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  1. J

    6th ave Name Your Own Price is back

    Worked for me...Denon AVR-1610 surround receiver for $325 shipped.:cool: edit- my first lowball of $285 was rejected though
  2. J

    Buying a new HDTV? Very good review/advice.

    I think it's great when someone takes the same scientific approach to HDTV's that they do desktop monitors...but they missed a very important part. Everyone wants to know which set they preferred after all that testing and they simply ended the article without addressing that at all. What I...
  3. J

    Need a second display to pair with my NEC 20wmgx2

    I would try to find a used 20WMGX2 in good condition for a fair price.....I'm using mine till it dies completely. I don't know if I can ever go back to using a monitor that doesn't double as a home office tv (independent of my pc with basic cable) and doesn't have a remote for all functions.:(
  4. J

    Will CRT lovers ever be satisfied with LCDs?

    Probably not the hardcore crt guys...but most people could get used to it pretty quickly. The closest you'll get to a crt is a good IPS model (such as the AS-IPS NEC 20WMGX2 that I'm using) or a good P-MVA.. but you'll still find the colors/black level to be not as good. Blame bargain shoppers...
  5. J

    New Dell ST2010 20" Monitor

    120-$130? probably using the cheapest Chinese made TN available...and I'm not crazy about the white/black color scheme. Even so, if the performance is decent (and it comes in all black) it could make a nice low cost monitor for those who don't need much performance..
  6. J

    My thoughts on Gamefly

    Yeah, I've been using Gamefly for a while now and I've noticed they're getting slower with recieving/sending out games. Sometimes they'll do the "quick ship" (or whatever it's called) but the turnaround doesn't seem much faster than when they don't. I think the problem is that they no longer buy...
  7. J

    Trade 360 for a PS3?

    I have those and they simply make it better..but still not nearly as good as the 360 triggers. Beyond the position of the triggers...Sony needs to work on the spring tension and travel distance as well. For example: with the 360 triggers I can "feel" half throttle in a racing game but with the...
  8. J

    Logitech Harmony 880 (Recert.) $89.99 w/Free Shipping Newegg

    I'll have to agree..and I've had mine over a year. Beyond the delay thing, mine will occasionally freak out and require rebooting to straighten things out...and after a few months the battery won't hold a charge very long. Also, the buttons are designed more for style than ease of use. Bottom...
  9. J

    Trade 360 for a PS3?

    As an owner of both a PS3 and 360.....if you're really into gaming then keep the 360. The PS3 is a fantastic multimedia device with a slick interface...but honestly, other than the Blu-ray thing there isn't anything it can do that your 360 can't. The biggest difference is the actual gaming...
  10. J

    Gigapixel Pictures Cure Boredom

    This is a proper use of technology
  11. J

    So duke nukem forever is almost done

    3DRealms knows that every year there is a new batch of kids that never played the original or don't know about the running joke thats been going on for over a decade now.. They also know that trying to surpass or even meet the popularity of the original is near they keep teh...
  12. J

    So duke nukem forever is almost done

    Gameplay footage was released 8 years ago iirc..
  13. J

    Monitor/HDTV Backlighting

    You might want to go with something cheaper for lcd monitors...but if you have a flatscreen tv then Ideal-lume is definitely the way to go. The standard one light (all you need, even for a 50") comes with an attached baffle so you can control the amount of light put out...
  14. J

    Gran Turismo

    Thats why I said "pretty much"...I lost interest before getting to that point. The car models are great, and the tracks/environments are solid...but the whole thing just feels sterile and not very exciting. I guess I've played too many other racing games since the first Gran Turismo to be...
  15. J

    Upgrade Warner HD-DVDs to Blu-Ray

    Which is why I said "$5 per disc and then $7 for shipping"...not each.;)
  16. J

    Upgrade Warner HD-DVDs to Blu-Ray

    Still costs $5 per disc and then $7 shipping. No reason to do this if you still use an HD-DVD player for upconverting regular dvd's. My HD-XA2 seems to do better than my PS3 for that purpose..
  17. J

    [H]ot iFone Mini $86.99 w/ Free Shipping

    That's the kind of info I was looking for..thanks.:cool:
  18. J

    [H]ot iFone Mini $86.99 w/ Free Shipping

    Even if you don't consider the price does this compare to a real iphone?
  19. J

    Do you think the Xbox would still have been popular with out Halo?

    Probably not....but having said that, Halo wasn't the reason I bought a 360, and I rented the games based on their popularity..not because they were my favorites. Halo was also not the reason I chose to buy an original Xbox vs a PS2 at the time. Buying a console based on one game is a bad...
  20. J

    Want to move up from NEC 20WGX^2Pro

    I have a NEC 20WMGX2....and I've found that there is nothing in the 20" category better than what I have, and moving up in size (while keeping similar quality) can get quite expensive in a hurry.:eek: I plan on riding the old girl until she passes out from exhaustion...and hopefully prices for a...
  21. J

    Sega Dreamcasts - NIB @ ThinkGeek - $99 + Ship

    I'm curious as to where they found several NIB Dreamcasts....hasn't it been out of production for nearly a decade now?
  22. J

    Gran Turismo

    You must be very easy to please...I pretty much did everything there was to do in Prologue in the span of about 3-4 days. (and that was taking my time)
  23. J

    Feast in time of plague: thinking about NEC 2490 despite the economic crisis

    As an owner of an NEC 20WMGX2 (AS-IPS) the 2490 would also be my choice if they weren't so expensive. Having said that, if everyone (that still has a job) would start spending again the economy might get a little kick.;) edit- for calibration I would get an Eye-one LT/ you can also use...
  24. J

    Little Big Planet for PS3 - $21.90 + S/H

    LBP is one of those games that won't appeal to everyone. If I had played this 10-15 years ago I would have thought it was one of the greatest games ever.....but now that I'm older it just didn't grab me enough to get past the first few levels before I sent it back to Gamefly.
  25. J

    I think my PS3 is about dead:(

    Could be a bad might try swapping for another one and see if that makes any difference. Graphical glitches sound like something else though..
  26. J

    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - Black - $31.75

    You'll need the usb wireless adapter sold separately..
  27. J

    Quick thought on the Dell 2008WFP.

    Are you sure it's the 2008WFP? I have a 2007WFP and I thought the 2008 had the same adjustable stand..
  28. J

    Any reason not to get a 360?

    Don't get a 360 if.. 1. You're a diehard pc may find yourself neglecting your desktop pc. Since I got my 360 I have only cracked my case open twice in nearly 3 years...and that was for an air dusting. I don't think my X2 4400+ and 7900GT would cut it for recent games...but I don't...
  29. J

    I'd put Sonic 3 + Knuckles up there with any of the Mario games.

    Not really....and this coming from a Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast fanboy.:D
  30. J

    Non-TN screen with low input lag?

    No, back when I had my 360 hooked up I used VGA. Most desktop monitors have horrible component quality and I suspect the 20WMGX2 is the same..
  31. J

    Videogame most regretted trading away.

    Not really traded, but about 10 years ago I sold Dragon Force along with my Saturn and a couple other games for $100 to help fund the purchase of a Dreamcast. Loved the DC, but have missed Dragon Force ever since.:(
  32. J

    Non-TN screen with low input lag?

    That would be my choice as well. I have a 20WMGX2 (with tv tuner) that I won't give up until it dies...but when it does I will probably get NEC again.
  33. J

    I miss 20 years ago when every mall had an arcade place

    Yep, why go to an arcade and play on a 27" tube when you can play the same game at home on a 50" plasma? I do miss the darkness and all the various sounds of an arcade though..
  34. J

    Creed fans ... greatest hits album $1.99 DL on Amazon

    Which songs had those kind of overtones..:confused:
  35. J

    Creed fans ... greatest hits album $1.99 DL on Amazon

    I was never a fan of Creed...but I always found it funny that so many people labeled them a Christian band in spite of their denials...yet nobody suspected as much about Chevelle who really were at one time.:p
  36. J

    PS3 owners!!!

    Can an Xbox fanboy who also has a PS3 still suck it? I haven't missed out on any of the good stuff because I never pledged allegiance to any certain company..;)
  37. J

    Ebay Live Cashback.... back. 25%

    Why am I getting a 403 forbidden when I click the cashback from this link?:confused:
  38. J

    Ebay Live Cashback.... back. 25%

    I've never used cashback from livesearch you have to give MS your bank account info or do they send you a check? It would be great if they could just deposit it into a Paypal account..
  39. J

    "it's just a beta don't criticize it" ...

    The Home thing was never a selling point for the PS3 as far as I was concerned....and after participating in the beta (before it went public) and never firing it up again since...I'm wondering why Sony wasted their time and money.
  40. J

    Your PS3 game of the year 2008

    I can't believe you put GT5:Prologue on the list, it barely qualifies as a game...then again the same could be said for MGS4.:p Anyway, voted for Valkyria Chronicles as that is what I'm playing and loving right now....I played Fallout 3 and GTA4 on my 360 btw.