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    Intel Beefs up North America Channel

    Not only is their press release garbage, but check out their example "recipe": A recipe is a set of instructions on preparing a dish. As in food. Not even a starving kid in Darfur would want to eat a Symantec product. As to their...
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    8-bit Left 4 Dead

    This isn't an eight bit game, that executable is a Win32 binary. Shame for misrepresenting as an 8-bit game, shame for making it Windows only (where's the linux version? where's the source code?), shame for that bullshit download link where you have to sign up for some phishing site to get the...
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    Opera Downloaded more than 12M Times in 7 Days

    What is this, a fucking ad? It looks like a press release without even one word of commentary from [H]. Put some goddamn effort into it, Steve.
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    Can't get TI-89 Titanium connected to Windows 7 x64 or Vista x64

    And TI-Connect installer opens the readme in Internet Explorer instead of the system default browser. TI is such a shitty company, won't support their software on modern computers, browser discrimination, where does it end?
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    Can't get TI-89 Titanium connected to Windows 7 x64 or Vista x64

    1) trying to use my TI-86 with a black serial cable, the cable needs a driver i guess 2) computer doesn't support XP mode :(
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    Can't get TI-89 Titanium connected to Windows 7 x64 or Vista x64

    Why does TI think they can get away without producing signed drivers and tested applications for 64 bit Windows?
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    Bill Gates Brings Historic Physics Lectures to Web

    Just a bullshit trick to get you to install the Silverlight virus on your computer. Fuck off Bill.
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    Being A Hacker Sucks

    Steve, you need to fix your post where it says "hacker." That guy is a criminal, not hacker. Learn the difference.
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    .NET Extension Silently Added to Firefox via Service Pack

    When you install Java, it automatically installs the Java plugin for Firefox. How is this different?
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    Turn that X3 720 into a X4 945 BE

    You guys, by doing this, you're stealing from AMD. Do you really want to bite the hand that feeds you?
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    GT300 taped out

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    Old Japanese Maps On Google Earth Unveil Secrets

    Haha, they discriminate against each other? I don't see how they can even do that since they all look the same.
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    Online Gambling May Become Legal in US Again

    If we leave people free to do anything they want, they might make the wrong decision. We have to make the wrong decisions illegal so people will only choose to do what we want, which is not gamble.
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    Tuvalu is Sinking, Stop Buying .tv Domains?

    Bullshit, you can still get .su domains.
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    Ghost Busters Gameplay and Testing - Infernal Engine VELOCITY Physics

    You can tell from the video that they're using Microsoft Visual Studio. I probably won't buy this game just for that reason. No one should ever use microsoft tools, it encourages writing programs that only work on windows.
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    ASUS P6T @ [H]

    Looks like Newegg dropped the free shipping and jacked up the price by $10. I'd remove the link to their site, they don't deserve the promotion if they're going to bait and switch.
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    100 Oldest Registered Internet Domains

    Umm, the second level domain "" was the first one registered. "" is a third level domain which is not registered, merely created at will by the DNS administrator of the DNS servers configured for "". Same goes for Please correct this post.
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    Security Breach Results In Data Sent to Iran

    Is it too much trouble to spell out words?
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    Security Breach Results In Data Sent to Iran

    Listen to all of you idiots circlejerking. The real problem here is the myth of security through obscurity. None of the leaked information should make any difference to anyone, and if it does, there's a much bigger problem than the fact the information was leaked.
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    Security Breach Results In Data Sent to Iran

    There's no security in obscurity. If the documents put the helicopter in jeopardy in any way, it's the designers who are at fault.
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    Windows Upgrade Options for Businesses

    Rings completely hollow. "Please buy our product, don't wait for our next one."
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    why more people dont self build..

    That is because it is the same site. We've come so far that no one gets the joke.
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    500 Round Per Minute Nerf Chaingun

    If they had upgraded the wiring and motor for the increased voltage it wouldn't have melted. I don't know why they didn't figure that out if they were able to build the counter circuit.
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    Anyone used Intel's Warranty Program?

    Wow. I honestly have never had an Intel processor fail under warranty, unless it was due to my own stupidity. I can't imagine but Intel standing by their product 100%. I'll be interested to know how this comes out.
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    How long will my notebook last?

    I bought a Thinkpad X61 with the same processor and RAM as you, and I plan to use it for three years, but I don't plan to upgrade it until it no longer serves my needs. A three year life cycle is good for any computer, in my opinion. Of course, the X series is an ultraportable, and mine is...
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    Please do I set my DFI NF4 Ultra-D PCI-E jumper from single to SLI ?

    I have the same board so I can personally verify that there are instructions on how to do this, the board even comes with a copy. Anyway I think you just move all of the jumper blocks over. And yeah that layout is dumb, I wish I...
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    ASUS Rampage Extreme @ [H]

    What's up with the GIF images? I thought I was going blind.
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    VMware ESXi 3.5 & 8-port SATA controllers

    You might be able to get away with using SATA drives on a SAS card.
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    AMD Triple Core Information

    That might be a good idea if they weren't too lazy and stupid to continue scaling the clock speeds. For the workloads of the people who post here, a single core 6 GHz processor would be preferable.
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    AMD Triple Core Information

    I prefer to compare 3 3ghz cores with 4 3ghz cores so that
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    AMD Triple Core Information

    Do you still use DOS? The OS on my computer has sundry threads doing a ton of more or less useful tasks. In particular, the one that displays graphics on your screen uses much processing. If supreme commander manages to run two threads by itself, then immediately we can identify the graphics...
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    AMD Triple Core Information

    The reason is that you run more than one program on your computer.
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    AMD Triple Core Information

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    64bit any better?

    Prescott is a dog in general, that might be why. Conroe and Woodcrest should be much better in either 32 or 64 bit mode.
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    New HardOCP Thread

    It looks like there's an ad sitting on top of something in Safari. I'm not sure where to click to find specific hardware reviews, maybe that is what is hidden by the ad. Here's a shot of an article:
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    8 x Opteron Demo in Akihabara

    Nice system, in any case. Too bad it's wasted with that operating system.
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    intel p4 540 vs 630

    You missed the point. It's not that people want dual core, thats what Intel and AMD have decided to sell. Even if Moore's law holds true, it will take some time for clock speeds to start increasing again, and they need to continue increasing percieved performance so they have products to sell.
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    3.2EE 2mb L3 vs. 640 3.2Ghz 2mb L2

    You are right that the EE will be faster, but the difference does not justify the huge price premium.
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    Do you have a DFI NF4 Ultra-D board? If so, come in inside...

    Good call. I didn't see it on their site though, but maybe they mention a URL in the manual?
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    It's back! Dell SC420 server w/Celeron 325J and 40GB SATA $229 + free shipping

    The RAID controller's BIOS does the work until the Windows driver takes over. edit: that is, the BIOS is software that runs on the host CPU, just like the Windows driver does. It executes right away to bring up the array and let you boot from it. No processing is done on the RAID card, it...