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    WTB: XIM4

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    WTB: XIM4

    Looking to pick up a XIM4. Heatware:
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    FS: Fortnite Standard edition key (PC/PS4)

    bump, still 1 left
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    FS: Fortnite Standard edition key (PC/PS4)

    I have one Fortnite standard edition code left. The codes can be used for both PC and PS4, as Epic allows you to link your PS4 account and share ownership/progression between platforms (the game is also cross-play between PC/PS4). Also, you can always upgrade editions in the game store, so...
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    FS: Fortnite Standard pack key

    Oops, PC/PS4. The game is cross-progression between those two platforms if your PSN account is linked to Epic so the code works for both at the same time.
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    FS: Fortnite Standard pack key

    Have a Fortnite standard edition key from my Founders pack. SOLD Heatware:
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    FS Batman Arkham Knight code

    Have a Batman Arkham Knight code through nVidia to sell. (Believe it redeems on Steam). Looking for SOLD Heatware:
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    Frys B&M - 4TB WD My Book External $128 12/24 ONLY

    The 4TB WD My Book I bought last year had a Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000 inside. Surprise. No way it'll have a black in it though, portable external drives are meant as mass storage/low performance devices so at best you'll find a WD Green in there, if they are even using their own hard drives.
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    Eyefinity discouragement

    I did pretty much the same thing. I went Eyefinity last gen and wanted to try nVidia this gen but didn't want to put down the cash for 2 cards up front, so I stuck with ATI and picked up a 6950 to keep my Eyefinity set up and plan to get a second one pretty soon. I will say for the monitor...
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    2x 16:9 and 1x 16:10 monitors in eyefinity = stretchy and ugly. Please help with this

    Just to be clear on the maintain aspect ratio setting, it's in CCC go to My Digital Flat Panels -> Properties, select the Samsung from the dropdown menu on top, Check mark Enable GPU Scaling, Radio button Maintain Aspect Ratio. However when I did mixed monitors in Eyefinity there was nothing...
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    [H]ot: Agility 3 120GB 525/500MBps - 159.99AR

    It's $159.99 up front and $129.99 AR now.
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    6950 doesn't seem much better than 460?

    Man I don't even *like* the DoF effect - it focuses whatever is under my gunsight and unfocuses the rest of the screen, but I'm not always looking where my gun is pointed and the game can't determine that so I don't want it making everything out of focus just to be cool.
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    Cheapest card that can drive (3) 30's

    Yes I'm almost positive most Radeons only have 1 dual link DVI and 1 single link DVI so definitely do research before you buy. But turning on SurroundView and using onboard for 1 is not a bad idea.
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    HD 6950 vs. Unlocked HD 6950

    Would the extra shaders make more of a difference at Eyefinity resolutions?
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    Issue hooking up my monitor+TV to the 6950

    I can tell you my Panasonic will only go up to 1280x1024 on VGA for some reason, it says in the manual have to use HDMI to run at 1920x1080 so I assume yours has a similar limitation going on. Not sure why your monitor is gteting disabled though, try plugging it in to the other DVI port?
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    Eyefinity = Nauseous

    Yes it's much different once you are sitting in front of it looking at the center monitor, even just being in the room and looking at it isn't the same experience because you will be looking at them from a distance and not in the viewing location. Maybe there are bezels there - but without...
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    Eyefinity Active/Passive Display Port to DVI Adapater Question

    The card should come with a miniDP -> DP adapter which you use with your Active DP->DVI adapter into.
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    Are there any Displayport 1.2 GPUs available from NVIDIA?

    The reason why the performance suffers is because the GTX 470 is piping the image through the PCIe bus to the 5770 for display. If you added a Quadro but aren't using it to render the game the 470 still has to send it over the PCIe bus for display. The bottleneck is the bus not the card it's...
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    Dual monitor gaming

    When using 2 monitors you can only have one monitor as the center and one monitor as an auxillary/side monitor if the game explicitly supports that setup. A few flight sims and racing sims do, it's possible in EVE, and Supreme Commander 2 supports it I believe, but not many games overall...
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    CCC limits my overclock at 840mhz, help?

    Yes the GDDR5 is very picky about its clocks and most cards are already near their max. The OC tools may allow you to keep clocking up the RAM but you aren't necessarily getting more performance from it because the error correction in the memory controller simply forces the memory to keep...
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    Why doesn't Card Manufacturers use Dual Cores in their GPUs?

    Yup there is no point in pasting 2 GPU's together, it's better to simply keep scaling them up with more of the relevant units in the same ratio they already exist (shader units, geometry units, whatever). They already have hundreds of cores working in parallel and increasing the die size allows...
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    Stubborn Eyefinity , can't get 3x1080p screens grouped at 720p res!

    CCC picks out some common resolutions it feels you are likely to use. I believe there is a way to force in some custom resolutions with some registry editing that you'll have to do. Not sure what the process is though.
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    nVidia scaling or let the monitor do it?

    You should have your GPU do the scaling. The circuitry in the monitor will do it otherwise and it's actually not very fast at it (input lag). GPU can do it for free and may make better choices at pixel doubling when scaling and end up with a less muddy picture..
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    5870 + Displayport = No Boot

    Wow, very interesting. I had a DisplayPort cable from Monoprice that only worked right for a month or so. Fortunately when I bought one of my monitors for Eyefinity the guy threw in a DisplayPort cable so I had a backup when my Monoprice one failed.
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    Eyefinity question

    Yup many years ago the drivers would allow you to clone the desktop to a different resolution, the smaller of the 2 would scroll around the virtual desktop when you put your cursor against the edge. It's something they could do with the drivers they just don't feel its a feature anymore for...
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    2D graphics performance

    Real time 4X or strategy games lagging out when lots of stuff is on screen is usually CPU lag. I doubt Distant Worlds is even taking advantage of dual core so if you have a lower clocked quad core it might be hurting in complex scenarios. If it is the video card you could try forcing 3d...
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    Ati no work games list?

    I played most of those games on pre-10.x and I just played American McGee's Alice on 10.7. Do a lot of these games have D3D mode?
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    Eyefinity question

    If you're wanting to clone your desktop at different resolutions to 2 displays neither nVidia or ATI will do that anymore. You can always do extended desktop at different resolutions but that is different than clone.
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    adapter question = which display port adapter?

    You should buy the mini-DP -> DP adapter and use your current DP->VGA adapter on it. mini-DP->DP is just rearranging the wires, no compatible issue will change and you already have the more expensive part, the DP->VGA active adapter. You will also likely still have use for the mini-DP->DP...
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    Eyefinity with an Asus EAH5870

    Magnifier should be in the Accessibility options in the Windows Control Panel, in Win7 you can just type magnifier in the Start menu. It should put a magnifying glass around your mouse pointer that makes everything big, and also pops up a small toolbar with settings for it. The default zoom is...
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    Eyefinity with an Asus EAH5870

    Yup, for the first few months I was like big deal I can cope. Now I'm bitter, very bitter. Oh I forgot to mention a workaround is to turn on the Windows magnifier tool and set it to 100% (ie no zoom). I believe this takes the cursor out of hardware mode so you get the uncorrupt cursor BUT I...
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    Eyefinity with an Asus EAH5870

    The corrupt cursor bug has been around for a long time, supposedly someone has traced it down to the mouse cursor memory getting corrupted when coming back from sleep/screen saver. 10.12 was suppose to reduce its occurance, and did for me, but it still occasionally happens. As for the screen...
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    Eyefinity: CCC sees 3 monitors, can only create 2 monitor group

    The new single link DP -> DVI active adapters are $30, it should work. But 'looks like' isn't exactly the same as 'is', the passive DP -> DVI adapters look just like that as well. Can OP verify which one was bought? Are you able to extend desktops to the extra monitors instead of trying to...
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    Latest AMD drivers (10.10) cause red hue

    Fix to this was to click 'Restore Factory Defaults' in CCC Options after installing 10.10.