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    Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones

    Just like computers, smart phones have not innovated as much year over year. They are moving into new markets because they realize this. I am sure flagship android sales are falling for the same reason.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    SteelSeries Apex 100 keyboard $30 (it was too cheap so they discontinued it years ago) Rocat Kiro wired mouse $20 refurb I can't imagine spending more than $50 on either component and never have in 20 years. I hate that my mouse wire is always getting stuck on something so I just ordered a...
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    1440p IPS screen with good contrast?

    Some interesting opinions here. I was about to order an LG27GL850 last night till I saw the contrast numbers. I’ve been using an LG 27UD68 4K 1100 contrast for the past three years. I have a 75hz 1080p TN panel I switch out every time I play FPS. I thought finally the time has come I can have...
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    GameStop Winter Sale: B2G2 free Pre-Owned Games

    I look at their pre owned games once in a while. Sometimes the price is fairly good but I never want to buy it because then I have to deal with the disk. Digital download is a great thing.
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    AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT 6 GB Graphics Card 3DMark Benchmarks Leak Out – Faster Than The GeForce GTX 16

    What is it with affordable cards only having 6GB? I had spa few NVIDIA xx60 cards and an AMD RX470 and now RX580. All mid range and All had 8GB
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    The INQUIRER reaches end-of-life

    I remember this site. the reason video sites survive isn’t because it is video they host, it is because it is harder to block ads in video. On webpages, it is trivial.
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    FS: Audio Technica ATR2100 USB Mic & boom arm

    Thank you for testing it. They make wonderful USB dynamic mics. I live in the flight path of a busy airport. When the planes take off over my house, they are loud and these types of microphones do not pick up much of the ambient sound.
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    FS: Audio Technica ATR2100 USB Mic & boom arm

    And if anyone is wondering, it is the Samson Q2U that needs to be plugged into a computer to work. Sounds like this one may function in a similar way. presumably it will work also if you plug it into a powered mixer via the XLR connection but that is my stuff you need to lug around.
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    FS: Audio Technica ATR2100 USB Mic & boom arm

    if you can, try plugging the USB into a wall charger and check if the 3.5mm audio works. I have a microphone and wanted to use it for the audio on my camera for videos but I’d have to carry a laptop with me which totally defeats the purpose. Maybe yours will work with just any old USB power.
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    FS: Audio Technica ATR2100 USB Mic & boom arm

    Will it work if you plug the USB into a powered usb cord (not in a computer USB port). I have a different brand microphone and was disappointed that it only works if you plug it into a PC running Windows. I was hoping I could just plug it into a USB battery pack and record from the 3.5” out.
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    Office 2016/2019 & Win10 Keys + More! - >> Possible Sale if Saints WIN

    Did something happen to the OP? The forum says his profile can not be found.
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    Youtube plans to join the ad extortion bandwagon...

    Hosting YouTube costs lots of money. You guys act as if it costs Google nothing and if you watch videos and give them nothing in return then we break even and nobody looses.
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    Youtube plans to join the ad extortion bandwagon...

    This site really baffles me. The majority of people on here love to complain about the entitled generation. But when it comes to threads like this about service providers trying their hardest to make you “pay” for their product, these same people think they are entitled to free stuff.
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    Youtube plans to join the ad extortion bandwagon...

    I pay for premium and have since day 1. This won’t affect me.
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    Popularity of overclocking

    Is RAM also binned? Since I’ve had non overclockable motherboards for many years, RAM is the only thing I’ve been able to overclock (and I’ve been able to hit above spec for the last few systems).
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    LG 27BL65U-W 27” 4k IPS HDR 400 $259 Shipped

    Great deal. I have two 27" LG 4K IPS screens I bought a few years ago. I feel they have been rehashing the same screens with different backlights for years but since they are great and the price keeps dropping, I can't complain. I paid $450 for the one I am using right now. I just hope to see a...
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    Playstation 5 is looking real good

    I used to buy games on PC but realized after 15 years that I get distracted when using the PC and never end up playing them. I buy them for Xbox now and even though I don't play every one I buy, the majority of them do get played because there is not much to distract you on consoles other than...
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    Playstation 5 is looking real good

    If it were not for consoles, a lot of the games you play would not get made. A lot of games these days cost several hundred million dollars to make. On cross platform games, 85% of the sales come from consoles. If they lost that chunk of sales, they would not be making big budget games.
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    HP ProDesk 405 G4 Mini: Ryzen 2400GE, 8 GB DDR4, 256 GB SSD $331.21

    331 for me. I'd bite if I were in the market.
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    Lenovo 24" 1440p IPS display $169 10/23

    Today newegg has a one day deal on a 1440p IPS display. The screen does not have a VESA cutout. 24" may be too small for some. Windows scales well these days so you can scale 115% and you should be good to go.
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    27" Sammy fresync VA monitor ~ $200

    Good deal. I think 1440p monitors have always been ridiculously expensive. Now they are finally finally falling in price. I bought an Acer IPS a few months ago for a little above $200. They are still ridiculous in price compared to 1080p. It won't surprise me if in a year, 4K screens are even...
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    Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

    Everyone I know seems to be using some else's password. Obviously, it is very wide spread. I think they as well as others should crack down. I pay for everything I use. Netflix is $13 a month. I think EVERYONE can afford that.
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    Another example of not owning Adobe software you paid for.

    Speaking of Corel draw, there is currently a humble bundle where you can get some Corel creative software for cheap. Paint Shop Pro and Pinnacle Studio 23 for video. I've never used Painter but it is supposedly good (and expensive at retail). I am very tempted myself just because I love wasting...
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    Another example of not owning Adobe software you paid for.

    HitFilm Express is a great free tool. All the good stuff is in it. There are others as well. I’ve never used Premier but I’ve spent a lot of time with several video editors and HitFilm is one of the best. I use something I pay for annually but after this year, I will probably make the switch. I...
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    Another example of not owning Adobe software you paid for.

    Some are catching up but Adobe is still king. The problem is Adobe has had solid products for a long time and has no where to innovate.
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    Another example of not owning Adobe software you paid for.

    The creative cloud services are tied to the subscription services. Their stand alone software (which they sold up until 2 years ago) does not need an internet connection. So they are killing off customers from subscriptions and NOT stand alone software.
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    Boxed Gravis Ultrasound PnP 1.0

    I had a Gravis game controller. I had no idea they made sound cards too.
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    Wireless: slow AC connection, normal speed N connection

    Thanks for your help. I think I solved the problem and it was crazy easy. The drivers installed for the Intel 9560 (integrated in the motherboard) were the default ones Windows provides. I never thought the problem was the Intel chip on my end, I always figured it was the router. Well tonight I...
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    Windows 10 users fume: Microsoft, where's our 'local account' option gone?

    I just installed a few weeks ago. It is still there. Hopefully it will remain there in future versions. I think this is a bad move if they do.
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    No....THIS is a robot

    ED 209
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    Stop Paying For Anti-Virus

    While we are on the subject of internet security, is it possible to run Windows defender scans while you are running an instance of MS Sandbox? Not many things are available working MS sandbox unless you install them. I’d like to install programs and then scan whether there are any viruses...
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    NVME support

    With the default bios, you can probably only read the drive inside Windows. The motherboard likely will not even detect it. That was my experience with an H77 board. I booted off a 2.5” and used the NVME only for storage.
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    Wireless: slow AC connection, normal speed N connection

    I use an Arris cable modem/wireless AP from Comcast and this thing has me scratching my head. Two years ago, I bought an Asus AC1200 USB connector. When I connected to the router with an AC connection with that device, my download was 2mbps and my upload was what I would have expected, 40mbps...
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    Another useless launcher enters the fray.

    Quite possibly the first valid argument I've ever heard in these types of threads. Good job. Sometimes Steam or whatever launcher installs a desktop shortcut that never seems to work. I think if you could launch the game with one shortcut regardless of the status of the launcher app, it would help.
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    Another useless launcher enters the fray.

    You know 20 years ago, EVERY game had its own launcher. We called them icons. It is similar now. You just have to click on two icons. Lol. Someone beat me to the punch.
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    Epic paid $10.5 million upfront for Control exclusivity

    Guess he won't be buying Half Life 3 either. oh wait.
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    Epic paid $10.5 million upfront for Control exclusivity

    No surprise here. A newcomer has to flex some muscle to break into the market. This game would have probably gone to Steam otherwise because they have the biggest market share. Valve has been riding on this fact and getting free exclusives all these years. Things may be changing very soon. Their...
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    XBOX One S, 500GB/1TB $149/$179 NIB (Frys, shipped!)

    Glad they are shipping. They don't have much in the store. I went a few days ago for an SSD and ended up getting it at Best Buy. In an ironic turn of events, Best Buy was stocked well with "gamer" grade hardware, the stuff that I would want.
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    Sandboxie Now Free

    I have two computers and one never seemed to update to 1903 by itself so I downloaded the update from their website. Perhaps you are in the same camp and need to manually install it. The update 1903 has been available for several months...