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    Google Partners with AMD for Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

    I just can't wait to join another Google service that will be discontinued in about two years. /s
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    Energizer Smartphone has a 18,000 mAh Battery

    That's the phone Ingress players all around the world, including me, were waiting for! After Prime, 18.000 mA.h will be just enough for a full day of play. Maybe. Sigh.
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    Apex Legends Performance Tested

    I am divided between being happy with the possible "fall" of Fortnite and being sad with EA having another blockbuster in their hands. Technically speaking, I LOVE to see software that scales well from some meager specs to the highest end. At least the game is not being defined by the lowest...
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    NYC Politician Wants to Ban Cashless Restaurants

    BTW, that is a significant difference between the USA and most of the rest of the world. I live in Brazil, and we (and most other countries) have in their laws - in our case in the constitution - that even if the people may somewhat legally create "new" forms of currency like "points" systems of...
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    NYC Politician Wants to Ban Cashless Restaurants

    As far as I know, cash is not refusable if the business did not stated that cash is not acceptable BEFORE the transactions occurred. Example: I go into a restaurant, there is no notice anywhere stating that the place is cashless, and nobody tells me that as well. I eat, and then when paying...
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    Class Divide between "Poor" Apple iPhone and "Rich" Huawei Users in China

    IMO, as biased it may look coming from a chinese company surveying ownership data from chinese companies, it show a shift from Apple being the "undeniable" top-tier in terms of luxury smartphones, to something that is being contested right now. People may argue endlessly about which brand is...
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    AMD Ending 32-bit Windows Support in Future Radeon Drivers

    That thing... scares me. Long forgotten memory management nightmares just resurfaced...
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    AMD Ending 32-bit Windows Support in Future Radeon Drivers

    The nicest thing is that almost all of the currently existing 32-bit software (and most of the 16-bit ones as well) just continue working fine in 64-bit machines running 64-bit windows, via windows-on-windows and other virtualization techniques.
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    Dam these Concrete Blocks for Electricity

    Back of napkin calculations... Assuming NO time/energy is wasted picking up/dropping barrels, NO ENERGY is spent maneuvering the crane. Assuming volume of ~100L and density of ~5.0 g/cm^3 Assuming "g" of ~10 m/s^2 (to make for simpler math) 500kg x 10 m/s^2 = ~5000N per barrel Assuming that...
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    Quake Champions Brings Back Q3DM17

    Does it have the dopefish on the bottom as well?
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    220V 30A Heated Shower Head Will Add a Jolt of Excitement to Showering

    How many people die from carbon monoxide/gas leakage/explosions/fires caused by faulty LPG/central water heaters every year? How many people die (very indirectly) from the pollution caused by the energy wasted by tank type water heaters (yeah, externalities...) etc. Everything we do involves...
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    220V 30A Heated Shower Head Will Add a Jolt of Excitement to Showering

    Oh, no, having a central storage of hot water and specific hot water piping is too expensive. So, we use electric shower heads that heat only the amount of water we need, at the very moment of usage. From this point of view, our showers are the correct, cheaper (LPG is more expensive than...
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    220V 30A Heated Shower Head Will Add a Jolt of Excitement to Showering

    True, but you would be quite surprised by the amount of things brazilians (and people from other third world countries) have to be careful with that are true no-brainers elsewhere in the world. Nowadays, somewhat less than ten years ago, but a lot of things nonetheless. Given some time, most...
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    ASU Online Biology Lab Requirement Fulfilled by Virtual Reality Headsets

    During my college (biochemistry) time... ...we had to deal with blood, real human blood. Drawn from ourselves. ...we had to kill lab rats, had to extricate and process their livers and do experiments with enzimes extracted from them. ...we got our hands dirty (literally, sometimes with our own...
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    220V 30A Heated Shower Head Will Add a Jolt of Excitement to Showering

    Hi all, TL;DR they're seemingly scary devices, but not as deadly or scary as one (or more) people may want you to believe. --- These "suicide showers" are ubiquituous here in Brazil. In fact, they are the default type of shower in most homes, old and new. My home now has a LPG water heater...
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    Female Athletes Made From Computer Parts

    Companhia Atlética is a large gym chain of Brazil
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    problems with a 56k winmodem

    Your phone line is not sending dialtone fast enough when hooked up the first time so that the modem "gives up" waiting for it and returns an error. The subsequent times its response time is better so the modem works just fine. This is quite common here in Brazil. Try adding "," (in some...
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    ATX12V 4-Pin, odd problem

    First of all (dumb question): Is the ATX12V connector plugged correctly on the motherboard? Usually it would not fit any way that is not right, but if you apply enough strength... Second: Look at: page...
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    n00b in need of help, Running out of memory

    Try closing EVERYTHING (including any taskbar/resident utilities) and run the games. Try to notice if the "pauses" go away, and if they do not, if the HDD is being accessed when they happen. If they go away, then some software is the cause. Redo everything, but reenabling your utilities one...
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    Odd CDRW noise

    If this noise is something like sweeping a piece of sandpaper over wood, starting "loud" and then lowering as the drive spins up/down, I would consider it "normal". Some drives have some kind of "coupling" device between the motor and the CD designed to smooth acceleration/deacceleration, and...
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    Noisy Drives

    Western Digital drives support "Automatic Acoustic Management" feature to lower operating noise. Try enabling it (if it is disabled). However I cannot find where to download the utility. Several forums say, however, that the Hitachi Feature Tool (from works with other...
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    Weird startup problem

    Looks like you have some kind of problem with your MBR or the boot sector. Try booting from your Win2k original CD, go to the recovery console and there try to run CHKDSK, and then FIXBOOT and/or FIXMBR. References (they are for WinXP, but they should work for W2k)...
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    Outlook express

    Chances are that your mail server had some kind of problem... If you want to send a "blank" e-mail like those, you mail telnet your SMTP server: TELNET <mailserver_address> 25 <Welcome message> HELO <your_email_address> <Probable answer: 250 OK> MAIL FROM:<your_email_address>...
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    Please Help ~~~~~~

    Hi, If you installed WinXP, the drive is recognized, and your data is not there, chances are: 1) You created a new partition where WinXP is installed, and your data is stored in the "old" one along with the previous OS. Try using the WinXP's disk manager to see if your disk has more than...