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    Are there any good CO-OP RPG's or FPS?

    I never thought I'd be suggesting this but World of Warcraft might be a good choice. You and your buddies could all get free 10-day trials if none of you has played it before. Even better if you and your friends can all snag copies on Black Friday for $25 each. I just started my trial...
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    X360: NFS:MW or PGR3?

    consolidated reviews @ gamerankings PGR 3 is getting a higher score overall. A nice big stickied thread on here already too. Just noticed it.
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    Camping for a 360

    I'll bet you have a big list of people you hate op...most people are out to screw you over or rip you off. It's the American way. About you not pre-ordering, look at it this way. Maybe you'll pick one up with better games in early '06 for less money. Otherwise, don't be surprised to find...
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    EA should lower their game prices ...

    Yep, I've been a big fan of the 2k series since the Dreamcast days. I doubt I'll even buy a sports game this year.
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    Trackmania Sunrise from fileplanet gets two thumbs up

    Yeah, it's good fun. I played the demo online for a while. There is a good amount of user created tracks you can play at different servers only using the demo.
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    Oblivion system req

    Yeah, it does suck. I was anticipating playing the hell out of it inbetween semesters over the holiday season. It would have been the perfect time to thoroughly play it.
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    Oblivion system req

    Don't count on minimum specs anytime soon. The game has been pushed back even further to a April '06 release the last time I read any Oblivion news. edit: actually, it's been pushed to the 1st quarter of '06.
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    Just sold my XBOX360 Pre-Order fro $655

    Great job. I was going to pre-order one for just this purpose, but I guess making money isn't a top priority on my list, lol. I might check around and see if there is anywhere with pre-orders still available.(small town)
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    Any Under $25 Keyboard Gamers?

    IBM Model M The best keyboard ever. I've been using a model III(made by Lexmark in early 90's) for a long time now. I've never found another keyboard that was good enough to swap it out. They're built like a tank giving it a nice heavy weight. Anyone else use one of these?
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    Quake 4 v-sync on or off?

    If it doesn't cause tearing with it off then I'd say leave it. For me though, in Doom 3, with vsync off I'd have some bad tearing with my cheap monitor.
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    WOW xbox 360 controller 4 xbox 360 + pc!!

    Lol, nothing new there. They realized how many people were modding xbox and ps2 controllers for PC use so they decided to save us the trouble. I might buy one a year or so from now, but there is nothing wrong with the xbox controller I currently use on my pc.
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    hey look stolen HL2 :(

    A foreign exchange student once told me he used to do this in Germany with a group of friends. They'd all look at games while one guy sliced open the box and penciled down the key. Another strategy he said he used by himself was to take the game with him to some less traveled section of the...
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    need some good old FPS games

    Unreal (not UT) Starwars Darkforces games Doom I or II
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    DoD:S questions

    While I haven't played DOD:S yet I agree with you Stiler. It is really annoying when options for weather/day/night is ignored or half-assed in games. I'd love to see some authentic weather that changes your strategy at any given(or random) time.
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    kotor2 movie/music patch...anyone try it?

    Wow, that looks cool. I was so dissapointed with the ending of KOTOR2 aswell. It sounds like it does add a ton of content(2gbs), but all my saved games are long gone. I remember reading most of those dialogue trees off a website a long time ago too.
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    [H] CS:S and DoD:S servers (plug)

    Cool. I don't have dod:s, but whenever I load up cs:s it's always one of the [H]ardgaming servers. :)
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    COD2 demo = Smoothest 30FPS I've experianced!

    Yeah, that's how the game feels. The screen shakes when artillery shells hit, and other explosions which are constantly going on. It's just an intense experience. So when the frames dip below 30 most people won't even be able to tell without a counter on unless they get into the teens then...
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    Monster madness

    That looks like a fun game, and I don't think the graphics stink. They had a real nice polished look to them.
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    Sacred PLUS

    Yes, that stutter was very annoying when I had the original. I tried everything I could(with a 9800 pro at the time) but nothing would stop the stuttering.
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    Gotta get a game today, but(specifics).

    Be careful with Fate. When you purchase the game you are really only purchasing 4 unlock codes to install the game with. You have to ask to get another 2 unlock codes after your first 2 have been used. Propably not a big deal, but you're not really purchasing the game when looking at it in...
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    Saitek Cyborg Evo

    When I saw those nails long only on the right hand I thought, he must finger pick, lol.
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    Tomb Raider: Legend Trailer

    I'm not getting my hopes up on this one. I lost interest in the series after the second game.
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    Jade Empire - who has it? What do you think?

    Hey, anyone off hand know the average time it takes to beat this game? I might try renting it, or getting a gamefly trial, but if it is as long as the kotor games then I propably won't waste my time trying to beat it.
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    Hellgate:London -- the new Diablo?

    There is a three page article on this game in the newest Computer Games magazine. It looks so good, but we're all getting our hopes up for natta. In the article one of the lead developers didn't even wan't to commit on a specific 2006 release date, and commented about how understanding Namco...
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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    You can count me in the guild whenever I find this for around $40. I have finals over the next few weeks for my classes, but I'm definately planning on picking this up after May 3rd, or atleast not installing it until then.
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    How to get someone to STOP playing MMORPGs

    I was going to play some City of Heroes, but after reading all this crap I've lost my urge to play it, lol. I'm going to get some homework done. And man, be careful with all these violent/extreme suggestions on here. If he's as bad as you say he is then just taking him away from the game...
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    Heh, that sounds like fun. I'd do it if I didn't have school, or work. Well, maybe not, but it still sounds like a good time to nerd it up with a bunch of Starwars fans for a couple weeks.
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    How is evga?

    I just got my Evga 6600gt agp today from Monarch. Right out of the box coolbits upped the core/mem speed from 500/900 to 585mhz/1.07ghz. Brought my 3dmark 03 score up to ~8500(from 7500 stock). So far I'm very pleased with it.
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    Anyone have a WoW trial?

    I don't know about any of you guys, but I've never spent $50 on a game. The highest I've ever paid is right around $40. That's only if I buy it new though. Used games are another story. Anyways, I might actually buy World of Warcraft if I had a way to try it out first. Sometime soon I'm...
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    Pariah to have Co-Op :)

    I could see that happening. Almost any decent game becomes a lot better when you can play through it with somebody else at the same time. Hopefully more games in the future will implement this. This could actually replace Serious Sam as the Co-op game to get, lol.
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    6200's worth it?

    Not much of a gambling man, eh? Although it seems everyone and there brother has been able to unlock the extra pipes and OC the hell out of their 6200's.
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    KOTOR II Questions **SPOILERS!!!**

    I just finished the game(as in like 10 minutes ago). I thought it was great. Sure, the ending was, well, cut out, but the game was a blast to play through. I was a Completely lightside level 26 jedi master. I started out as a guardian and got my prestige class at level 17. I had the +3 to...
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    City of Heroes Issue #4 Coming Soon. Can you say PVP?

    Awesome. It's on's Friday sale for $19.99(collector's edition) I was thinking of buying it. This definately helps.
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    KOTOR 2 for PC Yay or Nyah

    It's a very fun game. I suggest you get it. There's a patch coming out for it soon that is supposed to fix a lot of the bugs. I don't think it's very buggy though. I can't even recall any at the moment so there isn't any major ones that I know of yet.
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    Fable for the PC

    The game was good, but it's definately only worth a rental on xbox due to it's shortness(I beat it in just under 8 hours). Hopefully they'll really add in a lot of content in the Lost Chapters. I can't see any reason to get it unless it was made at least twice the size of the xbox version.
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    Where is cheapest known place to pickup HL2?

    Not very likely that you would buy an Athlon 64 processor and motherboard combo to get HL2, but at either or you can choose a combo and get Farcry, Napster, and bronze Steam version of HL2 for free.
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    Xbox Next Specs

    On the three CPU it three cores each operating at 3ghz each, or does each core operate at 1ghz? Also, I'll bet the price will be in the $300-400 range.
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    Diablo 3 Rumors

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    Republic Commando

    I just saw that gamerankings averages for the PC version so far are around 80%. You can check it out here I'm not going to get it until I see some benchmarks with a 9800 pro though. Looks like it could get fairly gpu intensive. I haven't read any of the reviews yet so maybe it's not as...