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    Man Allergic to Wi-Fi

    1 word. Bullsh!t.
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    Intel Says EU Fine Won't Lead to Dividend Cut

    I think Intel should charge more to EU customers so they pay their own fine.
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    Coming back to AMD - Suggest me a build...

    Ummm, you do know that Kyle runs this shit, right? And he can tell the mods to go OGC. LOL
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    Intel's early days - killing other companies?

    You do realise that EVERY publicly traded company must, BY LAW, seek a profit for it's investors. In fact, if a company fails to do this it can be sued by the shareholders. It is a fallacy (and an obvious sign of fanboyism) when people start assigning human qualities to a company itself...
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    My new chip WOO HOO!!!

    Here's a coretemp screenie. Still doesn't get the model right, but the voltage is lower. Also this is a QX9750. It was a model that was NOT released to retail.
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    My new chip WOO HOO!!!

    Ill try to remember to do that when I get home. I could get fired for that. They actually record the serial numbers...
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    My new chip WOO HOO!!!

    Ronler Acres in Oregon. I am a fab monkey in D1D. We are ramping the 32nm products right now.
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    My new chip WOO HOO!!!

    They won't give us sellable chips. They need to be engineering samples or like this, a non-commercial version. We'll probably get i7's next year.
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    My new chip WOO HOO!!!

    Yeah I put the wrong photobucket link in and it took me a minute to figure it out. I thought you posted after I fixed it.
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    My new chip WOO HOO!!!

    C'mon, what's wrong with a little bragging now and then? LOL Usually the chips are nothing special, mainly midrange stuff. But these were GREAT. Yes, I work for Intel, D1D specifically. I remember the first free chip I got, the P3 coppermine 833MHz. I thought it was the BOMB at the time...
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    My new chip WOO HOO!!!

    I wasn't sure it was gonna work in my MB, but it seems to work OK. (Asus P5B-E) :D I'm not sure I want to OC it though. (And before you ask WTF DID YOU GET AN EXTREME AND NOT OC IT!!!1111ONE!! We get chips once a year for free from work...) I think I would want a newer MB for OC'ing.
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    AMD Lawyer: Intel Would 'Like Us Dead'

    Yeah, I guess I was being a little trollish by calling you fanboi. I just couldn't understand someone taking offence to me making fun of AMD's lawyers. Sniff, Sniff... 'Stupid Intel, they just want us dead.' Sniff, Sniff...
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    AMD Lawyer: Intel Would 'Like Us Dead'

    Dude, this isn't AMDzone. Your fanboyism is showing. LOLZ
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    AMD Lawyer: Intel Would 'Like Us Dead'

    Oh BOO HOO. AMD can't compete on merit, so they have to throw a tantrum screaming 'NO FAIR!'. Time to call the WAAAAAAAAMBULANCE. Seriously though, they HAD to see this coming. Problem is, they had no choice but to go through with the split. I guess it came down to 'Don't spin off fabs and...
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    Intel is making waves about AMD's split-up

    That's pure FANBOY speak right there. I'll give you a hint, the whole point of a for-profit business is PROFIT. Believe me, AMD would do the exact same thing as Intel if it was in the position to do so. And believe it or not, the market sets Intel's and AMD's prices. The shareholders wouldn't...
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    AMD to release 3.5GHz 990 by the end of the year.

    Well, that's the end of that. pwned. :D
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    AMD Phenom II X4 Model 940 @ [H]

    LOL!!!!!! You obviously have never trolled AMDZone. Those guys think Anand is the antichrist. (I'm sure Kyle has now taken his place.:D). According to them, they know the truth and the rest of the world's population are paid "spIntel" embloyboyz. LOLZ. As far as the Phenom 2 review goes...
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    Intel “What’s Inside You” Contest

    Did you name it Chub Chub??
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    Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets Rickrolled

    Wow, Rick looks a little like a younger William Shatner to me..... KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!
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    6GHz Phenom II Overclock on Dry Ice

    OMFG LOL!!!!
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    Anonymous Anger Rampant On Internet

    QFT. Think about it for a minute. What if your opinions weren't with the rest of the sheep? How would you feel then?
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    Microsoft’s Puts Booths Outside Apple Stores

    It's funny, the mall Apple stores here are always next to an Ambercrombie.... You can hear the lisp from a mile away... LOL
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    Lady Steals From Work To Pay Nigerian Scammer

    The real question is: Why hasn't Nigeria been cut off of the internet yet??
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    Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Phenom...

    LOL, Doesn't a 140W Phenom use 140W? (at max power). No math required.
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    Wireless Appliances

    Since this is obviously induction based, how do they keep it from heating up other objects like key ings, certain pots and pans, etc... Ohhh, don't set your wallet on it!
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    Lord British is in Space

    LOL for 30 million, you'd think they'd put them up in a nicer resort.
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    AMD Breaking up

    I don't post much, mainly lurk, but I LOL'd at that statement.
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    Geek Cakes Are Cool

    Total Junk. No solid state caps. No PCI Express. I'll pass......
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    TF2 Broke after heavy update

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    TF2 Broke after heavy update

    Anyone else having problems with TF2 after the update today? Keeps asking for password or says server too busy. WTF????!!!!!
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    Leaked Intel Slides Reveal 8-core Architecture

    Fortunately, CPU companies don't think like that. Software always lags hardware. Who's going to market software that requires hardware that either doesn't exist or is so new that only a few percent of computers will be able to run?
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    AMD Q3 "Earnings" - What's your best guess?

    Ummm, the REALITY is that Nehalem is already WORKING on A0 silicon as demonstrated at IDF. It seems a bit foolish to be so skeptical of Intel's execution of Nehalem in light of this.
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    Intel To Acquire Havok

    This is interesting. SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 14, 2007 – Intel Corporation today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Havok Inc., the leading provider of interactive software and services used by digital media creators in the game and movie industries. Havok will become...