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    New in Computing for 2008 and beyond..

    My last system was built in May of last granted I'm behind a little... So, what can we expect to see in the coming years as far as PC upgrades go? For example, what is PCI E 2.0? I also notice DDR 3 memory is reaching the 1,000 number PC1063 I think was one number I saw.... I...
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    Gateway FHD2400

    I just got it. I swear the Blu-Ray picture looks ten times better than it did with the older, non HDMI 24"er.... Things just look a bit sharper, too... The only thing that didn't look good was the FIOS DVR picture hooked up to the HDMI Cable..
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    argh, vista and waveout recording...using htomega card

    Got it. Just in case anyone else has the same problem, download the latest vista drivers posted a day or so ago. Stereo Mix is now included...
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    argh, vista and waveout recording...using htomega card Just curious if Vista users who had this card where able to find a workaround. The Show hidden devices trick doesn't work either..
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    PC Reycling Programs..

    In this case, Northern, near Paramus. I still haven't convinced the Parents that they need a new PC just yet....they claim that this one is good, yet they complain that it's too slow or not working right for them. I may just surprise them and they'll wonder why they didn't get a new one...
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    Why would New Egg remove a Camcorder?

    If I'm a Fool for Yo, would 'My Bad' make me a Tool? :D As for callbacks... that a good thing or a bad thing, considering I plan on buying this thing in a few months? :)
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    PC Reycling Programs..

    Hmm, OK. Let me rephrase that... How about in store credit? I noticed that Costco has a service like that which just got started.... I wouldn't trust Craig's List as far as I could virtually throw it. I tried too ditch something on there once, and was bombarded by about 20 idiotic morons...
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    PC Reycling Programs..

    How much can you normally recycle a PC for, considering no matter the age, they mostly probably get melted down for new parts? Also, does anyone have one company they would recommend in Jersey that pays the highest price and is trust worthy? Thanks
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    Why would New Egg remove a Camcorder?

    Yo, wasn't sure where too put this. But I had a Sony SR7 camcorder bookmarked on new egg. Was there for about two weeks as I was checking too see if the price dropped lower than $1039. All of a sudden, it's now gone and they only have the SR1 listed. Why would they post it if only too...
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    Gateway FHD2400

    That's one reason why I don't want too go over a 28"...and even that is a tad too big. If Projectors where cheap for good quality images, I might consider that....then I wouldn't have too worry about screen size :).
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    Happauge WinTV - HVR 1800 ...anyone have it?

    I'm thinking of getting this over a second dvico HDTV 5 PCIe card for a few reasons.. 1-FM Tuner 2-Dual TV Tuners (I think) 3 - SVideo plugs Audio(Red/white) inputs. The FM Tuner is so I can port my ATI Theater 550 too another PC that I'd like too have FM on. The Dual Tuners would...
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    Gateway FHD2400

    Well, I'm getting this monitor in the next month too replace my non HDMI 24" Gateway. Switching all those inputs each time I wanted too watch the cablebox in HD was way too annoying. So, for those who have the Verizon FIOS QIP64122, how does an HDMI direct picture look? Or a Tivo HDDVR for...
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    Tivo Series 3 and HDDVR question

    Tivo HD DVR purchase considered.... need some advice. I'm thinking of getting the Tivo entry level model priced at $299. I'm also interested in the TivoToGo function....for anyone who has the series 3 or the entry level model, is this active currently? Screenshots on seem too...
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    Star Wars fans gadget question

    anyone have any news on the R2D2 webcam? No new news items since January,and no one seems too carry it except for one store, and that price is $349.... Thanks for any updates Neil
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    Question on digital video editing - advanced...

    What I was thinking of doing for an upcoming project, is digitally take out the trail of the gopher going along the golf course in caddyshack... you know, that little dirt trail he makes ala bugs bunny as he moves underground..... and place it in a video of a golf tournament I'll be filming on...
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    Gigabyte Motherboard making 'shutdown' noises?

    I have this motherboard, In both my work PC and my Home PC. For some reason, the board makes a noise like a hard drive is shutting down and it scares the crap out of me each time it does it.. but nothing happens. The computer...
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    Power DVD Ultra 7.2 freezes in Vista?

    It plays for about 8 minutes and then just crashes. On standard DVDs and Blu-Ray DVD's. I have a Gigabyte Motherboard, Intel Chipset, Core 2 Duo 2.4GHZ chip and Windows Vista Ultimate. It happens on two PC's with the same specs, and on my Dell laptop under Vista. Not sure what motherboard...
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    FPD2485W Monitor Color Calibration?

    Hey everyone, I havea EVGA NVidia 7950 GT Card, using a DVI D Cable..... I have a Pioneer BDC 202BK Blu-Ray drive, and am using Cyberlink Power DVD 7.2 Ultra. I am seeing a non sharp picture, and it still looks DVD quality too me. Using a Cable Box, and connecting it too my monitor Via...
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    Western Digital announces Green terabyte hard drives

    So when are these being released? I'm finding myself storing EVERY video I record direct too hard drive, sometimes entire series like Smallville in HDTV. I could put three of these in the PC and use one for Raid backup of the most important stuff. If they are reliable. If not, I can use my...
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    Question for y'all...

    I'm looking for solutions to back up more data...and I was wondering what ye thought of the available solutions.. The Western Digital Passport to Go is my first choice. Get 4 160 GB drives, eliminate the need for a power plug, and only need one USB cable to power them on. I just wish they...
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    Best motherboards Other than Asus..

    Let me ask you this... There won't be any Core 2 Extreme Written programs for a while, I'm guessing, probably even longer with the Quad Core. But is there much of a different in performance between the Quad Core and the 2 Duo Extreme Core? hopefully in 5 years, if it's demanded, all...
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    8600gt, htpc card of choice? Other than being an older model, how does this one rate considering it has HDCP?
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    Best motherboards Other than Asus.. I'm now thinking it's between these two... PCI X1 3 slots, one PCI X16 and 2 PCI's.. Although I wish they where the NVidia Chipset so I didn't have to keep an...
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    Best motherboards Other than Asus..

    Nope, I don't intend to use SLI. But aren't all cards going to be moving away from PCI eventually and over to either PCI E X1 or X16? From what I understand, nothing uses X4 slots...
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    Best motherboards Other than Asus..

    Well, I added up all the pieces of my last PC, right around $1076, and I can expand my budget a little. Maybe by 100 or that might expand the range of MoBo's.. Since I work for familly, and they now need the PC I built for their for scanning...I'm selling them that one, and I'll...
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    Best motherboards Other than Asus.. Well, I was thinking of something like this. I like the style, lightweight, classic PC design and that it's blue in color.
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    Best motherboards Other than Asus..

    Hey all, i'm looking for a 75-100$ motherboard that has good customer support, can support a Quad Core and Core 2 Duo, and company has a good reputation. i have had no problem with the Asus Boards I have bought, first one has been running fine for a year + before I upgraded, next two have...
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    HP Computers - What do they use for TV tuners?

    I saw a Dual ATSC TV tuner with FM Tuner and 'LAN', whatever that means. Anyone know what brand they use, and if sold seperatley, where can I find reviews? thanks
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    DVD Burning annoyances..

    Here's something. Why does the DVD Burning software always have to encode Video? Even with Files that where recorded on the same camcorder, it's got to re-encode the video to match the specific settings. Can't it be done so that you drag and drop the files, it burns them to disc, and...
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    Need Help finding Wireless Headphones I was looking at this one, and it seems to be the only Blue Tooth setup with a natural design, but there's no reviews on the thing, wich makes me...
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    Sigh, any Hard Disk camcorders with good reviews?

    Quick question. Anyone know how fast the battery drains when recording in SP mode? Does it really last all 2 hours? - edit I just set it running for 2 hours. Unlike my old Samsung camcorder, this one actually lasts as long as advertised. 2 hours in SP mode exactly...well, almost...
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    Sigh, any Hard Disk camcorders with good reviews?

    A 3 Minute Clip is 135 MB's in SP mode. A Camera Picture in high quality mode is about 1MB. Please excuse the heavy breathing. I think I'm...
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    Sigh, any Hard Disk camcorders with good reviews?

    Well, I bit the bullet and got the SR200. So far, I'm loving the touch screen much more than that scrawny little button that always gave me trouble on the Samsung. I have yet to hook it up to a big screen, but the picture quality is looking much better even on the 2.7 " LCD. I love...
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    Sigh, any Hard Disk camcorders with good reviews?

    I thought I Read somewhere that either the SR200 or SR100 has a 'port' of some kind that could be attached later to add a mic and other extras?
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    Does anyone use ZIP™ drives anymore?

    Forgot about that :). Zip Drives lost an entire projects worth of files, but this was when CDR's where just becoming affordable..
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    Anyone reccomend a reliable 700GB drive?

    Boomerang just added a few old series I'd lie to record, so I may need to get two 700GB or more HD's to back everything up. How reliable are HD's the higher up storage gets? Is it too early to invest in the terrabyte ones?
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    Sigh, any Hard Disk camcorders with good reviews?

    I was just thinking something. There's a reason why I'm looking to upgrade the old camera. I 'm thinking of making my video editing services available to something that I think would be a great job, and I'm looking to audition my services at an upcoming event and impress the heck out of 'em :)...
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    Sigh, any Hard Disk camcorders with good reviews?

    Yep, still looking :). I re-read the canon page and your right, it does take tapes. Reason why I'm looking at a HD cam is no media to carry around, and easy to transfer edit and burn to a real DVD later, not the mini DVD's. Plus hopefully longer battery time. The plan is to get one in...
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    Sigh, any Hard Disk camcorders with good reviews?

    Yep, definetley intend to :). But this was just so I could get a decent idea of what kind of picture quality the new camcorder would bring compared to the old camcorder. My old model is a Samsung SC-DC164 so I'm trying to see if I can get review comparisons with that camera, since I know...
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    Sigh, any Hard Disk camcorders with good reviews?

    Dumb question time. My sister showed me pictures from her 5.1MP camera. Would a 5.1MP Digital Camcorder deliver the same picture quality as that camera? Within the same conditions, of course...