plugs. I want to take those out and terminate them in RJ45 jacks so that I can have wired access for streaming live TV from my networked CC tuner...
  21. wolfofone

    $10 off triple A games (incl. ME3) @ GMG

    I noticed on Facebook that Green Man Gaming is running a promo right now that will knock off 10 bucks of serveral titles when you use the voucher/discount code: GREEN-DISCO-UNT10 :cool: I got Mass Effect 3 for just under 49 bucks :)
  22. wolfofone

    8600 GT worth GPU folding?

    I have a 256 MB PNY 8600 GT, and was wondering if it would be worth it at all to GPU fold with it. I already have a psuedo 6970 (6950 @ 6950 speeds w/ 6970 shaders) as the main GPU. What sort of PPD would I get out of the 8600 GT and would it be possible to have it in the same system?
  23. wolfofone

    Where to find GPU TIM?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be watercooling my system for the first time, and although I have Artic Silver 5 on hand for the CPU, I was wondering what I should be using for the GPU? Do i need to look at thermal pads, and if so where should i buy them from? I'm kind of lost GPU cooling wise as this...
  24. wolfofone

    WTB: Blue Wireless Mouse

    Hi guys, my girlfriends wireless mouse broke and I'm wanting to find one chea, let me know what you've got! :) I have a bit of heatware under wolfofone, and can pay by Paypal.
  25. wolfofone

    WTB: Dirt 3, Steam games

    Hi guys, I'm interested in buying Dirt 3 for Steam. I am willing to use Paypal or Bitcoin for payment, make offers Bought from DSLisFree :) I may also be interested in a copy of FEAR 3. Thanks, I have a little bit of heat under wolfofone
  26. wolfofone

    FS: HDHomerun Prime Cablecard tuner, Digital camera, and misc. hardware

    For Sale: Payment: Paypal or Amazon Payments Shipping Method: USPS Priority Flat Rate or FedEx (preferred) Price: Prices are OBO, so make me an offer. Reference: Heatware is wolfofone Other: Continental US Only. Currently For Sale: Samsung Galaxy Centura (StraighTalk Prepaid Smartphone...
  27. wolfofone

    help with ajax and displaying WP plugin content slider in div upon clicking a link

    Hi guys, I'm really at my wits end here, so fee free to ask for more information if I forget to include/mention something important. I'm sure that it's an easy fix to those who actually know what they are doing however; I'm new to JS and php... I only know enough to be dangerous as the saying...
  28. wolfofone

    FS: 15" Dual Core HP DV6646US Laptop w/ Vista x32

    For Sale: Payment: Paypal only Shipping Method: UPS/USPS Price: $170Now $160! Or Best Offer SOLD to Mr34727 for $150 Reference: Heatware is wolfofone For Sale Item Photos:on flickr here Other: Continental US Only. HP Laptop Dv6646us (No longer under warranty). 15.4" TFT Dislplay @...
  29. wolfofone

    Question about the Corsair H70

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to get the H70 to improve the temps in my build; however, I would need to mount the rad/fans on the front of my case as the rear and top exhausts are only 80mm. How long is the tubing on the H70? My case is the Lian Li PC-60B iirc and I'm not using the bottom hard drive...
  30. wolfofone

    FS: Intel C2D E6550 CPU (Used - Very Good Condition)

    Hi, I have a few bits of old hardware laying around but not enough to construct any sort of frankensystem so I would like to sell it to free up a bit of closet space in my apartment and have money to put towards buying books. I'm new to selling; however, I have a paypal in good standing and set...