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    Go home memory prices, you're drunk.

    Been waiting for this, we will see what the thread shill has to say now..... I'm sure it will be more of the same, seems like most is taken right out of...
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    (Rant) Asrock Z370M Pro4 mATX - I hate this board...

    Curious how that board goes, on the VRM tier list its listed as low end. Thats the only z370 itx board I can get for cheap and was considering jumping to 8700k with the ebay deals, but dont need it and would rather have the Asrock ITX board which has better VRMs so I passed. Also think the Asus...
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    Go home memory prices, you're drunk.

    Guess I'm confused as to why you keep posting that demand is going up, profits are going up and you already informed us that, the fabs choose to keep profit high by not ramping production. Price automatically will go up, we have been enlightened to your economics wisdom. There is no other way...
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    Micron 1100 2TB SSD $254

    Platinum mocro or rakuten?
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    z370 Taichi & 8700k Advise

    Anyway, get the old 26.6 version of p95, and run it stock to see vcore. Then add offset/ play with llc to get to about 1.3+vcore and raise the multiplier to 49 and give it a go
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    z370 Taichi & 8700k Advise

    One on the main new things is AVX instructions, they are only used in certain programs and run Hot and need more vcore. The newest p95 version uses it as well as a few others. The bios now has an AVX offset feature to lower the multiplier during avx load(you can adjust this). I chose to use the...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

    Love the quote 30watts lesser!
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

    Increased clock speed always uses more power, you can't have both
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    20% off anything at Ebay, today only

    They do it frequently at the end of every quarter
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    Dell H625 Color Laser AIO $175, your inbox may have -30/100 or -50/200 today

    ehh expensive new model toner refills, and its huge like the last one.
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    960 or 860 drive

    for what?
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    8700k - is this normal? This can't be normal.

    This is somewhat true for me as I get different vcores depending on avx vs non avx p95 bit it's still too high for non avx
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    8700k - is this normal? This can't be normal.

    My gigabyte z270 is broken like that. I had to use -.060v and not touch LLC. Which gave 1.28vcore which was good for 4.8ghz on 7700k. Any LLC adjustment would make vcore even higher. Apparently since they moved the voltage control to the Mobo, half of the Mobo makers did a half assed job...
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    anyone have a rock it delid tool or similar I can rent ?

    I need to get one. AVX gets 85c on mine too Are you running fixed or adaptive vcore?
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    Samsung 40" 4k UN40MU6300 tv $417 included $200 Walmart GC

    I have a 55" UN55MU6500 (same as 6300 just curved) and I'm happy with it. The apps are fast, voice remote works well, speakers are decent. Not true HDR and may not be the brightest, but is great for bedroom
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    Samsung 40" 4k UN40MU6300 tv $417 included $200 Walmart GC

    I believe it only charges tax on 217?
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    Samsung 40" 4k UN40MU6300 tv $417 included $200 Walmart GC Discover deals 5%CB
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    My 8700k box arrived smashed! Pics of the devastation! Updates

    Yes thats part of it but some boards will be close to normal. My z270 gives same voltage as yours, funny thing is very 1st bios didn't allows vcore adjustment at all(where's the QC?) Hyperthreading adds about 10c+, I know from what I've seen 8600k runs cooler than 7700k (which your 4.8 and my...
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    Havn't built a system in years, WOW DDR4 pricing !!!

    You missed the boat 2yrs ago it was cheap, It's been going up ever since. The 3 manufacturers are choosing to build other products instead to keep supply low(which the econ genuis here thinks is not collusion, just a great business decision to have near record profits) There is a thread here in...
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    My 8700k box arrived smashed! Pics of the devastation! Updates

    It's not unsafe but it is contributing to your high temps, stock should be around 1.2v MCE or xmp could be the cause of the raised vcore..but on my board it's just broken like that
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    My 8700k box arrived smashed! Pics of the devastation! Updates

    This is high should be around 1.2v even with MCE. Basically same overvolt as my z270 board. Not sure what options you have to adjust vcore, mine I have settled for -.060v with an OC, doesn't even seem possible for me to get stock vcore unless I used fixed(which disables idle vcore lowering) I...
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    Corsair h115i cooler - question about temps in game

    Yes your cooler is small His should be fine but he has some other issue
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    asrock box tears near tabs where opening box latches are, opened before sold to me as new?

    Ahh I had an old board that did that, coil wine at idle. Also a GPU that did it when I undervolted at idle, the GPU wine would go away when I unplugged HDMI cable. Can't remember if swapping psus helped the board or not
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    My 8700k box arrived smashed! Pics of the devastation! Updates

    Ehh don't think much other than less than optimal temps.
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    My 8700k box arrived smashed! Pics of the devastation! Updates

    If you Think you put too much you prob did... I use to always spread with a razor blade to get a thin layer but there is a decent margin of error between rice and peas size
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    Will this upgrade guarantee a performance boost?

    We would need more information, mainly resolution/monitor, what GPU and what games
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    Asus z370 maximus x formula post issues (usb related)

    I have/had something similar with my z270 gigabyte. If I have a disc in the DVD drive it takes forever to boot like stuck, even when the only boot option is set to my hard drive. Not sure if I ever figured it out, made an iso of the DVD so I no longer need the disc(it was automotive factory...
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    Super Talent DDR4-3200 16GB $54.90

    I've had a Newegg business account before I had a real business and like others here I believe it can be done with just a SSN. Amazon business on the other hand required verification of my current LLC
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    The new prime uses avx which is hot and needs lot of power Some Bios have avx offset just for this reason Use the old version of p95, 26.6 iirc as it doesn't have avx
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    Enough for my needs??

    A 550w would run it, you have plenty
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    MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon BIOS Flickering

    Sounds like a GPU issue or bad cable
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    My 8700k box arrived smashed! Pics of the devastation! Updates

    not without replicating the deal again for store pickup
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    Pwm silliness

    Uhmm doesn't work like that
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    First Full Build Since the AMD 4400+

    The 1600x isn't very hot compared to newer Intel CPUs. Personally I would take the thermalright every day over an aio. It's quiet and no worries for yrs
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    combined 3.3v and 5v wattage

    What are you adding as far as USB devices(5v) and such, those are what it raising the amps. More specific it's something that is 3.3v as with many things added I only get 3.9a on the 3.3v, your showing 10a on that. And I get 13.9a on 5v so that's about right Even if you go up to 850w seasonic...
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    7700K Heat & Voltage Question.

    Try adaptive if you want to keep the stock power management (lowering clocks and vcore at idle) Then you should have an option for offset, this is where you can add or subtract vcore, and play with LLC. Mine overvolted with adaptive to like 1.33v so I ended up with -.050v offset. Yours may be...
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    New development and gaming build

    The cooler is questionable as far as being quiet and I wouldn't recommend it for OC(which you're not) Cryorig H7 or thermalright true spirit direct will be quieter and cool better Only other issue I see is 2400mhz ram, 8700k specs 2666mhz If it we're me I would prob go 8700 non k with 2666...
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    7700K Heat & Voltage Question.

    1.28v at 4.8 is the sweet spot for me