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    Component input? (for console)

    Component in, so I can use it to play consoles on my PC. .:Ttocs
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    Component input? (for console)

    I've had a WinTV Theater card for several years, and it's worked great. A few months ago, I finally got an HDTV, and I'm amazed at the difference between S-Video and Component inputs. The problem is, however, I can't seem to find any standalone cards with component input. I've noticed there...
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    XPS2 Reformatting woes!

    Well, I tried to reformat my laptop (to remove the bloatware that I have to shut down every reboot), and now my wireless isn't working (Fn+F2 yields no result, neither the WiFi light nor any connection!) I had my wireless adapter off before I reformatted it (via Fn+F2), and now I can't get it...
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    MGS1 on a PS2 problems

    I'm using an older PS2.. SCPH-30001 I'm not sure which "version" it is, but I got it in June of 2001. edit: I should also mention that the discs themselves are really clean.. surprisingly clean for a game bought used at a gamestop. there are practically no scratches on the discs themselves.
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    MGS1 on a PS2 problems

    Well, after picking up MGS2 (and that was after playing MGA), I wanted to see some of the story from the rest of the series. I tried to figure out which version of MGS is the best to get. I wound up with the PS1 version becuase of reported problems trying to get the FMV's to work (and, to a...
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    XPS Gen2 - Is it the definitive gaming lappy?

    As of yesterday (or monday.. very recently), 2.13 is now standard on the XPS2, and the 780 (2.26GHz) is an option. Just makes a good gaming laptop even better.
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    9300 vs. XPS2 vs. non-Dell

    Can I mix the 35% off coupon with my academic/school discount? That would be a good deal for the XPS I plan on picking up. Even without the academic discount, 35% would be a deal worth picking up. .:Ttocs
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    XPS Questions

    Thanks for the links to the sites..definitely something I can use on a regular basis, for many things. It's also good to know about the differences in screens.. I had no idea they had two different manufacturers for the screens. Theres plenty of selection on, as well. But, I...
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    XPS Questions

    I've been looking at getting a laptop for a while now, for school, and various trips. I will be doing some schoolwork on it, but I expect to be doing plenty of gaming on it as well. As a result, I think I've pretty much narrowed my choice down to the XPS Gen 2. I know I'll be paying a...
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    xbox f@h

    It's a 733MHz Mobile celeron I believe (128K L2/133MHz FSB). I've heard of people soldering on P3 Tualatins on that board.. but unless you have an extra xbox to burn.. I wouldn't suggest it (although Tualatins make really good folders). .:Ttocs
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    Disappeared stats

    I think they mentioned something about listing detailed stats for teams that emailed him, to save resources on the new system. Last I checked, we weren't on the list. .:Ttocs
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    VA Tech G5 Array, Folding@home !!!

    heh.. if that's the case, we'd be measuring it's output in Frames Per Second, as if F@H has become a First-Person shooter of sorts. :) Should you get permission, you should let Vijay know. I'm sure he'd be elated to hear that. .:Ttocs
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    Folding on P3 600+ Slack

    That's probably about right. You can get some extra speed (or more points) by just using -advmethods -forceasm -forceSSE, and waiting until the next workunit. It'll use SSE, which will give a good speed boost. If your time per frame doesnt go down, your points per day should. .:Ttocs
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    fastest linux client?

    got a quick question here, as things are still somewhat ambiguous. Which is the fastest linux client? Is it still 3.24/3.25-LinuxB? or did they implement those fixes/speed improvements into the latest version? .:Ttocs
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    It's ALIVE!

    Well, I remember the LinuxB client being about equal to the win32 client (but I believe it was gromacs only, but I will run only gromacs on these CPUs), but I don't know if the linux client now has the same optimizations. I assume it does, but can someone confirm it for me? Pics... I'll work...
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    It's ALIVE!

    I finally got the A7M266-D back from RMA. Turns out the old one had broken traces around CPU0. This wasn't covered under warranty, so I took a refurb for 40 bucks and I still keep the remainder of my warranty (over a year left). I brought it up yesterday with two MP 2000+'s, it's now...
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    Oh oh...

    The best ones (at this point) for farming (as far as click-and-go) would probably be DF and FAD. FAD has the advantage of having a built-in queue server, and you only have ONE executable (on that server). You can change that executable and just wait for the machines to be rebooted (or reboot...
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    Anybody miss me...

    Good to see that everything's back in shape, red. .:Ttocs
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    a few questions

    You only need to enter in team 33. If you JUST installed the F@H client, you already have the version 4 client. You do not need to list yourself on to become a part of the team. That's completely optional. To do that theres a submission page somewhere on the site, where...
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    Folding on Win9x

    Heh. I was going to need this shortly as well! I've got a possible borg in the works, that could improve my output drastically (although I'm not really producing much at the moment). .:Ttocs
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    1.8 Duron VS 1.1 Tualatin?

    I'm in the process of upgraing a few machines from P3 450's to Tualatin Celeron 1400's. I have one folding now, and its about to turn in its first WU. I dont have any comparison though, because I havent done any calculations on PPDG with them. They do well folding, but with the speed...
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    Happy hols from Vijay

    Looks like he just updated it with a new years message as well. Two updates in a matter of a week or so! That's certainly an interesting change. Not sure how many people noticed though. :) .:Ttocs
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    OK Folders, where do we stand ?

    I believe that has been attempted already, before the 'new' website was put up. Calavaro can elaborate if he wants to. Other than that comment, I'm staying out of this. I don't have the time to do the work, and quite frankly, I can't say I care anymore. Whatever turns your crank.