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    Pixel 2: New Renders Show off Stereo Speakers, Shared Designs, No Headphone Jack

    I'm in the exact same boat. Still rocking my 6P happily, but the landscape for getting a proper Google phone in the future isn't looking good. =(
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    Constellation Tracking Could Be a Long-Term Mistake for Oculus

    Yep. I do have to wonder how much it leans on said data though. It is fairly trivial to bork up the system if you try.
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    Senator Demands Pokémon Go Release Privacy Information

    Yeah, Franken is one of the rare breed of 'good ones', if that is a thing. I really do appreciate having someone like him in government keeping an eye out for the citizenry. (or at least making an effort)
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    [H] Poll: Which HMD did you order?

    Also ordered a Rift. When funds allow, I'll probably end up with a Vive as well. Depends on how quick Oculus Touch comes out and how the VR software ecosystem compatibility ends up. I don't want to miss out on the Valve-produced interactive demos and software. Exciting times!
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    Installing Bitspower hard-line fittings.

    Yes, chamfering the tube is most definitely recommended. Not doing so can damage the o-ring on the way in. That stands true for acrylic flat out, but if you are using PETG, you may be better off with a little bit of sandpaper as a standard chamfer tool will usually just chew up the end of the...
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    Shortening temp sensor wire - Aquaero 6

    Or via Amazon: Sunkee 100x Dupont Jumper Wire Cable Female Pin Connector 2.54mm: Vehicle Amplifier Fuses: Industrial & Scientific
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    Microsoft DirectX 12 Video

    You are spot on. That has absolutely been the loop for as long as I can remember. Except of course for everything that isn't Windows/XBox. (PS1/2/3/4, mobile, etc) I'm curious to see if the industry continues the loop of having the MS devs and the everything-else devs. Vulkan may be the...
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    Microsoft DirectX 12 Video

    Not necessarily bashing and I'm hoping I can relieve any ire you might have toward my post. I don't discount the positive contributions that DirectX has made to PC gaming. It is THE defacto standard in the industry; I'm not denying that or decrying it. For a long, long time, Windows was the...
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    Microsoft DirectX 12 Video

    I really hope this scenario comes to fruition. I would love to see DX/Microsoft's strangle hold on the industry wither away. It can only be a good thing if games become more accessible to other platforms and as you said, Vulkan doesn't discriminate.
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    what is the operating system that u prefer the most

    Same - prefer Linux, Debian-based preferably. Use Mac at work. Have the obligatory Windows install for gaming. I like them all, but prefer Linux if I have a choice in the matter.
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    USB Volume knob?

    Interesting. I've been using mine since Windows 7 without any issue. Currently running Windows 10 and the core functions still work just fine. (volume, mute, and I've got it set as an encoder for NI Maschine) Wonder if the incompatibility you reference was remedied at some point given that...
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    Music Sounds Better On LSD, Study Finds

    While I entirely disagree with your stance, I appreciate you sharing it. I've never heard such an emphatically negative stance articulated before and would love to have you clarify if you don't mind. I'm being 100% serious, so don't take this as sarcastic or trolling or anything, I'm just...
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    Maxwell DOES support Asynchronous Shaders

    I mostly just lurk on these forums (have for many, many years - love this place), but I had to post on this one. So, I write some cuda/ocl code which is (drumroll) - compute. I'm a little confused by this whole debacle. Async memory/kernel transfer and even async concurrent compute isn't...