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    Medal of Honor 2012

    I thought the environment and graphics of the campaign were well done but the gunplay was so horrible that I cringed every time I had to fire a weapon. The guns were incredibly floaty and the handling looked as if it were sped up by a factor of five. Enemies had weird hitboxes and their death...
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    so i picked up Bulletstorm on the Steam Holiday sale

    They did attempt to implement co-op but they found that players would rush through the levels and miss a lot of skillshots as a result: I played Anarchy with another friend quite often and, from my experience, this is indeed...
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    Batman: Arkham City for PC

    I found the enemy A.I. to be pretty much the same between this game and the last one. The combat mechanics (with regard to Batman's mobility, power, etc.) are extremely similar as well. This FAQ gives a great explanation of how they work...
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    Borderlands is great. I'm getting a lot of enjoyment from this game

    After farming the normal areas for hours, I found a Jackal and an Undertaker within ten unlimited-time runs of the Armory in PT2.5 (solo). That said, they weren't that great and I've heard that Crawmerax gives much better loot.
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    So I bought MW3...

    Have you tried setting the textures to "Native"? I had them at "Extra" at first and everything looked blurry until I switched them to "Native."
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    Q6600 + 8800GT, video upgrade worth it?

    I haven't run any formal tests, but I feel like I'm able to play games on my HD 5870 at the same settings recommended by hardware sites for that video card. I upgraded from an HD 4850 and I don't overclock my Q6600. A 5870 is equivalent to, what, a GTX 560 Ti? I hope that's useful. P. S...
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    FS: 5870 2GB Eyefinity 6 / 5870 1GB

    Incredible price on the 5870 1GB; I'm not surprised it sold so quickly. Bump!
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    WTB: GTX 480/5870; FS: 4850 512MB, X1900 XT 512MB

    Bump! Thanks for letting me know, KetelOne. I'd already bought a 5870, but I appreciate the offer.
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    WTB: GTX 480/5870; FS: 4850 512MB, X1900 XT 512MB

    Want to Buy: Bought a 5870. Thanks for the offers, guys! For Sale: 1. Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512MB (short PCB version) w/ Zalman VF900-Cu. No stock cooler. Comes with original box and some accessories. $50 local pick-up. (Southern California) 2. Radeon X1900 XT 512MB w/ Zalman...
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    FS Galaxy 470 GTX (Reference) && Asus ROG Gene II

    Excellent price. Does the card come with any accessories? Also, have you ever tried overclocking it? Thanks!
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    I'm in as well! Nice system!
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    MSI 975x Platinum Issue

    I had had one of those boards, too, and had a lot of issues over time (perhaps a result of upgrading to a Q6600; I don't know). I found that most of my problems could be solved by pressing the reset switch. However, after two years of use that board was on its last legs; the USB controller and...
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    x1900/x1950 performance thread

    I've had my X1900 XT 512MB for about a year-and-a-half now. I upgraded from a vanilla Radeon 9600 to a 7900GT 512MB in 2006 which was an incredible jump in performance but games came out with the Unreal 3 engine I was looking for more shader power so I made a side-grade to an X1900 XT...
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    Sapphire Radeon 4850 512mb w/ Zalman vf900 -$125 Shipped

    I'll take the card if it's still available. PM sent and bump!
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    Bad / Unethical Trader t0xik

    If you need to contact t0xik directly, PM the guy who started the thread on AT. He has all of t0xik's personal information.
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    underclocking in 2d mode?

    You can also use ATITool to do this.
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    I hate MSI

    My friend had an MSI motherboard (K8-series, I think) that had a lot of issues before he RMA'd it but my own MSI 975X board has been pretty good to me. All hardware companies will put out problematic products. I don't know much about their service, though.
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    X1900 XT 512MB + VF900-Cu, Textbooks

    Yes, I've tested it out. It works great. I've bought seven video cards from eBay, most of them from stores. Of those seven, only one did not work and the private owner who sold it to me was very helpful and gave me a refund. Anyways, I'm currently using this card in the rig in my sig (I've...
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    Help with upgrade

    1152x864 is a common setting for CRT's. If you want to max out all the settings, the 640MB will be better than the 320MB. But if you truly want to be ready for the DX10 wave, wait for GeForce 9.
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    X1900 XT 512MB + VF900-Cu, Textbooks

    Thanks a lot! Bump!
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    X1900 XT 512MB + VF900-Cu, Textbooks

    Thanks! Bump!
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    Where to buy a 3.0GHz overclocked Q6600?

    Worst link ever. You can get CL4 800MHz RAM (Ballistix, XMS2, whatever you want) for ~$70 after rebates at NewEgg. You can even get OCZ Reaper for <$100 if they still have the deal going.
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    X1900 XT 512MB + VF900-Cu, Textbooks

    Thanks a lot! Bump!
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    $1000 NO OC Intel System Challenge =)

    I wouldn't start flinging around salary figures if I were you. Some of the guys here make ridiculous amounts. Also, salaries are regionally and career dependent so they are meaningless in anonymous penis-size comparisons. But, yeah, a good 500W PSU (note the word "good"; I wouldn't trust a...
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    X1900 XT 512MB + VF900-Cu, Textbooks

    I ship everything USPS Priority Mail. Items are sold with the conditions stated in the description. Conceptual Physics, Tenth Edition (Hewitt) Inside of book has not been marked and pages are in like-new condition. Cover of book is worn. $95 Shipped OBO Introduction to Linear Algebra, Third...