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    NewEgg: Gigayte 8800GT (256meg) - $69.99 after MIR Blah blah, only 256mg, I know. This will do just nicely for my 720P gaming HTPC.
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    bluetooth or USB mouse - which uses more power?

    I am looking to buy a mouse for my laptop, but I can't figure out if I should get Bluetooth or USB. Which takes more power: Leaving bluetooth on (my laptop allows turning Bluetooth on seperately from internet) or Plugging in USB mouse (mouse uses USB power) My main concern is...
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    is Barton too slow?

    I didn't know if I should put this in Processors or Video Cards but here goes: I have a Barton 2500+, overclocked to 2200, and I am thinking about upgrading the video card to one of the last generation AGP cards. It currently has a 9800pro, which just doesn't cut it anymore with modern...
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    Wireless audio recievers?

    Does anyone have any suggestions about Bluetooth, or other, audio recievers? I am trying to wireless connect my PC or laptop to my sound sytem in my living room. I have seen the Jensen WBT310 online and was curious if anyone had any experience with it? Or if anybody knew of any other...
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    budget is open i need huge pro LCD.. ???

    If budget is no object I would go with 2 DELL 2405FPW . Granted, when gaming you will only use 1 monitor, very few games support dual monitors. But I highly suggest the 2 monitor setup over 1 big monitor. Productivity wise, 2 monitors is highly effective, I switched to 2 monitors at work 3...
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    Which Sound Card To Get?

    personally I would go for the TurtleBeach Montego= DDL rocks! But from your description you only have 2.1 speakers anyway
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    Looking for a game to play...

    Guildwars is real easy to use. And it has online PVP
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    New Tomb Raider Legends... out Friday!!!

    I played the demo and was impressed. Looked pretty good(though could have used a little more shading effects), had neat physics and cool accessories (I like the indianna jones like graple hook). The last TR (Angel of Darkness) looked great and had a cool storyline, but Lara moved like she was...
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    IPOD Nano or Creative Zen Micro? Help decide on a nice gift for my wife...

    go with the Ipod for her, unless your wife is a geek. Itunes is far more user friendly, and she will appreciate that greatly. Just be aware of a few things: 1) set Itunes to rip to MP3 format instead of AAC. That way if you want to buy something other than an iPod for yourself, you can...
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    PCMCIA Soundcard Worth It?

    Yes you should notice better sound. I am no audiophile but I could notice it. Is sound quality all you are wanting? If so you may want to look at some other options. That is the real question: what are you hoping to acomplish with a new soundcard? The audigy is good if you want surround...
  11. L to turn it on?

    WHOA! So by doing this I can just click my mouse, or my remote and it will get out of standby? Hot diggity! I too have been looking for a similar sollution for many months now but noone ever gave me a good solution. I use my laptop as my htpc, check out pics...
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    Laptop HTPC

    These are pics of my laptop HTPC. I have a Inspirion 9300 and hook it up to my 27" HD LCDTV. I even moded my entertainment center to have a slide out drawer for easy access.
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    MCE oddity

    I installed MCE a few weeks back and have been playing around with it. I got a Hauppage USB2 PVR with the MCE remote. I love the remote, its styling and makes accessing and moving around Media Center very easy (very wife friendly). There is just one real strange thing I have found: There...
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    Audigy 2 ZS driver problem

    same boat here. I have the zs notebook and could only get the Creative Audio Console from the CD. To be honest Soundblasters site sucks for downloads, you pick your card and it gives you a billion downloads to choose from, in no particular order. And in this case what you are looking for...
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    X-plosion is out woohoo!

    So . . . . Dolby Digital = 640kbps DTS= 1500kbps Good to know. Personally I am no audiophile, and don't know if I would be able to tell the difference. But I am a big proponent of "one cable to rule them all", I hate having to switch between my digital connection for movies and analog...
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    X-plosion is out woohoo!

    Whats the difference between this and DDL(Dolby Digital Live)? I notice the card has DDL as well, so isn't that kind of repetitive?
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    Gaming Laptops

    Alienware m5500 Not too hardcore but handles todays games (has a 6600) 15" so its still mobile You should be able to get it around that price
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    Yeah Alienware is usually overpriced. I went with DELL because coupons make quite a price difference. The only Alienware that I find interesting is the m5500. 1) Its small, thus more portable -15inch (as opposed to the 17 inch monster I have), 2) It has a decent Video card -6600 is...
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    What determines DTS capability

    If you got an OEM cyberlink codec, does that mean you still have PowerDVD installed? This is just a hunch as mentioned earlier the OEM doesn't do DTS surround out of analog connections, but at least through the PowerDVD app it does let you choose SPIDF passthough. If you still have PowerDVD...
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    MCE NVIDIA drivers

    I was curious what driver MCE users are using with their NVIDIA Video cards? In the latest drivers from NVIDIA they appear to have forgotten to add the "MCE extensions", since I have MCE I am guessing I want these extensions. What is the newest drivers they have released that included the...
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    Dell Owners, 9300 inspirons especially

    all true Well you can definitely format, repartition, and install from your own XP CD. I don't know about using the recovery disk at that point though, might still work. But why bother? I left mine alone for 3 months, just kept DELLs install but tried to get rid of some of the extra...
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    Futuristic Games

    Beyond Good & Evil - somewhat futuristic/scifi Psychonauts - pushing it, but it definitely aint based in the real-world neithor of those are FPS, but broaden your horizons. They are excellent games
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    USB HDTV tuners

    How are these coming along? I notice that a number of US format ones have popped up in the last few months. Dvico has the Fusion5, VBOX has the Cats Eye, and I think there are a few more. Anybody have any of these? I have a laptop I use for an HTPC and am really thinking about adding HDTV...
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    HDTV display as PC Montior

    since none of the people responded appear to actualy have an HDTV hooked up to their computer, I thought I would respond. I have a 27 inch Syntax Olevia, and it is awesome! Unless you want to spend a fortune, most LCDTVs you will find do 720p (1280X720), but some do a wonky 1366X768 that you...
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    Millennium Music CD trade for iPod

    Check this out, a company called Millennium Music is having a deal where you ship them your used CDs and they burn it onto and iPod and give you the iPod instead of money! There is a tier for the type of iPod you get for the number of CDs, keep in...
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    DVI switching A/V recievers

    Might not be the right place to post, but I figured you guys might be most up to date on recievers. Anybody have any suggestions for an A/V reciever with DVi switching for a reasonable price(under $1000)? I want to be able to hook up both my HD cable box, and my computer, and be able to...
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    how about a 26" Dell LCD TV for monitor???

    you can probably do better than the Dell version, but I don't know what kind of price you can get it for. There are a number of other monitors this size out there for under $800 so if you can get it cheaper then that you might as well. I have a 27" monitor I use for all purposes, and it works...
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    How do I take advantage of soundstorm??

    True, but the switching is annoying: Think non-tech wife. My wife can barely figure out how to turn on the stereo, let alone change the input. After posting this though I was doing a little reading and it appears I am behind the time on soundcards. There are a few more cards out there that...
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    Olevia LT26HVE 26" ... my review

    I have the 27" Syntax and dig it greatly. Other than the screen being slightly larger than the 26" there was one other main advantage: The speakers are removable. If you take a look at the image he provided, those are some honking large speakers, they take up about 25% of the entire monitor...
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    How do I take advantage of soundstorm??

    As someone who uses their computer as an HTPC i felt the real beauty of SoundStorm was that I could get surround sound on both Games and Movies, through the digital connection to my Dolby Digital amp. With all other sound cards digital connections only output stereo for games, no on the fly...
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    Auidgy 2 3 headphone outs

    Hmm, I see how this could work. I may have to make some odd dongle myself, but I think this will work. Thanks
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    Auidgy 2 3 headphone outs

    Tried this, but the 3rd out is still messed up. This is the out that is supposed to be for Front Center, Rear Center, and SW. On headphones, you only get one chanel, I am guessing because the other is the SW feed. Any other ideas appreciated.
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    Auidgy 2 3 headphone outs

    I have a 2 zs notebook card in my laptop. It has an adapter that connects to make 3 audio outs, this is used for 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 output. I am going on a road trip with my family and want to use these outputs for headphones so 3 people can watch a movie. But there is no way to set 3 stereo outs...
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    High End HDTV as monitor - suggestions? Viable?

    From what I have heard, I would suggest the Westinghouse 37":
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    new i9300 owner...questions.

    you might find performance to be lacking though if you let it throttle you like that. Goto the Power Options and change to Home/Office use and it should set it on full as long as it is plugged in.
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    need advice on the biggest and baddest

    I second that. 37" 1080p is as big and bad ass as it can get!
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    iPod Nano cases

    thanks for the recomendation, I just bought one.
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    Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA

    I have one and it works great for me. I am no Audiophile, so I will admit most anything sounds good to me. If you are looking for 5.1 output, this is the only card available on the market. Otherwise if you want quality output I would agree and look at the Echo Digital line of cards.
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    iPod Nano cases

    Any Nano owners out there that already have a case? Just got my Nano and from what I can tell most cases arent available yet. I was curious if anyone already had a case they liked. I am looking for one that includes a screen protector.
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    Kings Quest IX dead before release

    Don't know how many of you were aware of the project, but Vivendi Universal came in and gave them a cease and disist: For those who are unaware, a development group called Phoenix Online Studios has been working on a...